For The Children

A group of friends and I participated in the JDRF Bar Olympics this weekend. It was a way to support a great cause and support a best friend who is one of their board members. Introducing, Team FullLongStarr!


The event had us going to 4 different spots in Broadripple to compete in 4 sports. I knew a few other teams at the event, and one of them decided they wanted to take us on all day. Bring it. Even though CS and I stayed up late practicing a few games, we didn’t start out too hot at Shuffleboard.


We went 0-2 but earned sportmanship conduct points and the bonus for landing a rock on the edge during one game. We left committed to turning this around. Cornhole was next. It was rather odd playing inside in a dimly lit place.


The boards weren’t regulation length apart so it seemed pretty easy to get a cornhole! We went 2-0 this time! My girls took a break for a photo op. 


Darts was our 3rd event. I’m used to playing with plastic darts, but we were treated to steel tips at the Wellington. I appreciated the weight of the dart much more. J and I opted to be a team this time. We were well ahead of our opponents playing 501. Until we got to 9. 9 was our nemesis. 

Tennis was last event. Wii tennis that is. 

Not sure where that victory shimmy came from?! We returned to Brugge to tally up our score. I overheard one girl say “That’s our competition.” when we walked in. Boom! Turns out, we really were. We tied for 1st with Team Canada. It was down to a shuffle off!! First team to 11. We were up 7 to 5, then it fell apart. We couldn’t get a score or play defense on them. Bye bye first place Pacer ticket prize. We had hella fun and we’ll be back for our victory next year! FullLongStarr!

Move Over Anna

A girlfriend of mine wanted to try out some tennis lessons at the Five Seasons. Sign me up!  I played tennis when I was younger, like 10ish at our community courts.  I remembered liking it but mainly for the outfits.  This time I was ready to learn.  It was a 6 week course, that actually spanned 9 due to all the holidays.  While in the program, it gave us full access to the entire country club.  Have to say, I didn’t use their services as much as I had planned, but their class schedules just didn’t match up to mine.  But that was ok, because our focus was tennis.  As you can tell.

Photo_01 (2)

Our coaches, Kurt and Jeff, taught us with the PA system.  It educated us the basic 8 spots of court shots and grip holds for front hand, back hand and serves.  What?  You hold it different with each stroke?  Guess that makes sense.  Each week we would build off the next and in week 4 we were actually playing each other King and Queen style.  It was a lot of fun and something that J and I have vowed to keep up, preferably outside, in 2011.  

With our tennis lessons we also were given personal training sessions with our group and 2 sessions of our own. J and I found time the past 2 weeks to get in our personal sessions and they were tough. I may or may not have asked for a harder 2nd round, and Vincent delivered. My fault for not remembering our last group session was 2 days later. Vincent and his other victim, Cameron.

Photo_01 (1)

It hasn’t been the most organized program from Five Seasons, but it was well worth the money we spent.  We have our “party” next week where they try to sell you the membership package and more lessons.  Should be interesting to see what pricing comes out.  Probably not in the cards right now, as I just received the first bill for a couch!  Thanks J for the great idea!