DIY Jewelry

Might be the easiest DIY I’ve ever done. And cheap!


Here’s how it goes together…

  1. Spray glue 1 inch batting to the pegboard.
  2. Layout fabric and staple over the sides to cover the pegboard edges.
  3. Poke a hole through the batting and fabric with an awl. 
  4. Insert knob through the opening and tighten the screw.
  5. Hang jewelry!!!


I added wire to the back and its hanging in my closet on the back wall. Also had CS cut a prong off one of the long pulls so I can put my rings on it. (It’s the 4th one in the picture.) In total this cost under $50! The knobs are 80% of the cost so you can skimp on those if your budget needs tightened. Plus, Lowe’s will cut the pegboard to size for you! Thanks to K for the idea! We made hers last week and when we got done, I had to make myself one.


Variation of DIY. Do It Yourself 4 Others. I was commissioned to do my first texture treatment at a friend’s house. No one needs white walls like this.



I went with a large sweeping troll. Found the perfect mirror to match.


After we looked at the mirror, we didn’t like the way the lights hit it. Solution? Turn the fixture upside down. Love the simple route. Add some towels for depth.


And a fitting vase with the same colors as the wall and mirror. Done!


For Christmas, my Colorado family got me a nifty Kinkajou. Not a rainforest mammal, a glass cutter. My first attempts for a friend’s birthday gift.


My gift came with the cup ends that you stick through the neck of the bottle. I’m not great at keeping the cutter level. I’ll get better with practice. I told everyone I need to write to the inventor and tell him to build the 3.0 version with a level built-in. BAM, where’s my finder’s fee?!

Magnetize It


The cork boards weren’t cutting it. It was functional, but it wasn’t connecting with my organizational OCD spirit. Then, I saw a DIY on TV that seemed to hit the nail on the head! With some power tools on loan, it was spray glue, wood framing, fabric and a sheet of galvanized metal. 


Cut the sheet to your desired size. Add fabric. Attach frame. Voila!


A custom made magnet board! One day when I have a home office I’m making a huge one of these! Love it! And I saw a show today that painted a magnet wall in a kitchen. Watch out next home… I’m coming with loads of ideas!

Bring Me My Throne

When your toilets say June 3, 1964… it’s time to update.

Fwd: Poop date

I couldn’t put my butt on something almost 50 years old anymore. With my trusty sidekick, we tackled the bowel bowls. I went from squatty round ones…


…to slick tall elongated ones. 



Talk about flushing money down the toilet. A lawn chair and some PVC pipe could do the trick.


As adults, you don’t get mail that is fun. Unless you order something for yourself then, at least like I do, you are tracking it from warehouse to your door like it’s a million dollars. This week, I got fun mail from my favorite niece! (Favorite because she has now sent me something… hint to the other 2…)


Arts and crafts straight from Colorado. Bracelet is made of rubber bands! I need to buy some of this…


…and show her how it was done in the 80s!

Doors to My Personal Hell

Most frustrating DIY project I’ve done to date. Totally didn’t go as I expected in labor or duration. CS expected the duration.

I’ve been living without closet doors for months since the new floors went in earlier in the year. No doors was better than the bi-fold metal doors that were there. Finally the budget was approved for my custom doors! Start of construction… 


I ordered primed white doors with frosted glass. Took 3 weeks to get in. During those 3 weeks, I played out the installation in my head. The door frames had never been drilled or carved into. This seemed like a very quick and simple install since we didn’t have to match up any hinges to anything pre-existing. The frames measured 48 x 80, exact size of the doors I ordered. Figured after setting the hinges back, we’d have a nice snug fit. Man, I was terribly wrong. 

The doors were primed white, so I set up triage on my patio to get them painted.



Looked like a wounded door center. I wanted to make sure nothing scratched the glass, so I left the plastic covers on them that were used in the priming process. Get the doors upstairs and… too long. I could handle this. Solution was to use a circular saw and get a 1/2 inch off all of them. Now we could get the hinges up. Except one minute the door was level, then 5 minutes later is wasn’t. Start the shimming process. Urg. I knew this was a possibility to happen, so I was still calm and ready for the next step. Which was to drill the holes for the handles. As I go to shut the doors, neither pair shuts. WTF. They run into each other. They were just level!? It would have taken too long to sand them down and that is not a guarantee that you have a steady hand. I didn’t want to mess with the hinges anymore. I asked CS what the next step was. Plane the wood. Huh? Once he described it, I knew what he was talking about. I didn’t have the tool. And I was done for the day. Patience was exhausted.

Off to Home Depot the following week! I’m the proud new owner of a power wood planer. Probably have to rent it out to people to get it’s value out of it. So, we are back on to completing the project. We drill the holes for the handles and the wood at the back of the doors starts splitting like a pair of pantyhose. COME ON! And the handles weren’t level. I was frustrated. Back to the store to buy some wood powder?! Never used that before either but the clerk recommended it. Shit gets as hard as wood pretty fast. Don’t spill it if you use it. Much better than the wood putty crap.

So now, I was at my final step. Taking off the plastic film covering the glass. As I started peeling from a corner, my bedroom suddenly looked like a snow globe. All the primer was flaking off like pencil shavings. COME THE F’ ON! My options were to litter my bedroom with paint shavings or take the doors off and do it outside. Sumbitch. If the doors had a face, I would have punched them in it. Doors came off and outside they went. Took me hours to get this film off. It came off in tiny strips near the frame leaving scraps of plastic and paint. 2 people have since told me I was suppose to heat up the plastic with a hair dryer and it would have come right off. WELL, why didn’t the clerk and Menards or the directions tell me that?! (’cause I always read directions)

Final product:


I’m super satisfied with the end result. They are gorgeous! I would do it all over again… but not the same way. I’ll hire a professional while I sit downstairs and watch TV.

AUX Time

I’m a big DIY fan, but car electronics is not something I wanted to tackle. I did my Google research and found a ton of videos, forums, etc to show me how. But one memory kept flooding back in from when I was 17. My ’79 Caddy Seville had a sticky driver side window. Dad “fixed” it with his soldering skills. Then one day while I was stopped at a light, smoke starts rolling out the driver’s side window. These were the days before cell phones, so I abandoned where I was going and high tailed it home to call Dad. He says “Just pour your pop down it. It’s fine.” I didn’t need that experience again, so I enlisted the help of Audio Electronic in town to get my 21st century SUV with it’s 1980s cassette tape radio, up to par.


They installed an AUX port for Apple and non-Apple products. The non-Apple looks factory installed coming straight out of the dash. Very pleased with their service and the job they did. Well worth the investment and goodbye to my days of limited music choices!

Pin Up

I don’t like clutter and the side of my fridge had become that. It had coupons, pictures, tickets, stuff, and more stuff. I devised a solution with velcro and cork squares.


The back of this door wasn’t serving any purpose so I gave it one! The top board is a collection of stuff that I will use. The bottom board is my very own little Kanban-esque board. It’s all the rage at big companies these days, so I figured I’d bring it home too. There can never be too much order!

Found It!

After months of searching, I finally found my buffet piece!


It’s the perfect size to fit all my bar and party wares in it.


I am really grateful this task on my list is done. It’s exhausting searching for the perfect furniture piece.