The Graffiti Run 5k


PS has been talking about doing this race for awhile. I kept checking the race calendar and finally one came to town. Then so did the rainy chilly weather! I was just at the beach in 80 degrees. Grr. Who cares, let’s get dirty!


We arrived promptly for the 10 second count down. Perfect! We just hopped right in line and started our race. They had 4 color blast stations on the course where volunteers reached into 10 gallon drums and peppered you with a color. The first one we avoided. The 2nd one, it was like “what the hell”, it’s why we are here. So we got a little. The 3rd was slow motion. The girl cocked her arm back and, with a hot pink fireball, she nailed me.


Now I know the drill. I’ll use PS as a shield at our next one.

Race Season Begins

Big 10 games were in town. I won’t complain about free tickets. I will complain about watching Rutgers v. Nebraska. Boring.


Probably the most exciting part was the halftime Big 10 baby race with each school represented. This had to violate some NCAA rule.


Best part, I love you Robbie Hummel!


As the weekend approached, it was time to put in some work. Previously.


I did a toughness pose-off with Sparty. I think he won. Coolest thing was as we were walking to the start line, Coach Izzo was walking by the Circle. I’ve seen him before. He’s quite noticeable. I elbowed CS and said “That’s Izzo.” As we passed by I said, “Hi Coach!”. He responded, “Boiler Up!” Awesome.


Least favorite part of the race. Totally kills the momentum.


I decided I needed a selfie. I’m a dork.


A look back.


Usually I recruit double digit participants to represent. My numbers are dwindling. My loyal 2016 crew.


Even the warm temps couldn’t keep WFD away. Got to use my flax seed mittens when I got home. I’m an old ass lady.


But only 6 seconds/minute slower than 2 years ago. Take it. Bonus note: 1st in my age group!!! So, let’s do it again the following week at my fav location. Previously. Hello Holliday!


Getting back into the running swagger, I was excited to race. This place just energizes me. It showed in my finish. 30 seconds/minute faster than last year. 2nd fastest pace ever for me there. Again, I’ll take it.

New Goal


As I age in years, my goals for Corp Challenge are changing. Thank Karma, cycling was cancelled. This year, it was to minimize the field events. B-ball only. I still don’t want to do the 5k and 1/2 mile, so hopefully I can change that next year and have my new goal be solely, mascot sightings!


Axel the Racer


And me post 5k with, Safety guy. Huh? Yeah, you look official so it counts.


Stranger Danger?

What do you get when you pair this girl with 2 strange racers I’ve never met? Apparently, this:


45 mile map


Holy shit this was a crazy race. IMA to Marion to flaming arrows.

My normal team was unavailable for the 2015 IndyQuest race. I had some close friends say they would race with me. Hmmm. Nope. I don’t want to ruin that relationship. This is my COMPetition. I have a hard time disconnecting from winning this. Race was the same concept of running, canoeing, and bike pushing? Yes. Bike pushing. My new team mates were ridiculous athletes. Both were tri-athletes. Way out of my league. It became apparent very early on they were going to crush me. Thank heavens the race director (RD) thought I was cool enough to hang with these pros. I’m totally out of shape and these f’ers proved it. But I loved that. Push me. Well, I didn’t mean it literally but that happened. I was sooooooooo slow on the bike compared to them, I tried to draft and that wasn’t enough. D says, “How do you feel about me pushing you?” “Go for it!” D literally put a hand on my backpack and pushed me while we rode. I have never felt a closer feeling to flying in my life! I said “I need you at all my races!” 30+ miles this guy pushed me. Unbelievable. Thank karma these guys didn’t sell me off after course 1. On our way to course 2,  RD says “You are my odds on favorite!” I hate pressure! Glad we they held up expectations! I was there anchor and they never complained.

Afterward, I was ready to relax. Pedicure time.


More photos can be seen here. Plus a little bad video I tried to shoot.


Mini Mini

Previously. With my epic banana fail last year, I employed a Kate Spade cross body to secure all of our necessities. Let’s race/walk/finish!


