Top Golf

When I heard about Top Golf, I wasn’t feeling the hype. What’s the big deal with a 3 story driving range?! Well, that was my bad. I assumed it was a driving range. I did no research. I asked no questions. After K said it was amazing, we said OK. Let’s try it out. For $5 you get a lifetime membership.


CS and I had our clubs ready, then K says, “No one brings clubs.” WTF?! Welcome to Golf meets Arcade game meets Skee-ball!



It was soooooooooooo fun! They supply the clubs, men vs women. It’s not so much about golf but about gamification. Hit balls into targets and earn points! Doesn’t matter if you duff it or kill it. Just wave your club over the laser to get a ball and SWING – hit the target!


After 20 balls, she beat us both! Revenge will be had.

Who’s that? BMW Edition

Previously & From the archives…

I secured a front row seat the 2016 BMW Championship. I love calling in favors because I don’t mind repaying them. I was excited to see a lot of the newer players this year. I really wanted to see the Stache.



There were a bunch others, like Jordan Spieth, Louis Oosthuizen and Branden Grace. Since it’s been a hot minute since the event, I have no idea who this is or who is in several of my other pictures but I’m going with Dustin Johnson.


Great way to spend a day with a friend!


As we dodged the rain clouds and hydrated, we stumbled across someone’s lost stash not stache. After trying to find the hidden cameras or undercover cops, the table in front of us noticed our awkward behavior.


It ain’t legal here, but they were taking the goods.

Delayed Date Night

With other Thursday night events on the calendar, I had to delay June’s date night until September. But where was I taking CS with his putter?


We checked in at the front desk and since we brought our own putters, we couldn’t walk thru museum gallery. We had to take the back stairs to get to our event… Mini golf at the IMA! 18 different Indiana themed art installations turned into a massive putt-putt course.


First hole was a tribute to the Great Squirrel Invasion. You could turn the squirrels or use them to ricochet your ball towards the hole.


Rainbow cat




It happened to be Pacer’s Movie night, so we took a quick break to get a pic with Boomer.


Back to golf! This one was a maze of chimes that if you played them, it played “Back Home Again in Indiana”. Really annoying when the kids would just bang on them.


A nod to the State’s covered bridges.


My hole in 1!


Two 6’s killed me.


Good times for a cheap price! Head over before it closes in October.

Out With The Old

Since my golf game has rust, cob webs, and every thing else that says it’s been awhile, I figured maybe a new bag would bring some good mojo for my upcoming golf outing! Out with the old,


In with the new!


Turned out, another girl in our 4 some had borrow clubs from the clubhouse. They gave her the exact same bag! Good taste! Too bad, it didn’t end up helping my game. I blame the 1 inch gash on my index finger I got 2 weeks ago hitting balls. The ground was so hard I snapped a tee in half and it punctured my finger badly. I was 50/50 for the day.

We were playing in a scramble with about 100 other people and ended up behind the slowest 4-some of my life. It was painful. They never asked if we wanted to play through, so I made up games to pass the time. “Hey, if you can hit the squirrel with a golf ball, I’ll give you $5.” We all tried and the squirrel was un-phased as about 9 golf balls whizzed by, inches from his face.


My golf partner tried to be sneaky and have me sit on his name tag without knowing. You can’t pull too many fast ones on me. I saw it but obliged to get a laugh from the rest of our group.


We didn’t fare so well from a team score perspective, but we all scored in the free swag arena! Everyone at our table won door prizes!


EDITOR NOTE: Literally 1 week later, I am playing Sagamore with CS. On my tee shot for #2, I hit a line drive ball at the green. It nailed a squirrel. In the butt. Squirrel leaped 2 feet in the air and shot himself and my ball into the woods. CS, can I get a witness?! Wish he would have been trying to secretly record me like he does almost daily. I apologized to all remaining squirrels I saw that day.



Corporate Challenge Captain time again! Still can’t find the elusive female cyclist at my company, so I borrowed another bike and lined up at 7:50 for an 8 am start. I always have to ask for an early start because I have to hightail it over to volleyball right after several miles away. As I rode up, I was the first one in line! Ok by me. ISC Event chair walks up and says “First in line Natalee?”! We have known each other for almost a dozen years and he knows my dilemma each year.

Off to volleyball!


Had a pregger sub on stand by just in case I couldn’t get to the courts by the first game. Luckily the other team was late, so I made it in time!


Made it to the tournament but lost in the semi’s again. We are going to get this next year! 

Weekend 2 brought some gorgeous weather. Looking east over the IMS infield.


With the new venue, teams lost their bleacher spots. We opted for a team tent space as home base.


I manage to place other runners in the 30 age group but that left me the 10K. Urg. With my lack of exercise recently, this was not going to be fun. 8:27 pace like a turtle. But man, did my hair look nice after that race!

photo 1 (1)

How many times did I get to golf this summer? Zero. So I was the perfect candidate to do the chipping challenge for us. I nailed the bulls eye on my second shot. Except it was the bulls eye for the teams in the line to my right. I asked for half points? Nope.


