Boo Zoo

I woke up to blue skies on Labor Day, so I called my wingman K to see what was on our agenda for the day.  We decided an outdoor activity was needed, so we headed over to the zoo to see some animals.  The real attraction was WHO was at the zoo.  Holy shit we are an ugly city.  And we saw some canidates for 

Anyway, we made our way through the zoo to find lots of animals sleeping.  Guess they are done for the season too and aren’t interested in entertaining us anymore.  There was one walrus that was hamming it up with the crowd.  He/She kept smashing it’s face and rubbing it’s body up against the glass as people would walk by.  Some kid yells “I see it’s hole.”  And on that note, the parents took the kid and left.  K touched a shark.  Probably the coolest part of the trip.


We went over to the Plains section to see the Dragons of Komodo.  Well, they didn’t lie with their pluralization of dragons.  It was dragons, but only 2.  They marketed this as a big fancy exhibit and only had 2?!  Disappointing.  I was hoping the dolphin show would make the trip worth it.  Wrong.  It sucked too!  I think it was a total of 15 minutes with 2 cool high flying jumps.  The rest was boring.  Here’s some random animal shots.





Our zoo entry allowed us into the gardens and butterfly exhibit.  Let’s go see what they have.  We saw about 10 butterflies total, checked out the gardens, grabbed a photo op and we were on our way home.  It wasn’t the most exciting or memorable time but at least I had good company to share it with.



Here’s some video of an elephant taking a dump putting on a show, a monkey peeing and the awful dolphin show.

Michael Kelsey @ The Fair

After reviewing the 30 page Indiana State Fair program, I picked out a few things I wanted to attend if my schedule permitted.  Tonight was my first opportunity to go.  2 friends, Brew and CS went with.  I wanted to see a phenominal guitarist named Michael Kelsey.  I first met Michael at Purdue through my friend Bruce Barker.  They are both incredible musicians and always put on a good show.  Michael even opened up for the BoDeans when they were here in Indy 10 years ago.  His main venue in Indy is Birdy’s but he usually plays on Sunday nights, so it’s a bit hard to round up a crew to go.

If you are around when this guy is in town, go see him.  You are guaranteed a great show.  Even if you really don’t get into music or understanding that craft, you’ll like this guy.  He’s on-the-fly creative and sings about what he sees in the audience and even grabs things from the audience to play on his guitar.  Tonight he used a kid’s juice box and Pringles can.  It was great.  He was up on the tables and playing amongst the crowd.


After the show, we walked around to take in the scene. We are a great looking city! We headed over to the “Shit under a tent sale” to see what kind of fun As-seen-on-TV stuff we could buy. None of us spent a dime on any products, but Tim spent some quarters feeding the goats and piglets. He even took some time for a photo op.


Thanks for indulging my musical side, boys! I had a great time, and think they did too.

False Advertising

The Children’s Museum opened up a King Tut exhibit since K and I went 2 months ago.  It was free entry again, so we set off after work to check it out.  First thing I saw though… mascot.  Gotta get a pic.


We got up to the 2nd floor only to find a ticket line.  I tracked down a worker to see what the story was.  $15 for adults?!  You’ve got to be kidding me!  Hang a damn sign on the giant 30 foot Egyptian cat out front!  Neither one of us were THAT into seeing the exhibit, so we opted for the gift shop and all the other exhibits that were closed when we were here before.  There was a small free Egypt section that we checked out.  We patiently waited our turn for some camera ops.  Here’s K and her Sphinx-ter.


Here’s me trying to figure out where my ass is going.


Then K let me touch her beaver.


Check out our postcard memory of the event. Mama Carole is coming in town this weekend and mentioned seeing this exhibit. Yea, not so much.

Wicked Fun

My Mom found a bus trip down here that included shopping and tickets to the musical Wicked.  Count me in!  I met her and 2 bus fulls of Ft. Wayne-ers at Circle Center mall.  Everyone got a few hours to shop and enjoy downtown before the show.  Since I parked at my work and walked over, I hopped on the bus to get a shuttle to the Murat so I wouldn’t have to deal with parking.  Our seats were fantastic!  Balcony center about 9 rows up.  Here’s the set that welcomed us to our seats.