This was going to be a questionable day for us. Mama’s been dealing with some Plantar Fasciitis issue the past few months. The doctor cleared her with some heel supports. Said, “Do what you can and take the bus back if you need to.” Urg. No bus. We agreed to see how the day played out.

Even with the 2nd year of wave starts, the crowd is always inspiring to see how many people get involved in this race.


As usual, the street shows provide some great entertainment.


After mile 2, they had a special marker for the 500th mile of the history of the Mini Marathon. Mama “thought” it was the finish line. Nope, keep going.


I love seeing the type of people that compete here. So selfless and thoughtful. This guy was leading a vision impaired gentleman. Mom and I look like this several times at these races!


Around mile 4, another banner. Not yet Mom. Keep going!


As we rounded our way towards the track, I asked “How you doing Mom?” Mom, “Well, my heel knows we are doing something.” We started brainstorming our options. Quit, keep going, split up, break, and Herbie’s choice, cut the track. After a few rounds of “What do you want to do?” “What do you want to do?” Decision was, cut the track. It’s a hard hot surface. It was not worth costing the race to do something we’ve done enough times. This was her 8th! Seriously amazing.

Also meant I had time for a pic with a cow!


So with heavy hearts, we by-passed the gates and walked around the semi to join back up with the masses ready to complete this course.


We ended up over 10 miles so a solid day for us! Next year, hello 5K! New experience for both of us to share together. Mom’s getting some cortisone shots this week. Mike drop Mini. We out.

Can I Help You Find Your Bib Number?


With CS’s help, I got in early for the Mini volunteering this year. I scored a packet pick up spot! During our instructions, the leader asked for 4 people who would serve as greeters to the packet pick up area and help people as needed. Hell ya! I raised my hand first. Sounded like so much more fun than pulling bibs out of a box. CS was stationed in the Ask Me booth and got an action shot.


After awhile, a news crew shows up and plops down right where we are. They were prepping for a live spot from Anne Marie Tiernon.

As they comb the area for the perfect shot, she spies my mini bag. Asks me what’s in it and if she can borrow a few pieces. Couldn’t think of any reason to say no. She wanted the hat, shirt and the bib.

Yes, the bib with my name on it! Immediately called AM to get a live shot! Am I famous yet?! My welcoming crew with the TV star.

Boomer sighting! Can’t turn that down even if it’s a repeat.

Day To Night Time

Last year, I didn’t post about TWR because I was *perhaps* a bit bitter about being surprised by some awesome friends, even though I finished FIRST in my age group. What was I thinking?! This time, I knew there would be no age group awards. I had some nasty throat drain hacking going on all week. It was at its’ peak the morning of the race. TMI, it was like going through the vomit motions without the vomit release. Just empty heaves. Terrible. But the show must go on. So I toe’d the line and went off for a 10k at the Talk Walk Run. It was KVin’s fundrasier for Hear Indiana. I must support! At mile 2.5 I see a girl doing her own vomit show off the trail. I vowed then to make sure she was ok and finished. I stopped and made sure she had an ally. We stopped again at mile 3 of her 3.1, but she did make it to the finish. Then I had to continue for another 3.1. Urg. Great day of training for the mini 🙂


Best bright spot in my day was this guy, hello Fever Freddy!


Afterward, it was a quick nap, food, shower then off to support my next friend’s fundraiser. Previously.

No red carpet but the dress was worn.

Fundraising with champagne? Yes, sign us up!

Great awareness for JDRF, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Give back peeps. Everyone should donate time, talent, or treasure.

Take Me Away

The time finally arrived. I bought myself a passport for my 30th birthday. Figured if some rich hot thing came my way to swoop me off to some foreign land, I should be prepared. Fast forward 7 years, and I have my first stamp! Hola Mexico! You know they take their cerveza seriously when it’s painted on the airport observation tower.


