Highly Caucasian

I think I expected too much from Snoop show, so I was left a bit disappointed.  We hit up the Tavern to get some dinner before the concert.  I knew a few people going to the show, only to find out they scalped their tickets for a large return on their investment.  I was not tempted and wanted to see this show, so our group was a bit smaller than expected, but we still had fun. 


Most of the seats at the Tavern were occupied by what seemed to be a 20-40ish aged white person.  I was curious to see what kind of crowd this show was going to get and it started to unfold real quick when we walked in.  We gave it the 80/20 rule.  80% of the ticketholders were white and 80% were high.  Oh man it was rough.  I do not partake in the MaryJ and never have.  Sure felt like I did last night just by standing there.  People were lighting up all over the place even though it was suppose to be a nonsmoking show. I had a headache the size of Montana in the morning.  And I got a bit mouthy by the end of the show.  I think there was a direct correlation to the doobies for both of those.  That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

Back to the music.  Show started at 9 with Devin the Dude.  We headed over at 9:30 and the Dude still hadn’t started.  This wasn’t good.  And when this Dude went on, he sucked.  He wasn’t rapping.  He was just talking into the microphone, off beat and not rhyming at all.  At least attempt to make every 30th word rhyme.  Whatever.  Off the stage.

Method Man and Redman came out next.  One was dressed in Red.  I asked if it was logical to assume he was Redman.  They said no.  So, I have no clue which was which but they did put on a better vocal show than the opening act.  Lots of bass too.  The crowd really got into it too.  Both Method Man and Redman did some crowd surfing at the end.  Check out the video below to see it.  And then it was time for Snoop.


He finally went on at midnight.  I was starting to get restless waiting for him.  Good thing I took the next day off.  He did the classic Gin and Juice among others.  But there was no stage flare. No logo. Nothing.  I guess I was expecting a little bit more of a performance show, not just rapping.  Still glad we went to see the Dogg Father in action.  Hmm, what show could be next?

Video of the event.

Over Already?

Can someone please invent a day-stretcher?  I really don’t want it to be Monday already.  Rewind to Friday.  K, Brian and I hit up Necropolis for some scare time.



I don’t get scared easy.  I’m more the type that will try to figure out when and how something is going to scare me, not wait for it to scare me.  As we were in line waiting our turn, I met my next boyfriend(s).




This was worth the $26. They certainly put a lot of effort into this.  There were 3 different sections, including one with a flash light that only worked when they wanted it to. One of the creepers let me get in on the action.



The best room was completely black with Jason-esque hockey masks on the wall.  All of a sudden, one or a few of the masks would start coming at you but your depth perception was way off to really figure out what was going on.  It was awesome!  Here is my best scary face.


We rounded off the night by seeing Mike and Joe play at the Vogue.  The crowd seemed to be every IU alumni that now lived in Indy. 

Saturday morning came too quick and before I knew it, I was whisked away to West Lafayette with friends.  I didn’t have a ticket for the game, but my desire to satisfy the nagging Harry’s urge over powered me.  Greatest bar eva. Especially with my boy K9 behind the counter.




Matching Pete’s were in the house.


Mitch was money on nailing people in the eye with popcorn. He got me, Tim and Rick. My cat like reflexes allowed me to shut my eye but not turn my head when he nailed a piece at me. Tim was not so lucky.


Breakfast club was in full effect. I don’t care who you are, but seeing adults dressed up in costumes at 10 am is disturbing. Just drink like the rest of us. Here is one of the college kids. Gumby was drinking beer through the mesh, sans straw. I think you can see here that he probably really needed the straw.


I took it easy Saturday night with some Saki and Penguins. Great combo. It’s what winners do. Sunday was ushered in with flag football playoffs. I made a few catches, knocked down some defensive balls. It was a good victory for team Touchdown My Pants. I feel a championship belt looming.  Cheers to another fun filled weekend!

Burning the Candle at Both Ends

I had a really full weekend and didn’t have time to post my activities individually because I had so many damn activites.  It all started on Friday with a trip to see Kings of Leon.  Some friends and I rented a limo and headed up to Verizon for the show.  Limos are totally the way to go to any concert if you can arrange it.  Not having to worry about driving, parking, lines, is worth the money.  The show was great and it didn’t rain!  Definitely a great way to end an outdoor season of music for me.

