Wheel of Fortune

I haven’t had very many vivid dreams lately, but last night I did.  I had a few, but this one seems to make the least sense.  Pat Sajak and Vanna White showed up to my condo around 3 am and let themselves in while I was upstairs sleeping… naked in my guest bedroom.  They knocked on the door and said “Hey we just wanted to stop by and say hi.”  I acted like I knew them and knew they were coming.  I said “Great, give me your cell phone numbers so I can call you later after I’m ready.”  They both gave stories as to why they didn’t have a number or even if they gave one to me, I wouldn’t be able to reach them.  So I said, “So how do I get on the show then, just go down to the studio and stand in line?  Anything special to get me in?”  Vanna says, “Nope you’ll have to wait in the hopper like everyone else.”   Guess it doesn’t pay to know to big dogs… even if it’s fake.

No clue where this came from.  Haven’t watched that show in quite some time.  Can’t relate it to food or drinking… I had steak stir fry with milk and 2 cocktails last night while watching the movie Australia.  No referece to WoF or those 2 in that movie.  Oh well.  We’ll see if I get something fun tonight. 

FYI – Australia is a phenominal movie.  For me, it ranks up there with the greats like The Patriot or Dances with Wolves.  Definitely see it in HD too.

I’m Afraid of Homeless People

Whenever I see a homeless person, I get a little scared.  I am not saying they are bad people.  I fear that the person will be unpredictable and you never know if something bad might happen.  I just steer clear of it.  Even if I’m in my car, my window is not opening to give food or money no matter how much I want to help.  And I really do want to help.  Maybe this will work for me…


Sabbatical 2009 – Not for now

My company annouced a 5-7% budget cut in January this year.  Everyone’s been mildly freaking out since then.  Since I’m low man on the totem pole, I told myself to expect to get sweeped up in the cuts, and if it didn’t happen, I was lucky. 

Today was the big day.  I arrived to work and found a scary old bald man sitting at our floor’s reception area where no one ever sits.  His look screamed Security because of his one piece of paper with a list and temporary work badge.  I went over to my co-workers to explain how this guy was creeping me out and to see if they’d noticed him since they sit on the other side of the floor.  They had and said that they thought one of our BAs got escorted out.  Good news for me, bad news for that lady.

We had a department meeting to get some information and luckily only 2 people from my IT division got released.  Much better than the 25 headcount last time.  So, looks as if I’m safe for now.  I had mixed feelings about this happening.  On one side, if I got let go, I could take severance, a few weeks off with pay (not 14 weeks like last time), travel again and just find a new job when I was ready!  I had a blast last year and was looking forward to potentially doing that again.  Or, I would be greatful I have a job and don’t have to go through the interviewing again even though it wasn’t so bad last time.  Guess I’ll settle in the middle and take a short trip soon to refresh myself before my next big project starts.

Back to work…

A New Meaning To Cube Decor

I happened to go to a co-workers desk today a different way than I usually do.  Look what I found sunning it’s self near a window.


Introducing… Johnson.  Yes, he has a name.  And a story.  Apparently, Cinco de Mayo 2008 got a little out of hand here.  Johnson was made to wear a sombrero.  According to a co-worker, he didn’t like it.  My source says, “It was after that humiliation he took on a noticeable droop.  An elaborate rigging system involving beads was created to harness his angle and correct his posture.”  Before the engineering and creativity…


Today, he’s tied to a stake with a string.  Not sure if that’s more humilating than the sombrero?  At least he’s erect now and is able to cast his proud shadow on the world.  (See top right corner of this picture.)



I’ve been M.I.A. from the blog for awhile because by laptop died on me last week.  I just bought a $50 mouse for my mac notebook!  I mean, just as in 2 weeks ago!  Annoying!  I took the mac to the Apple store here in town.  I do appreciate the online “call ahead seating” reservation system they have going.  Saves me time from mulling around the mall trying NOT to shop while you wait for your turn.  Once I got the Genius Bar, it took the girl about 7 minutes to tell me that it would cost me $610 to send it to Apple and they’ll fix whatever is wrong with it.  Hmmmm, let’s see.

1.  The notebook is old.

2.  The notebook was free.

3.  The notebook weighs the same as a small child.

I think I’ll just get a new one.  I weighed my options of getting a new Mac over $1000, or just going back to basics and getting a laptop for under $610.  Since I basically use it for iTunes, pictures, blogging and basic MS products, I decided on a windows based laoptop.  Ta-dah…


It’s copper!  And cute!  I went with the 14 inch screen instead of the 16.  I felt like there was too much palm room on the keyboard.  It’s wireless, with web-cam and light scribe DVD labelling.  Plus if I travel with it, it will be easier to carry and get around with.  I just got it yesterday so I have yet to do much on it.  I’ll have to spend some time loading all my accessory software (iTunes, Garmin, etc) this weekend so I can get back to it! 