They have employed a game show-esque event to enter the country. Press a button. If it’s green, you get to go through. If it’s red, you have to have your bag checked. Seemed very very random. CS was lucky to win the red game.


I hired a shuttle service to take us to the resort. I wasn’t risking being the next story on Criminal Minds. Eduardo was ready for us. This was the last time my hair would be straight for 9 days.


The Indiana clan met up with the Colorado clan on the beach a few hours later! Let Spring Break begin!


The resort we stayed at had a nightly performance for kids and adults. Not quite a mascot, but he’ll do for our first night. El Diablo. Each night they would have staff dress up as the characters that would be preforming and walk the lobby.


This little cookie started falling asleep during the show the first night. Not on Spring Break! Let’s dance!


We woke to find packs of these guys wandering the grounds. They were gangs of 20 or more. Meet the Coati, pronounced quaw-tee.



Then you’d find these guys just chilling in the middle of the walkways. I finally got used to seeing them by the end of the week. For some odd reason they would startle me just being out in nature. Must have been because I was used to seeing them run my brother’s childhood bedroom like their own.


I did a quick lap around the main part of our resort. Less than 2 miles but it was hot at 9am.


I promptly went back to bed using my favorite sign of the trip.


I was refreshed for some pool time!

Mexico 2015

You could find Nana like this most days!

Mexico 2015

Besides tanning at the pool, the resort offered a shopping plaza. They even had “trolleys”, a.k.a. golf carts, that would pick you up and take you wherever you wanted on the resort. We were ready to shop!


The breeze at the beach was so refreshing!  We had plenty of things to occupy our time. Tanning.




Reading. Well I tried to read and it rained on us for 10 minutes (while the sun was still shining). I took that as a sign I was to do nothing work related on this trip and promptly put the book away.


What else can you do at the beach? Bury your niece.


Play in the water and wave jump.


Shop. Shop?! Yep, shop at the beach. Vendors up and down with hats, blankets, jewelry, etc. Anything you wanted. I think Mom stopped 5 different silver dealers over our trip.


My nieces always took a front row seat to the nightly show. This usually got them involved. Reagan got to go on stage during the magic show night.


A few nights they had games/questions reminiscent of the Newlywed game. This poor guy had a fallic cone on his head and his wife had to get him to cross the stage using verbal clues. Once he got close to her there was a circle he had to put the cone through. All the while, he is blind folded.  At the end of the show, they replayed the women’s instructions as if they were used their first night “together”.  Use your imagination. It was funny.


Another game was about balloon popping using only your bodies. That’s not what kept my attention. It was the balloons on the guy below.


He was no cupid, but he would do!


Except for 1 meal, which I will tell about later, the food was really fresh. We ate mostly at the buffets which offered Champagne. Why not?! If I have to deal with this monster for another week, I better!


Up next, Part 2: Adventures off the resort

Holliday Critter


Laced up today for my 9th Holliday Park Trail run. In all my times here, I’ve never been fast enough to find the hidden critters on the course. They place a dozen beanie animals on the course for special prizes. The front runners always get them first. This year, I nabbed one!


When I saw it, I quickly tucked it in my pants and finished the race. Well… and started the race. Confession, I found the critter in the women’s bathroom before the race. While waiting in line to for my usual pre-race bathroom break, I saw what appeared to be a pair of hot pink gloves in the corner by the paper towel machine. When my turn came, I got the last stall next to the pink gloves. As I shut the door and notice a #5 sharpee-d on, I reached under the door and grabbed the critter. I was thrilled! There was only 10 minutes to go before the race and everyone all morning just passed on by it. 

So I did, tuck it in my pants, and began racing! I knew it wouldn’t be a stellar race since my sore throat/laryngitis was still lingering after a week. I was just glad to be out there in the elements with some great weather. And not get too muddy!

JS cleaned up her age group top award again! No Red Bull this time. Just a gift certificate and a poster. Still awesome for her! 

My critter got me $10 to a local coffee shop. I’ll have to pay that one forward. Always fun with my trail crew!