Sandy Gyner Defeat

Runner up?!  Runner up sucks.  The odds are stacked against you when only 3 people on the 4 man team show up.  Who didn’t show you ask?  Let me introduce you to Sally Vagina.  I didn’t know she was on my team, but I met her tonight.  One of my teammates who forgot about the tournament game last week and showed up late, decided this week for the championship game, he didn’t even need to send a not-gonna-make-it, my-grandma-died, my-dog-ate-my-homework excuse text.  Just a simple no show said enough.  I introduce you to Sally Vagina.  Rumor is a trip to Vegas migraine was the cause.

So the remaining Sandy Gyners tried our best to win our back to back championship in 2010 a man down.  Timmah, MackMannix and I dove, ran, laughed, cussed our way to a second place finish.  We had a lot of unforced errors but in the end, we didn’t get spanked and only lost by 7+ points in both games.  We made some hard runs at the end but it wasn’t enough.  My hat’s off to them for rounding out the season with me.  We’ll pick up our chins and look forward to indoor.  In 3 days.

Repeat Offender

My work volleyball league ended last night.  We went into the tournament with a number one seed after finishing the regular season 7-0 winning 20 of 21 games this time.  Stellar!  We had a bye last week, so we were a bit rusty for our first match up.  Lots of errors on our part.  During different points of the game, we reverted back to just 1 pass to get the ball over and just let the other team eff it up.  The first match went to 3 games, but the victory was ours.  We sat for a bit while the other semi-final match played.  In the finals, we won in 2 games to claim our prizes!


Reflecting, I probably had one of my best net play games in a long time.  Which, you really don’t want to have because the ball isn’t suppose to be in the net, but it happens.  I got a few good jobs from the peanut gallery and that was much appreciated!  I was diving all over and ended up with sand everywhere but the victories are always worth it.  Congrats again Up Chuck!

I Like Being On Top

I was asked to join my work’s volleyball league.  The level of play was extremely recreational but I decided to try it out so I could get to know some of my coworkers better.  I had to adjust my expectations a bit because about any hit in this league is legal.  Basically if you don’t literally throw the ball over the net, you are good.  Our team fairly easily won all of our matches, going 7-0 for the season and 19 of 21 games won.

This week was tourney time and unfortunately due to some strange park scheduling, it coincided with 2 of our players being out of town.  Since our team likes to follow the rules, we were set to play with the remaining 4 names on our roster.  For our first game, the other team claims our captain, who happened to be absent, said it was ok for them to play with people not on their roster.  I really really do no believe this because our team exchanged several opinions on the topic for ourselves because we knew what situation we were in with only 4. Whatever, play with your 5, we’ll still beat you and we did.  The first game was easy, but the we lost the second so had to win the third. Phew.

Our second match was against the #2 team in the league.  I thought they’d put up more of a fight but we won in 2 games to claim our Championship Title and prize…


I’m too damn competitive and would have been upset if we lost.  We had the most talent out there.  I did my usual analysis after the game which comes across like I am pissed even though we won.  Need to work on that for next season. 

Here’s to being at the top twice in the same week!  Way to go UPCHUCK!!!

Sandy Gyner Victory

With a first place seed, the Sandy Gyners went to battle last night for the crown title in the Intermediate volleyball league.  We had a bye the first round, then a double header to see who would be victorious.  We won our first match fairly easily in 2 games.  The other team had just played, but I don’t think that really had a part in their defeat.

Our second match of the night was against my long time rival and friend JimmyB, and an old teammate of ours from indoor.  I felt our skills outweighed theirs but we had a tough time during the match.  We were trading points the first game until we finally took a big lead around 10 then never looked back.  The second game, we were trading points again and ended up losing 26 to 24.  I was not happy.  We were missing serves, bad passes, unforced hitting errors, blah blah blah.  Third game is to 21 and we used every bit of that.  Again, we just weren’t in sync.  It had been a month since we all played together because of weather or travel arrangements.  We battled our way through and in the end were victorious at 21-19.

I was crabby and my teammates knew it.  They wanted  me to smile because of the victory, but I was more focused on our game play.  We are joining the competitive league next session so we all need to bring our A games or we are going to get spanked every week.

We didn’t get a championship belt or anything, so we posed for a team picture afterward.


U.S.S.Hummel Has Sailed

I can’t describe the utter sadness I have felt today.  I was staying positive until the official announcement was made, and it speaks volumes for Purdue.  Robbie Hummel is out for the season.  What I consider to be the heart and soul of this Purdue Basketball team took one misstep on a drive to the basket against Minnesota to end his Junior year on the court.  Verdict is a torn ACL.  The kid overcame a serious back injury last year.  He’s got guts and he’ll overcome this too. 

