Puck Off

Started off my turkey day as I have for the past few years, a nice run through Broadripple at the Drumstick Dash. While I am not thankful to my trainer for the 3-time Wednesday workout yesterday (its hard to run 4.6 miles without using your upper body), I am thankful I avoided being a member of Team Shart during the race and the no line at the porto-o-johns when I finished.


Before I headed north to spend time with my parents, I kinda forgot it was Thanksgiving and went to Subway to grab lunch. Me pouting…


While I was not thankful to settle for pretzels and almonds, I am thankful for the new music CS got me so I could jam on the drive up 69. And Mom was armed with a turkey sandwich when I walked in!

Instead of a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, my parents and I attended our first Komets hockey game together with my childhood neighbors from across the street. Mom asked “What’s it called when they start the game?” Like I knew the answer said, “A puck off.” I had no clue but it sounded good. When she told our neighbors she was corrected learning it’s called a “Face off”. That was for the all the times as a kid when you know your parents have made shit up and didn’t really have a clue what they were saying!


Dad and I didn’t notice the protective nets at first so we both ducked and covered when a puck when flying. Our seat-mates made fun of us so we straightened up after that. I am not thankful that I had to witness a hockey punch out session on the ice, but I am thankful that I got to meet Icy!


Dad said I got my mascot fetish for the years we spent at Disney. I explained that it was actually the neighbors that we were with that started this trend in the 90s. They were the ones who asked me to dress up like a hawk and walk in parades to support a guy named Rick Hawks who was running for Congress! Except everyone at one parade didn’t get the connection and kept saying “Look its a turkey!” I remember it really ticking me off which caused me to flap my arms more in disgust since I couldn’t talk back. Mascot code. No talking when the heads on.

So we had a different spin on turkey day this year but I am always thankful to spend any time I can with my parents. They’re good people to be around!

Last Snowy Hoorah

After a slumber party in my room last night, the girls and I woke up to get ready for some ice skating at Longmont’s outdoor rink.  Of course, it was snowing but the place did have a roof and some heaters outside to warm up with.  Little kids get walkers to help them learn how to skate.  It’s quite funny to watch these little monsters zooming around and just crashing without caring.  Here’s our 2 little ones on the ice.


It was Sydney’s first time ice skating.  She took 2 laps with the walker then was ready to try it alone.  She was a good listener to the pointers I gave her and was moving around in no time.  By the end of our time at the rink, Reagan was able to go without the walker too!  Big day for both girls!

I also got a delivery from the Fuller Girl Scout with my cookies!


So, it’s back to the flatlands now where apparently, I’ll be treated to more snow this week.  I think my core temperature has dropped a few degrees.

Niece’s story…

Many thanks to the Fuller clan for letting me spend a few days in the mountains with them!  I had a great time as usual! 

Super Duper Weekend

Even though Mother Nature dumped snow all over our city, my friends and I managed to get out and find fun things to do!  Friday was game night where I am becoming accustomed to losing at Rummikub and I’m not likin’ it.  Saturday, a bunch of went to see some movies at the State Museum.  They were offering a BOGO deal on 3 different movies.  First up was the 3D Under the Sea. I had called in a special favor to my parents to ship me their Avatar glasses that had a hard frame, but they didn’t end up working right so we went with the museum’s free offer of oversized 3D glasses.


We all had lines on our faces for an hour after the show, but it didn’t matter because the movie was great!  I’ve never watched a full 3D movie before and now I want to see EVERY movie in 3D!  I felt like I was in the ocean the whole time!  One scene had sea snakes that swam out at you and it did creep me out a bit, but the playful sea lions at the end made you think you could reach up and pet them.  Our free additional movie was either Louis and Clark or Mummies.  We went with mummies, but can’t say it was that great.  It was about recovering DNA and how tombs are found.  Oh well, off to our next adventure… Ice skating!

We hit the Pan Am plaza with 33 minutes left to skate.  The guy at the counter seemed very concerned that we were only going to get 33 minutes of skating, but I reassured him that the level of ice skating this crew was at, 33 minutes was plenty.  A few of us laced up and were out trying to show off our skills.  A few wipe outs happened, none by me thank you very much!  I did manage to do a 360 on purpose a few times, but they were so slow it wasn’t impressive.  K and I tried to do a round robin thing like you do on roller skates, but it didn’t even come close to working.  We opted for this instead.


The weekend wrapped up with a few visits to Super Bowl parties and a great victory for the New Orleans Saints!  It was hard for me to watch the game.  I didn’t clap or cheer at all in the first quarter.  Really didn’t want to root for or against anyone at that point.  Then once the Saints started to turn it around, I was all over it.  I’m very pleased with the outcome and think the Saints played a better game in the end.  I’m very proud that Purdue gets to claim a Superbowl quarterback champion in Mr. Drew Brees!

And to top off the whole great weekend, I was chosen at random for completing the Drumstick Dash survey months ago, and received my prize in the mail today.  Looks like I have my hat for next year!