Saturday, I woke up bright and early to meet my co-workers downtown to compete in the Corporate Challenge at 8am.  I organized the event for my company this year.  I had to push through my 4 hours of sleep I got, put on a smile, and participate in the 5K run, 1/2 mile run, and cornhole toss.  I did the 5K in 24 minutes and change, then the 1/2 mile in 3:13.  Mmepphh, I’ll take it after the night I had.  Strange to think my best 1/2 mile in high school was basically a minute faster.  I hung out at IUPUI until everyone was done competing and headed home.

Making a responsible decision, I chose not to attend the Notre Dame/Purdue game because I had a volunteer commitment on Sunday that I did not want to miss.  The original plan was to stay the night on campus and live it up like we were still in college.   The game was at 8 pm, so that is a long day and night of partying that could go awry.  However, on my way home from IUPUI, my buddy Jared called and said he was going to the game.  Hmmm.  If I knew that I had a ride back here after the game so I knew I wouldn’t miss my Sunday event…. twist my arm!  I made a few phone calls and had a ticket!  I met Jared at McDonald’s where we fashionably waited for our ride to the game.


Seeing Notre Dame play has always been a dream of mine.  Rudy was a high school favorite movie of mine.  I dreamt of going to Notre Dame.  My parents offered me one year at Notre Dame or 4 years at a state school.  I think I chose wisely.  So I was very excited to watch my alma mater and my wishful alma mater play in Ross-Ade.  However, the game was unfortunate.  We were in the lead and only needed to hold the Domers for 4 minutes.  We couldn’t do it.  Sara’s expression said it all.


A good time was still had by all.  Uncle Steve turned 50.


We got to smash Irishman pinatas.


And I got to see my old crew from the Deuce.


Today I attended the Pearls of Pink Model party at Nordstroms. I’m currently volunteering as the Model Chairman for the Pink Ribbon Fall Fashion Show. It’s a wonderful event where all the models are breast cancer survivors or work in the medical profession assisting breast cancer patients. It was the first time we all got to meet each other and hear everyone’s stories. I’m so excited to be part of this event and affiliated with this great organization.  We are down to our last 2 weeks before the big show.  All that I have left to do is find my outfit!

So, this is the first time I’ve sat and rested in the past few days, but it’s short lived.  Off to a cookout for the Colts game!

Best Night Ever

The day had finally arrived.  The Metallica concert was on the horizon.  Everyone, including my co-workers, knew how much I had been looking forward to the show.  I’d been sharing secrets about my outfit because I didn’t want to just wear my normal clothes.  I needed to be Metallica-worthy.  Barb kept asking all day “Where you changing for the concert?”.  I kept telling her it was none of her business and she’ll get pictures.  Well, they made it their business.  As I’m finishing the look in the bathrooms tucked away by the cafeteria, her and 2 others come busting in camera in hand.


I headed over to the Pub before the show with my “bodyguard”.  My friend that was with me had a nice John Deere orange shirt amongst all the sea of black.  I think it toally looked like I was being protected.  One kid came up and asked my bodyguard if he could kiss me.  Luckily he said no, but I did get a kiss on the hand. 

Gojira and Lamb of God were the opening acts.  Neither of which I was interested seeing, so we hung out until about 8:30 then Jake arrived and we headed in.  Perfect timing!  We missed both acts and the roadies were getting the Metallica set ready.  We had spent some change on our seats because in Conseco if you get up high, the accoustics suck.  We were lower level just 20 rows up.  The stage was set in the middle of the floor and Metallica started the concert with some force! 


James had microphones at every side of the stage.  He would go around and sing to the whole arena.  Lars was in the middle and Kirk and Robert just ran around swinging their hair.  They played some new stuff and were promoting Death Magnetic their new album, but we also got the oldies of Master of Puppets, Unforgiven, One, Sad but True.  They opened with a laser light show, had pyrotechnics coming up thru the stage for some songs, then ended the night turning the lights on and releasing about 300 black randomly sized beach balls on the crowd.  Plus, James ripped his shirt off and got in the crowd.  It was awesome!  I have zero complaints about the show and would relive this night every night for the next 2 years.  I can’t say enough how great it was.  This is a band I will go see again, and again, and again.  Until next time…Nothing Else Matters.