But now, it’s time for the other players on this powerhouse Boilermaker squad to step up to the plate for the next 6 weeks.  We have plenty of guys who have had their star performances at one time or another this season, so now they need to start showing up at the same time.  It’s obvious it will be a much tougher road without Robbie, but our team has enough veteran players in Grant, Moore, Kramer and Johnson, to help lead the newer skilled squad of Jackson, Barlow and Hart.  I believe in my team, so let’s see if they believe in themselves.

First is the Big 10, Big 10 Tourney, then the Big Dance.  Get’er done boys!

Read the ESPN report here.

In other news, the USS Testespikes sunk tonight too.  We advanced to the quarter finals in volleyball but lost to a team that out played us.  Next season starts in 2 weeks and our team is looking for 2 young men who want to lay some smack down on the volleyball court this spring.  You can email me your audition tapes.

Two Time Champs

We did it again!  Testespikes were victorious in the CCA Thursday Intermediate volleyball league tonight.  The tournament started last week.  We were still having trouble locking down our 2nd girl, so it ended up with 4 guys and me.  The rules say you must have 1 girl playing to 3 guys.  We asked the other team if they cared if we played as we were, of course, they were douches and said no.  I really don’t think I would make another team do that if presented with the same situation.  I’m there to win but also to let everyone play.  It’s still recreational and not the Olympics, but whatever.  So we played 4 on 6 and took them to 3 games and schooled them in the end.  Props to Tim who kept yelling “Yeah Team Four!!”  It was a very satisfying victory.

Tonight was the double header for the semis to finals.  Our original 2nd girl was able to play, so we were roster tested and ready to go.  Our first opponents were pretty good.  They were hitting middle while my team is used to blocking sides, but we made it work.  We lost the first game ONLY because we let 1 server get 2 good runs on us to catch back up.  We refocused for the last 2 and were on to the finals.  Our final opponents were our rule-book-reading team.  They really didn’t seem too excited about the match and we easily won in 2.  The victory felt so great, we even did a team pyramid!


And Tim needed to get his grade school sport photo taken.  Also available in a picture button.


We went out for a celebratory cocktail afterwards, where my team said it was a good thing we won or maybe I wouldn’t have talked to them until next session and for sure wouldn’t have agreed to go for a drink.  Guess those nights I was pissed with our losses and left with only a “bye” got noticed.  I’ll try to get a better losing attitude next session team, I promise… or we can just win them all.  That’d probably be easier!

On a side note… Happy 30th to my girl Amanda!  You don’t look a day over 29!


Sports Jam

It’s been a sports filled couple of days.  Starting with Thursday and 3 losses for Testespikes.  We played like crap.  All of us really.  We had to pick up a sub since we still can’t figure out our other girl player.  We’re going to have to lock this down for next session.  I can’t handle it anymore.

Friday came and went with the Boiler victory in basketball, but not so lucky on Saturday with the Boiler football against the Spartans.  K and I headed to OPT to catch the action since IU was playing too.  MSU scored on Purdue almost instantly, so we had a huge hurdle to overcome right off the bat.  I thought we had the game in control until the 4th quarter.  It was ugly.  So we lost, and I have to pay up on my wager with Mrs. Fleury since she’s an MSU alum.  Sara, let me know what time your spawn goes to sleep and I’ll bring the booze. 

As K and I were walking to my car, I noticed some major bird poo on my windshield.  I had parked right under some powerlines where a massive flock of birds was resting.  They did a real nice job of unloading on my car.  And the best part… I had left the sunroof open and some of the little shits hit my head rest.


My friend Nate, who I get to cheer on at the 2010 Boston Marathon, offered me a courtside Pacer ticket to Saturday nights game.  Count me in!  Here’s our crew. 


We arrived fashionably late and had to walk on the court to get to our seats.  NBA players are huge, but being on the same floor as them really showed their size.  Kevin Garnett is 6′ 11”!  I felt about 4 foot tall!  



But up against this guy, I felt 7 feet tall.  He was just a wee lil’ guy.


The half time show was lame. He had nice pants though. He kept falling off the wire. Bring back the dogs. During the game, I was able to meet up with another friend that was attending the game and see my company’s CEO enjoying himself in our suite. I didn’t know we had a suite here too! New goal set for me!

I’m happy to report the Pacers were victorious! Thanks boys for letting this HUGE Pacer fan get in on the game!  Off to watch the Colts now!

