PU vs. Vandy

Got a 24 hour RSVP to the Purdue Vandy game courtesy of JCrew. Even Santa was there!


There’s really not a bad seat in this place.


Unless you have to sit in front of us.


These guys were clueless that we photo bombed them. They facebook/twitter/whatever the picture out and instantly got responses of “Who are the 2 chicks behind you?” They graciously sent us the evidence. But at half time, Uncle Steve came through with court side seats.


Swanigan is big.


But Haas is bigger!


Let’s make something happen this year Boilers!

Preview Day

When a potential Boilermaker says, “Can we go visit Purdue for one of my college days this year?” The answer is a resounding BOILER UP!


Purdue has created a brillant program called Preview Day. After a morning introduction, they schedule 2 break out sessions in the morning by each college at the University. An admissions director spoke and told you more details about their program, classes, credits… it was information overload in a good way. The best thing I learned at these sessions was University President, Mitch Daniels, wants 30% of Purdue students to study abroad. He has created separate funding for study abroad programs and every student we met this day, had studied aboard. Brilliant program for these Boilers.

After those sessions, they provided a free lunch at one of the cafeterias. I was not looking forward to this remembering the one year I was forced to eat at these while living in the dorms. My, how they have changed! CS was excited for the all-you-can-eat experience.


College did not look like that when I was there. I was very jealous. NOT that I want to go back. It’s just so much cooler (yep, I’m old) on campus now. They even had an Amazon store with free 1 day shipping. I had to wait a week for my Mom’s care packages.

We were left with an open afternoon to visit different spots on campus that were ready to give potential students tours. We headed to the health lab and the beautiful new PMO building. Followed that up with a dorm tour, shopping at Discount Den, dinner at Jake’s then Karma was on our side and the men’s basketball team had their opening pre-season game at home. Let’s go to Keady Court!



Funniest thing I witnessed, was this…


Really kids?! You want to steal 1 ply toilet paper. College kids are desperate to save money.

Red Storm

Met up with some friends for a Butler basketball game. Lots of new upgrades in the stadium including padded seats. Not bad for $20!

But the real reason I wanted to go to this game was to see the Legend himself, Mr. Gene Keady, consultant to Coach Lavin at St. Johns.


The Red Storm couldn’t get it together. They would pull within 6 or 8 points, then just get pummeled with a scoring run. They got some work to do. I kept my clapping to a minimum in the Bulldog house.

Bus Trip

It’s so nice when my friends organize group events! I just get to ride along! JW did a smashing job getting the Colts bus to take us to Boiler country for another basketball game.

The owners upgraded to this new bus this football season. Plenty of seating room.

Before the game, we were on a mission to visit our favorite chocolate shop…

A recent alum was even in town to see the action at Keady Court. Mr. DJ Byrd. No one would go up and approach him. What are they scared of?! You know who’s not afraid of that type of thing…


It was shaky in the first half, then we came out on fire!

Purdue 5k

CS was signed up for the 13.1 miles around the Boilermaker Campus. I did that once, This time, 5k was enough. After a filling pasta dinner at Puccini’s, we relived some of my collegiate memories by visiting the Cactus. God. I. Am. Old.


The place was still rocking even though the crowd had not arrived yet. It was 9pm.


We stayed for about an hour then got settled to rest our heads at the Union. After driving up 2 years ago for the start of the half, I learned I didn’t want that experience again. We walked to the start line in 10 minutes, hit the portos and were ready to DFW!


The half started 10 minutes ahead of the 5k runners. I was so excited to see my guidence counselor wheeling the line again this year. We hooked up with JL and the boys were off. 

I didn’t know how I’d do and really didn’t care. I, of course, was on the FTP. Fuller Training Program. Don’t train, just run. It’s a mental race most of the time at the distances I run anyway. My face always tells the story I am feeling!

Starting faces:


Mid way:






Me pretty. I crossed the line and the clock said 33 minutes. Mmeph. I wanted to do better but didn’t care. Then I remembered… the first race started 10 minutes ago. Whaaaat?! Didn’t matter. I had a job to get back on the course and cheer CS to his amazing finish! Then I had to watch JL cross the line with his PR before I could figure out my own finish!


It ended up being a stellar day for our whole crew. CS = sub 2 hour. JL = PR. Me = 2nd place age group award!


Refueled at Jakes with the game and some food!




I may have signed up for a 5k but ended up running close to 6 miles to cheer my team on! GPS data…


Go Boilers!