The Bast…chelor

Where do I begin?!  I’m a huge reality TV show fan.  I prefer the ones that are adventure or competition based (here I come Amazing Race), not modeling or love shows.  However, I have routinely watched the Bachelor and have routinely been disappointed with the outcome, but for some reason, continue to watch it each season.

Last year, a group of about 10 girls got together each Monday to watch the Bachelorette with our own color commentary.  It’s quite fun because we all have our favorites and pick on each other when someone’s person does something stupid.  Last year we even played a points-based game and if your person cried or did a stupid talent, you lost 5 points.  Good thing we didn’t do that this time because we certainly didn’t have enough point categories to cover what happened this season.

Last night was the Finale.  K was the only one who wanted Molly to win.  Here she is rubbing it in our faces with her sign she made.  If this had audio, you’d hear her say “Suck it Bitches!”  Classic.  Notice Amanda… she’s so mad, she won’t even face the camera.


The girls have all been reading the message boards about this “hoax” of a show.  If you haven’t and want to, here’s a good spot to start.  http://www.realitysteve.com This guy says he has Hollywood connections and knows the scoop.  After reading it today, seems that he really does.  So the girls all had an idea of what was going to happen tonight.  I didn’t and I was livid at what happened. 

I won’t soap box on Jason and his poor choice of decision making skills (contractually, engagement, whatever).  Like RealitySteve says, we may never really know if this whole thing was planned or not.  What I will rant about is how ABC started this program for people to find true love and then makes a mockery out of an engagement for two people.  My definition of engagement is that 2 people ARE going to get married.  They aren’t taking a next step to figuring out if it will work.  That’s called dating.  I’m not a romantic sap by any stretch, but this really ticked me off.  Of course, people can change their minds.  I’d rather see that then divorce.  But the editing and marketing strategies employed by ABC lured us all down a ridiculous path for 2 months.  Hell, they announced DeAnna on show 1 and gave her 3 minutes of air time on the final show saying “I made a mistake” only to find out she was just making a statement, not asking Jason to do anything.  If they did script this whole ending, they are hearless individuals.

Bravo to ABC and their promo teams!  You got your ratings this time, but they won’t get mine next time.  I’m done with the Bachelor.  The “most dramatic ever”, the ex who makes a mistake comes back, the jilted lover twist… ain’t gonna work again.  Good news is, we’ll soon forget about Jay and Mol (Bleauh… vomit) just like we forgot about all these poor saps.  http://www.usmagazine.com/photos/bachelor-where-are-they-now

Am I gonna die?

I have a very limited diet.  Food has never excited me.  So when a food has to come off my list, I am very unhappy.  I used to love Sloppy Joes.  I would eat them every week growing up.  That was until one day, as an adult, Sloppy Joe came out my nose.  I don’t know what it was, but I was eating one and something didn’t agree with me and it made me sick.  I rarely, rarely throw up.  My body decided at this moment, it was time to throw up.  Once you have Sloppy Joe come out your nose because you are throwing up,  you’ll NEVER eat them again.  It was a very sad day for me.

I had heard some rumblings about a Salmonella outbreak.  I didn’t think much of it until I heard it was connected to peanut butter crackers… a staple of my diet.  If you don’t believe me, here is my snack basket at work.


Turns out the company that provides the bulk peanut butter to Keebler had an outbreak.  I was thinking “Great, I don’t buy Keebler”.  Well, they also sell crackers under the brand Austin.  Shit.  I’ve been eating Austin crackers for 6 months.  I’m not a miser about money but I hate to throw good food away.  I’m struggling with getting rid of these damn crackers.  My only motivation is 430+ illnesses and 5 deaths due to this Salmonella outbreak.  I can’t have my obituary read… Natalee J Fuller.  Death by crackers.

Bye Bye 26 packs of crackers.  We had a good run, but now it’s over for good.


No Facebook, No MySpace

So… this is my retaliation to all of my friends (and my brother) for hounding me to get on Facebook or MySpace.  I won’t do it!  Instead you’re getting this.  My very own webpage.  I feel like such a big girl!  I’m not sure how many people actually care to know my daily thoughts or what mindless activities I fill my time with, but now you all have a chance to learn.  I’ll do my best to be entertaining and intellectual but I can’t promise you won’t read some things that will make you think I belong in a looney bin.

Welcome to my world!