Testespikes 1-0

I am happy to report a volleyball victory for Testespikes.  We do have one change up in our line up this season, but I think we will be able to work through it.  Tonight, we played a team that had some serious girl hitters.  All 3 of them could hit and that’s rare to find in the leagues we play in.  We lost the first game pretty bad.  The competitor in me started getting vocal and didn’t like what I was seeing.  I made a few errors myself.  We all got our heads out of our asses and kicked theirs the next 2 games.  They were scrappy and were returning a lot of balls, but couldn’t seem to get a good stride together.  We had some long volleys that make for great entertainment.  I think we shook the rust off tonight and are ready to defend our title.

Sandy Gyners Couldn’t Pull Through

Last night ended the outdoor volleyball season.  Yes, we played into October.  Strangely, last night was mild compared to the past 3 weeks we had.  3 weeks ago, the Santa Ana winds came through and you could barely hit the ball because it would move 2 feet one way in 1 second.  The last 2 weeks have been super cold.  Last Monday, it was so cold my feet turned into ice blocks and I got WTD… just like WFD.  Never had a toe do this before.  Must be a new sign of me getting old.

Last night was tourney time, and the Sandy Gyners made it to the finals.  Learning from the WTD, I opted for my water shoes on the court.  I can’t remember why I even have these things in the first place, but they kept my feet not as wet as before, and out of the pockets of water on the courts.  In total, 9 games were played last night, but unfortunately we fell short for the overall Championship title.  We could have won.  We beat ourselves.  I was unhappy, said my “good game” to my fellow teammates and opponents and left the court without another word.  I’ll lose gracefully, but I won’t like it.

Indoor starts this week, so I’m looking forward to getting back on the hard courts.  We have all 6 team members returning this year and we are the reigning Champions, with a new name.  Let’s go team Testespikes!

Worst Day Ever!

Ok, maybe not EVER, but nothing seemed to work in my favor today.  

Let’s talk about volleyball first.  Tonight was the semi-finals and finals.  We were missing half (3 people) of our team tonight, so we got 2 subs and felt pretty sure we’d be able to handle any team that came our way.  Our semi game was against a very strong undefeated team.  We took it to 3 games, but were victorious.  It was still a close one in the 3rd game but we rallied back from 5-11 to win at 21.  SWEET!  Bring on the next team.
Finals… I hadn’t seen the team we played before.  I went up to do the rock-paper-scissor tip off.  For those that don’t know… if you win the tip off, you choose “serve” or “side” and pick what you want to happen.  They won, and he said “You serve”.  HE CHOSE THE OPTION TO DECIDE THE SERVE.  I said, “We want this side.”  It was the side they just won on… I know game play folks.  So we are all set up ready to go and they challenge the RPS tip off!!!  What the FUCK?!  Are you kidding me?!  They gave the argument that the person they chose to do the RPS didn’t know what he was doing… ahh, on my team, you’d be cut.  Sooooo trying to be a friendly opponent, I said fine.  We switched sides and the game play commenced.  We schooled them the first game.  I think we got overconfident and the second game, they beat us by 6.  Third game….. We were down the whole time.  I was up to serve at 10-20…. game ends at 21.  We made a good effort, but came up short.  I think it ended 16-21.  $#%&^*#$^$$%^.  I really really really wanted to win.  Not for me but for my team and I really mean that.  We have progressed so much that I felt like this was our shot.  I didn’t want to talk to anyone after.  I was visibly pissed.  I barely said bye to anyone, but Kristin offered to go get drinks afterward.  Twist my arm…
We headed to our beloved Lucky’s only to notice the place was pitch black.  A little hand written sharpee marker note was on the door “Lucky’s is temporarily closed.  We will reopen soon.  Happy St. Pat’s Day.”  WTF #2?  Off to Hooters because it’s just across the parking lot.  (Kristin grabbed an application by the way.)  We get to Hooters and the Michigan v. Purdue game is on.  We are away and down 11 with 5 minutes to go.  WTF#3?  I didn’t think we had this game in the bag, but I was hoping if we were down, it was early on and rallied back.  Then I see Robbie playing and blow a gasket.  SAVE HIM.  I know 1 player can completely change the dynamic on the court, but we aren’t even to March yet.  SAVE HIM.  Oh well, guess that’s why I’m not the head coach and just a white collar worker.  Boilers lost. Boo.
In summary, all I gained tonight was a bruised ego, a $10 bar tab and a Jagermeister keychain.  My teammate Chris put things into perspective for me… He txt after the match and said “Last year semis, this year finals… it’s ours next year”.  That made that little fire in my competitive nature ignite again.  Til next Thursday… no time off to next season!