Here’s some video of the show.  It starts with the opening song.  Then about 8 minutes in  you’ll see the fire show then the beach balls are at the end.

Labor Day of Rock

The end of the lake season… so sad.  Jake, Joe and I headed up north to meet my parents and close up the lake house for the season.  All the water toys seemed to know it was the end of the season because they stopped working.  The battery charger spent time between the boat and one of the jet skis all day Saturday.  But it was perfect weather so we didn’t mind.  I took the boys over to the Frog so they could check out Wawasee’s finest.  Right as we got there, the SS Lillypad II was coming in blarring Don’t Stop Believin’ and all the drunkards on board were singing.  Classic booze cruise entertainment.  There was a band playing inside the bar called What She Said, but we seemed to have more fun when they took a break and we could dance to the jukebox music.  Yes I said “we” and “dance”.  Joe and Jake dancing was awesome.  Should of got that on video.

Sunday we headed back to Indy for a full evening of live music.  The ribfest had booked Candlebox (and some other bands) to open for Puddle of Mudd.  Candlebox’s self titled CD is among my favorites.  They have pushed me to the finish line during many of my races.  Luckily Jake is a fan too, so we headed to Military Park to check out the show.  They only charged $5 to get in, but they stiff you on the drink tickets.  $10 for 7 tickets.  A beer was 5 tickets.  Whatever I can’t take it with me when I die. 

We made our way through the crowd to what seemed like a good spot.  I felt bad for whoever we stopped in front of because Jake is about 8 feet tall.  The crowd was an interesting mix of old hippies and young stoners.  I think I was the only one there that didn’t have a tattoo and has never smoked weed.  There was one guy high out of his mind.  It was all he could do to stand up and blink.  Besides the people watching, the show was great!  They played some of their classics and a few I didn’t know since I only have 1 of their CDs.  I’ll have to fix that with some iTunes uploads.  After their set, people started exiting to check out the festival so I thought it was a fine time to move up some more before Puddle of Mudd started. 


We got to the front to find a VIP section.  Hmm… I think I’m VIP let’s see if they do.  I walked in and a security guard asked me, “Do you have a ticket?”  I quickly answered with “Yes” even though I only had a ticket to Ribfest.  “Do you have a bracelet?”  “No”.  “Go to that guy to get your bracelet”.  Sweet!  Simple enough but while we are standing there, another concert goer is trying to get in too.  His answer to “Do you have a ticket” was “What kind of ticket?”  The security guard says, if you don’t what kind of ticket I mean, you don’t belong in here.  I started sweating it at this point thinking we were sunk.  But the bracelet guy came up and slapped one on my wrist.  Jake follows only to get stopped by the guard.  “Do you have a ticket?”  Jake’s response, “I’m with her.” The guard motions for bracelet guy and we’re in!  No proof needed!



P of M finally took the stage around 9:30pm.  I’d never laid eyes on these guys before, but didn’t want to take my eyes off of them.  There is something dead sexy about a grungy guy wielding a guitar and whipping his long hair around.  If I saw these guys on the street, I probably wouldn’t give them a 2 second thought, but on stage, I was hooked.  I knew a few songs just from listening to the radio, but learned a few new ones too.  We only stayed for about 5 songs, because we still had one more live music show to see.  Mike Kelsey, was at Birdy’s playing with my boy Bruce Barker and Dr. Kevin Morgan.  It’s rare to see all 3 of these guys jam together on one stage.


We got there right as Mike was taking a break, so I grabbed Bruce to introduce him to Jake, and while we are chatting Mike and Kevin joined in.  More VIP treatment for Jake to meet these guys.  The 3 guys did all different sets together and alone, so the crowd got a taste of Bruce’s original songs too.  They put on a great show and an awesome end to 24 hours of live music and 4 groups.

Here’s some video of the Candlebox and Puddle of Mudd sets.

Michael Kelsey @ The Fair

After reviewing the 30 page Indiana State Fair program, I picked out a few things I wanted to attend if my schedule permitted.  Tonight was my first opportunity to go.  2 friends, Brew and CS went with.  I wanted to see a phenominal guitarist named Michael Kelsey.  I first met Michael at Purdue through my friend Bruce Barker.  They are both incredible musicians and always put on a good show.  Michael even opened up for the BoDeans when they were here in Indy 10 years ago.  His main venue in Indy is Birdy’s but he usually plays on Sunday nights, so it’s a bit hard to round up a crew to go.