I was prepared for Tug Of War, but game was on while I was out doing other events. My trusty side kick got people organized and over to represent our team. So I became the cheering/yelling section. “PUUUUUUUUUULLLLLLLLLLL!” I really enjoyed just yelling at people!


TOW tough with mascots!


Last event of the day was the newest. Pit crew challenge. Team of 4 had to change a tire on each front side of a real Indy car. NS manned the air gun while I handled the tire exchange! So fun!


Also new this year, a free cold one at the end!


Team OneAmerica turned out 4th in our division! Very pleased with the results. Crossing my fingers for some swag with the Golden Hanger award!

Corporate Challenge 2013


Corporate Challenge time! Like usual, no ladies signed up for the cycling event so I was left to represent that role on our team. This year, I changed it up by borrowing a friend, and fellow co-worker’s, road bike. He’s a serious cyclist. The thing barely weighed 4 pounds and had clip ins for pedals. I couldn’t find clips my size so I figured, oh well, my gym shoes will do. Then I didn’t want to adjust the seat to mess up his settings, so I stretched myself about 2 inches longer to reach it. I paid for that mistake the rest of the weekend, but was 3 minutes faster than last year to the finish!

After cycling, it was off to the volleyball courts for some sand play. Are those the same shirts as last year?!  


No. These shirts were a fiasco. Last year’s safety yellow color was a huge hit with the team and we really stood out at the event. This year, I stayed with the bright color and ordered safety orange. Placed the order, then I get a call, “We don’t have enough product in safety orange.” How about safety green? “Yes we have plenty of that.” 2 weeks later I open the box and pull and audible “You have GOT to be kidding me!” According to the company, safety yellow and safety green are one in the same. I highly disagree! But there was nothing I could do now. Samples will be delivered next year before any order is placed. Lesson learned.

Back to volleyball. Not sure why I am dancing with an overbite in this picture, must have just done something awesome.


We won our pool play bracket but lost in the tournament to Lilly. Urg… I was not happy. I know we can win this thing, prob need to change up players.

A week later came the track and field events. After some late week dropouts, I had to rearrange positions and lucky me… I got to do the 10K run. Can you feel my excitement in this picture?


I knew one of our male runners was 99% likely to win the whole event. I didn’t want my slow ass to negate his hard work, so I pushed myself on this one. I had done a 10K 2 weeks prior to gauge my speed. I ran it at an 8:28 pace. I wanted to push 8 flat this time. Which I’m proud to say I did!

Next up was the Tug of War. Broken record… no females signed up, so I recruited 2 of my fellow runners for our team. We weren’t big, but we are competitive! Getting ready… 




My quads hurt for 4 days afterward. It wasn’t until I saw this picture I knew why. I thought it was the run, but good lord I got low and planted my feet. We only survived one TOW match, then lost on our 2nd time up. Participated in the golf chipping challenge. Didn’t do well. There has to be a better female golfer at my company… just need to find her!

One event I haven’t done before was the Obstacle course. My leg of the course included dreaded burpees, a balance beam and some hurdles.




The final event of the day was another new event for me, the sprint medley relay. Seems odd I’d do a 10K and a 200M sprint in the same day, but when you’re the captain, you fill in where needed! I even went to Play It Again Sports to get some spikes. I hadn’t worn spikes in 17 years! Brought back memories of my ’93 1600M State appearance at this very same track. Grunting it out down the back stretch.


Wore the Garmin GPS everywhere I went, from the parking lot to the track and back. Covered almost 10 miles that morning!


Get In The Hole

For the first time, I played in my company’s annual golf outing. Problem was, I hadn’t swung a club this season. With work, friends, family, animals, volleyball, running, racing, volunteering, eating, sleeping, traveling… I didn’t only not make the time, I didn’t have the time. And the venue didn’t have a practice range! I was prepared to suck today.

Even with my lack of practice, I was still hoping to make some solid attempts at the Closest to the Pin and Longest Drive contests for the ladies. Hell, there were only 3 of us ladies playing anyway! I shook the rust off on hole #1. It wasn’t as rough as I expected. Then on #2, we used 3 of my hits on the par 4! #3, a par 3… all my shots! WTF?! The short game I never had came out to play! I was super excited that I was actually contributing and not sucking.

We arrived to a Closest to the Pin hole. I focused. Took my 2 practice swings and fired. Sweet Gesus, I was well inside of the current leader and really close to the hole. After arriving to the marker, turned out this was the Men’s Closest to the Pin contest! Fugh. But I knew how great the golfer already on the marker was, so I had to leave him a note to rub it in. It’s just good comradery!


And get photographic proof.


On the Longest Drive hole, I felt I was 2 feet off the actual fairway in the light rough. Some could have said it was still fairway. I didn’t want to play that way. I was happy with my drive. The last hole of the day brought us to the Ladies Closest to the Pin contest. The marker this time was on the fringe of the green. Ok. Let’s do this again.