This show was phenominal!!  If you haven’t heard about it, it’s a comedy about the Wizard of Oz that tells how Glinda got to be the good witch and how Elphaba became the bad witch.  It starts way back in time and shows the girls growing up and going to Witch school.  I’ll leave it at that for now, because you really want to see it live.  The cast was amazing and the songs the girls sang together were harmonized perfectly.  There was one scene in the show that Glinda cracked herself up so bad, so had to take 30 seconds to compose herself, then went right back into character.  The crowd loved it.  The only bad part of the show was the flying monkeys.  I have hated these things since childhood.  They creep me out.  I will not watch any part of the movie that has these things in it or the chatting stomps of the Oh-wee-oh dudes.  This show had these monkeys on wires and wings flying all over the stage.  I about wanted to vomit.  My mom just laughed at me.  The show could have went on for 4 more hours and I would have stayed glued to my seat.  I think musicals might be my new big thing to do.

After the show, I headed to the bus to grab my shopping bags and walk back to my car.  My Mom had commented on some tents and booths she saw on the way thru town.  I couldn’t figure out what it was for.  As I was walking to the car, a guy yells from his car window, “Hey honey, your shoes are flawless!”  Reminded me… it was gay pride day in Indy.  Thanks for the shout out dude!  Added the cherry to my already great day!  Thanks for the invitation Mom!  I had a great time with you!


Birth Control at the Children’s Museum

Our Children’s Museum offers free entry on the first Thursday of the month during the summer.  K and I thought it sounded like good idea after work.  We knew there would be a ton of kids there, but didn’t expect what we actually ran into.  It was insane!  I love children on leashes.  I could watch them for hours!  Anyway, seemed like quite a few exhibits were being exchanged out or worked on, so K and I made our way through what was left open.  Here’s K and her beaver from the It’s Wild section.


We checked out the Chihuly sculpture.  His work is will always be a favorite of mine and one of the reasons I love the Bellagio check-in lobby.



At the Oceans exhibit, I learned a new hand signal for K when we are out at the bars and some douche-bag is hitting on her.


Next we made our way to the Indy Car exhibit.  When we got there, there were about 3 kids in line so we thought we’d just sneak a seat real quick.  Well one kid took FOREVER steering the fake car and quite a crowd and line started to show up.  The kids apparently didn’t think WE wanted to get in the car too, so they all keep trying to cut.  I snagged someone else’s kid and was pushing him thru the line so I didn’t look ridiculous telling kids the line was behind me.  So it was my turn and this kid tried to go and I said “um, sorry.  I’m going next.”  Me, my capri pants and high heels climbed up those stairs and sat in the car.  When K took her turn, I was standing next to one parent and I said “Hey, adults want to have fun too!”



Next was the Egyptian room.  I asked K if I make a mummy of me when I die, would she put my mummy coffin in her house.  She said no.  I thought we were friends?!  Here’s what I’d look like minus the coffin and bandages.


We tried to pick up some men while we were there, but neither one of them would come home with us.  Here’s mine…


Here’s K’s


We finished up with the Dino exhibit and headed out.  Something fun and free to do.  Plus a sign on the way out showed why so many families took up this offer.  It would be $50 for a family of 4 to even enter that place normally.  It’s well worth it when everything is open and will be really great when they get the new expansion done.  See ya next time!


Ft. Wayne Invades

My Mom and I attend the Broadripple Art Fair each year.  We decided to spice things up this year and invited some of her friends from Ft. Wayne to join us.  She’s involved with all kinds of clubs and activities (sound familiar??) so she was able to round up 4 of her friends from Rotary and the Art League to join her.  I’ve met a few of these women before when I’ve traveled home to help my Mom with her fundraising events, so it was nice to get to see them outside of the those and just hang out.  They even came up with some additional places here they wanted to visit so it was going to be a full day.  They arrived at my condo where I had a breakfast casserole, all kinds of fruit, and most importantly, Mimosas!  We ate and chatted for a bit, then piled into 2 cars and headed to the fair. 