If you are around when this guy is in town, go see him.  You are guaranteed a great show.  Even if you really don’t get into music or understanding that craft, you’ll like this guy.  He’s on-the-fly creative and sings about what he sees in the audience and even grabs things from the audience to play on his guitar.  Tonight he used a kid’s juice box and Pringles can.  It was great.  He was up on the tables and playing amongst the crowd.


After the show, we walked around to take in the scene. We are a great looking city! We headed over to the “Shit under a tent sale” to see what kind of fun As-seen-on-TV stuff we could buy. None of us spent a dime on any products, but Tim spent some quarters feeding the goats and piglets. He even took some time for a photo op.


Thanks for indulging my musical side, boys! I had a great time, and think they did too.

Kleeman and the BoDeans

My buddy Scott Kleeman turned the big 4-0 this week.  His friends planned a surprise party for him in Broadripple.  In true Jessi fashion, she made Kleeman faces on a stick.  My 30th birthday face on a stick still haunts me to this day, so good luck with that Scott.  They had Scott sit on stage and give him a roast from all of his friends and a special message from his Mom.  It was hilarious and I did catch it on tape.  It’s about 30 minutes long, so be prepared.

I had found out earlier in the day that the BoDeans were playing at the Vogue.  I hadn’t seen the BoDeans for 10 years… WOW… 10 years.  I was in college, and my great friend Bruce Barker surprised me with a road trip to Indy to see them.  His friend and talented musician, Mike Kelsey, was opening up for them.  It was a great time, so I left the birthday bash and headed to the concert for some more memories.  I was a bit late, but I was able to catch their most famous song Closer to Free and my favorite, Naked.  As I observed the crowd, I noticed everyone seemed to be about 15-20 older than me.  Oh well, I danced like a fool and had a great time.  Here’s some video from the concert.  I think I was 3 seconds from getting busted when I put the camera away.  Phew.



I had the lucky pleasure of happening upon a ticket to the Elton John, Billy Joel concert last night.  Since the event was downtown and I work downtown, I did my best attempt at the “city life” that I could.  I found out that my building has showers, so I packed a bag to accommodate my schedule from after work to after party. 

I went to work for my routine 8 hour day, then changed to take a quick run on the canal so I could get my workout in.  The canal was full of runners so it was nice change of scenery from the cars I’m usually staring at on 86th street.  After the run, I ventured into my building’s basement to find the locker room.  It was straight out of a scary movie.  There were a few after-hours workers milling around downstairs, so I thought it best to shower in sports bra and boy shorts in case I needed to make a clean getaway.  Luckily one was not needed.  I prettied myself up and met some friends for drinks before the big show.


Elton and Billy played a few sets together in the beginning to get the crowd going.  Elton’s on the left, Billy on the right.  Then they each took their separate turns.  I was a bit disappointed from Elton’s set.  I’d seen him before and it felt like he played a lot of looooong sloooooow songs that I wasn’t too familiar with.  Oh well, bring out Billy that’s why I came anyway!  Billy was great!  I even got to hear my favorite songs of his… We Didn’t Start the Fire. (Which I used to know every word to that song.  I was a bit off this time.)  The boys did a few more sets together… they did the fake we-are-done routine then came out for a few more.  The acoustics in Conseco suck, but it was still a great time!  I was chatting it up with the couple next me most of the evening and Chris goes “How funny is it that we sit next to people you know!”  I said… nope, don’t know them, just made some new friends tonight!


After the show, Chris was going to drive me back to my car since I walked from work.  Problem was, we couldn’t get into his work garage because his badge was in his truck.  I spied a narrow opening between the garage and a fence.  With a shimmy and a deep breath, I was through.  Here’s Chris at the entry point.


Thanks for thinking of me Chris!  Hope to return the favor someday!  I had a blast!! 

Here’s some video of the event.  I tried to do the pointy thing, but it’s hard in the dark in the nose bleed seats.  there’s a big section on the We Didn’t Start the Fire song, but I tried to give this clip a little of some big songs.