Well, not at all as close as before, but well inside the current mark! Our team ended up +2, nowhere near a podium finish but we had a lot of fun. I won $50 to the pro-shop for my shot on 18. During the door prizes, CS and I both won $25 in restaurant cards. Then we were offered a trade of $50 more to the pro-shop. Sold! After both of us browsed the club house for something to purchase, we really couldn’t find anything we needed. We both got new gloves and shoes last year. CS a new bag and driver cover too. I have an unlimited supply of golf balls. What to buy? Then CS spied the Oakley display. No pair was near $50. CS graciously offered me his prize so I could purchase these beauties!


No more $5 Walmart workout shades! I’ll sweat in style!

The Price Is Right

The traveling Price Is Right show came to town this week. My friends scored us row 20 seats! We were all pumped at our chance to COME ON DOWN!


It was hosted by some E news channel guy that does the show in Vegas. He looked familiar but I had never heard his name. I didn’t figure we’d get Drew Carey anyway. A few good things about the show was the original style game boards. They had the big bulb lights and items brought out on felt covered wheelie boxes. Old school way was still cool! They also rotated a whole new set of players in Contest’s Row each game so more people had a chance to win. We saw Punch-A-Bunch, Cliffhanger, Hole in One, Any Number and Plinko. And they played some of the classic bloopers moments from the real show which had everyone laughing. 

The bad side was… they started 30 minutes late and ended after an hour and 15 minutes?! We had all night for more games. The crowd was almost entirely Butler college students who had nothing better to do anyway! The showcase showdown was a rip off. They called up two new people from the crowd. Showed the goods which include a Roomba, a refridgerator, a trip to the Bahamas then a Nissan Versa. While asking for bids, the host quickly slid in the key winning element of the showcase… To win, you had to bid within $100 of the full retail price. Or else, you walk away with what appeared to be a universal one size fits all T-shirt. They both over bid and then the show was over. This is how I felt about not getting called.


It was still a fun experience but they have a lot of room to make this one hell of a traveling production if they wanted to.

Corporate Challenge 2012


I had some help at work promoting the Corporate Challenge this year. That help resulted in over 90 employees signing up to participate or donate goods to earn our team points! Even with over 90 employees signing up, not 1 female entered the cycling competition. My team was left to me, sadly, filling that spot again this year. I requested the earliest start time possible because right afterward, I had to high tail it over to the volleyball courts 7 miles away for that event! For the cycling, I ended up 91st out of 104 people in our division. Finished in 22:46. Better than last year!

Volleyball had a round-robin tournament with single elimination to follow. We went 4-1 but we ended up seeded 5th in the bracket. Whatever. The tournament games were to 11. Really? Can’t we at least go to 15?! We made it to the semis only to get beat by Cummins. It was windy as shit, so that did affect our play. But I think they still would have beaten us. Regardless, 100 points earned for OneAmerica!


For the main event day, I added 4 more events to my schedule. First up was golf. Again, no chicks signed up so I participated. We earned 77 points for our team!


My first running event of the day was the 5k. I had been resting the hamstring all week, so I was ready to go as fast as I could for 3.1 miles. And I did. I ended up with an adult PR of 22:41! That beat my previous PR by over a minute! And I thought that I was awesome until I saw this picture that reminded me… the 62 year dude in red next to me got his sprint on at the end and beat me by 5 seconds.


Frisbee came next where we earned a measly 36 points. The discs were lighter than our thrower was used to. We need to practice for next year and earn some hardware again! 


I was laser focused to catch. Ignore the discs at my feet please.


Final event was the 1/2 mile. I was not looking forward to it. Speed is not my thing as an adult. They lined all 49 of us (30-39 females) up to run at the same time?! They were breaking other groups into 2 heats. Not sure why we didn’t get the same treatment. It was a mob! I got out of the gate pretty well in the 6th spot overall.


The key here is… not all these girls were in my division so I wasn’t technically competing against all of them for points. Just those in division 4. But you can’t tell who is in division 4 because their numbers are on the front of their shirts! So the goal remained to pass as many of them as I could. To help, I summoned up some BDHS track memories of my father. “COME ON!! PICK’EM OFF” he’d yell. Over and over. After the 1st 400 meters, I was in 4th.

1/2 pic

The chick in front me had a Cummins shirt on which meant, she was in my division. Crap! I have to get her now for sure. With 200 meters to go, a chick was creeping to pass me… oh no you won’t!

Fwd: Pic

Giving it all I got at the end… Nice face, I know.

1/2 end

With about 100 meters to go, I passed the girl from Cummins to place 3rd overall so at least I knew I had got some significant points for us and a little award for myself. Turned out I got 2nd in my division to earn 94 points. 

Finally it was time to relax with some Mascot photos!


My new boyfriend.


The biggest turtle I have ever caught!


End result of all my teammates hard work over 2 weekends was an astonishing FIRST PLACE finish in our Industry and SECOND PLACE finish in our Division!! I knew we did well, but I was not expecting that well! Everyone did an amazing job! Finally after 6 years of organizing a team for the companies I work for, I get to bring home a big trophy for us!