Florida – Day 4

B and his family visited the in-laws on Day 4, so we were left to plan our own day. After a quick dip in our indoor pool, I knew what to do, Cirque!


The show was La Nouba. It was fabulous. I think now that I’ve been to a number of these, I need to stay in the specialty line. Starting to look the same. Le Rev still tops the list of shows. We spent the day at Disney Springs for some much needed shopping! And closed that park down as well. There was really no resting on this trip!


Really Orlando?


Time to go home.

Universal – Day 3

Taking a break from the happiest place on Earth, we went to the next theme park close by. A first time visit for me!


This park wanted you to pay for a fast pass based on park-peak times. It was ridiculous. We decided we’d just wait in line. First stop was the Transformer ride. I noticed the size of the building we were entering. I was intrigued how this was going to be a “ride”.


Imagine two movie theaters side by side and each 10 stories tall. You get in a car for a little ride to the theater room, then the magic happens. It’s up and down with tilting, spinning, shaking. Not scary but 4D and very real. Speaking of real, at certain times of the day, the ride characters would appear for photo ops. Tried to get CS to join my mascot craze with this one. He declined.


Funniest part of the rides were the signs. Very creative visuals. Check out the first one from the Revenge of the Mummy ride.


This park had a few coasters we had to hit! You had to rent lockers on most of them. The park didn’t want anything falling out of your pockets and hitting someone. You literally had to go through metal detectors. Rip Ride Rocket! Who doesn’t want to sit facing the sky?!


My nieces main draw was the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. We broke off from them so they could immerse themselves in the city. I didn’t read the books but this place was legit. Even had a fire breathing dragon. We went there to ride the train to the other side of the park where the rest of the coasters were!


Dragon Challenge was awesome. It’s an under the rail coaster and a must-sit-front type of ride. We rode it once then decided we’d hit it again before leaving to go back to the other side of the park. Like Cedar Points Demon drop, we had Doctor Doom’s Fear Fall…


So awesome at night. We followed that up with the Amazing Adventures of Spiderman ride. We got back to Dragon Alley and the wait was 10 minutes. So we rode 2 more times to catch the last train.

Then I had to hit the Despicable Me adventure. Bring me my Minions! 



We were in line at 9:15 and it said the ride closed at 9:30. I had no clue what was going to happen. I frantically text B and he says “If you are in line, you will ride.” Phew. Thanks Universal! It was fun, but don’t think I need to go back. 


Happiest Place on Earth – Day 2

Who’s ready for another full day at the Happiest Place on Earth?! These Fuller girls were 50/50. We had 2 ready to go, 2 that woke up with their grumpy pants on.


Day 2 was spent at Animal Kingdom! This was a new experience for me. Massive animal theme tree welcomed us.


Then came this tree. Holy hell. Awesome.


I like to get the best and usually longest wait exhibit out of the way early. I don’t like to leave the cool stuff to the end of the day with a chance to miss it. Plus animals are active early.


Not everyone was on board with the 90 minute wait but we killed time with the cousin staring contest.


The long wait was all for the Safari Excursion!


We loaded into trucks and hit the dirt road.


Excursion started off with vultures. Eh? Turns out these are not actually owned by Disney. They have migrated to the park to eat the animal food leftovers. They were there in mass numbers.


They mingled with the pelicans.


The park had termite mounds all over. I was hoping these weren’t “real” real. Just fake paper mache stuff. I didn’t want to think I was in the land of termites.


This munchkin was so excited to see the animals. She wanted to sit on the outside to get all the good views.



Start the animal parade!




After CS watched this guy smash a pile of poo in his hand then eat it, he was ready to move on.


These bats were enormous!



This looked like a good idea at the reptile area.


As we made our way to another side of the park, these monkeys were just hanging out in this tall tower. All I could think of is, “What if they jump off? Could I not freak out and try to chase them?”


This park didn’t have many coasters. One of the few was a water ride. CS and I waited and watched to see how wet people were as they came off it. Seemed to be random. Some were soaked. Others didn’t even looked touched by a drop. It was relatively hot. We had nothing better to do and didn’t feel like we’d be back here. Let’s do it!! We heard you could buy ponchos, so we went into a store to inquire. We really just wanted to keep our stuff dry, we didn’t care about us. After sharing that with the clerk, she handed us a giant plastic bag from the store. Free! Ponchos were $15! I think we fared well.


By this time, I was ready to take a seat. All the fam met back up to take in the park’s Lion King show. One of the few Broadway shows I still need to see. CS says this alien resembles me the most. Really?


Ok maybe.


I wasn’t sure what the scale of the show would be but they didn’t disappoint!






Next we rushed across to the other side of the park to take in the Finding Nemo show. It was a very creative! How do you make a fish being controlled and voiced by a human, look like they are swimming on a stage?! I was impressed.



Lots more cool stuff in that show but my pictures didn’t turn out.

By this time, I was ready for a coaster! Bring on the Yeti!


This roller coaster was amazing. Expedition Everest!


Take us above the park! This coaster was nuts! Nothing like I’ve ever experienced. Frontwards, then backwards, then front, then back, than warp speed to the finish. We started the ride with 7 – B, K, CS, me and the girls. We had about 30 minutes until the ride closed. After the first ride, B peeled off. Then K. Then CS. The girls were still raring to go. I figured that’s what cool Aunts do for their nieces. Alright, lets ride. 6 rides back to back. My head was done. Or so I thought.

The girls had one last fast pass of the night at the dinosaur ride. Why not?!





Wasn’t hard to find our car when there are barely any left in the lot. CO Fuller’s making the march to the car.


Happiest Place on Earth – Day 1

Herb put me in charge of this one for a week. What was he thinking?!


We arrived 4 hours early to the airport so she could eat and shop, only to find out, she was TSA pre-approved. Wooo freakin hoo she didn’t have to take her shoes off. After several delays, we arrived late down south to see the big mouse the next day. Welcome to the happiest place on Earth!


I get these girls for 5 days…………whoa.


Newest thing at the park, is the FastPass Bracelet. We were on board but felt like GPS central.


Magic Kingdom, sorry I’ve been twice and don’t remember. This time, we made it!



The amount of people is tremendous. Yet, it kept moving well to keep our day one of the happiest days on Earth!


Since I didn’t remember my last 2 times there, I was ready to hit the new spots then re-live what I *remember*. First, the new coaster of the Dwarfs ride. Give me my hammer!


CS splurged on some sky writing for me… how romantic.


Tea cups were right across the lane, so with some hand wipes, we made it work.


A must was It’s A Small World.


I have dreams of this ride. Not great ones. Not creepy ones. Just in between. And it delivered. Great-creep.




Look at my spoon hand!





Not sure why most of the lady/girl characters had to hike up skirts, but we got stuck in the last room in our boat. That song is forever longer burnt into my head. Urg. Being our first day, our cell support wasn’t planned. We had to find a spot to charge it up.


Next was the Haunted Mansion


Then The Little Mermaid had no wait, ok!





Alright lets make the last ride of the day, the iconic Space mountain!


It delivered. And then, the late night dance party delivered this, The Incredibles.



Shit. One more? Ok Thunder Mountain, last ride. Mama was done.


As we are finally leaving, the Castle lights appeared. I was in awe. Never seen something lit up and so amazing as the Leadville sky at 2 am. Not joking. I was staring.


We closed it down.


What. A. Day! Video to remind me of this never-again-day. Amazing but the camera operator didn’t understand how the iPhone video works. Whoops.