Everyone traded cell phone numbers to make sure we didn’t lose anyone in the group, and headed out to find our artist treasures.  The weather wasn’t the greatest, so we hit the Student artist sale first.  You can find really nice pieces for very cheap here since these artists are just starting out.  The group, in total, got quite a few things throughout the day and met back at the cars to hit our next spot, a boutique and a bistro.   Earlier in the day, I overheard Sandy say the Bistro was right next to the boutique.  I knew the boutique was on Illinois.  My google search had shown the Canal Bistro off Guilford and that’s where our reservations were.  I figured we might as well hit the boutique and we’ll see if there is a bistro nearby.  If not, we’ll use Plan B with the reservations.  Good news bad news.  The OH YUMM bistro was next door, but not open.  So we spent some time shopping then everyone was definitely ready for some food!  Canal Bistro has a Mediterrian flare to the menu so I was a bit worried, but these women loved every bit of it.  Here’s our crew. 


I’m so happy my Mom has the women to run around with up north, when she’s not running around down here with me!  Thank you Ruth, Betty, Sandy and Rodey for a great day!  I hope I have the same gusto for life like you all do at your age!  Mom, thanks for sharing me with your friends!  I might be calling in your group’s brain power on my next fundraiser!  Might as well use these smart women’s brains as a resource!

My Good Deed For The Day

I try to volunteer when my schedule can afford it.  (Note to self:  Make more time to help others) Today, I collected donations for the Pink Ribbon Connection at the Women’s Big 10 basketball tournament.  In exchange for a donation, you got a pink ribbon pin or a pink rubber bracelet.  However, people were very interested in my pink polo shirt… I offered it to a few people for $500 bucks but no one was willing to pay that much.  Oh well, I tried.

They had been promoting the day for quite some time and even gave out pink t-shirts to the girls that attended a basketball clinic during the week.  As luck would have it, Purdue made it to today’s rounds, so on top of feeling good for volunteering, I got to watch my first Women’s game this year.  It was pretty cool to see all the pink shirts in the stands and on the benches.  Purdue even wore pink shoe laces.  And the referee’s had pink whistles.  Here’s a shot from the game.


We were able to raise about $700 which is pretty good for walk-up donations in 2 hours.  The foundation also got a portion of ticket sales so hopefully they were able to raise a few grand for breast cancer research.  Everyone at Pink Ribbon was very nice and thankful that they had volunteers to help.  They have already slated me for a position on their Fall Fashion Show committee!  Since leaving Golden Rule, I’ve had little opportunity to do these types of things, so I’m excited to see what new opportunities I can find!

Fuller for President ’09

For the past 2 years, I served on my homeowners association board.  If you own a home or condo, I highly recommend you at least attend your Board’s meetings.  They can be quite entertaining but also very informative to know where your dues are going.  You listen to your neighbor bitch about someone not picking up their dog shit in the community yard or someone complain that the mulch on the tree beds are too high.  It’s amazing the things people notice!  Some days I drive out of here and there could be a elephant in the road and I might not notice because I always have a gazillion things going on in my head.  

I first served as a board member, then we shuffled positions because our President left, so I became the Secretary.  I did monthly meeting minutes and kept up our community’s website.  Tonight was our annual meeting and my term was up.  Our President and Treasurer terms were also up.  You can serve for 2 terms for 2 years each.  After that you must take a break.  Who would want to do this for more than the maximum?!  Tonight, I was appointed as the President.  I was really unsure at first when I was presented with the idea.  Did I really want to assume the head position for a community that is quite old and has lots of people that like to give their opinion?  I answered the question by remembering something my brother told me once.  He had jury duty.  No one wants jury duty.  But once he got there and saw some of the other individuals that were asked to be part of the jury, he wanted to sit on that jury.  
Therefore, I want to be President.  I will do my best to represent the needs of Canterbury Condominiums in a financially responsible manner while maintaining all the physical maintenance needs our community has.
And since this is a free gig, I’ll be hosting a fund raising dinner to offset any costs, mental or physical, that I might endure during my tenure.  Cash, checks, or bottles of Jack Daniels will be accepted.