Ft. Wayne Weekend Celebrations

A friend Andy from high school tied the knot this weekend, so a few of us traveled up north for the big hoopla.  I was on a time crunch after my race, so as an old lady, I wore my hair in rollers as I drove up there then got ready at my parents house. 


My mom has known the Offerle family for years so she attended the wedding with me.  It was beautiful and quick. Just how a wedding should be!  The reception was at Pine Valley Country Club where I use to work during my summers home from college.  I was a “cart monkey” and got people’s clubs ready and loaded on the cart for their tee time.  I ran into the pro-shop to see what was new… the employees were.  They didn’t look a day over 17.  Oh wait, I was only 18 when I started there.  I felt old.  Went over to the reception where the adults were and got a picture with the groom.


There were quite a few people there I hadn’t seen since they graduated so it was nice time to do a bit of catching up with some of them.  A few of them were fellow runners too.  One reminded me and his wife of the time I mooned him during a cross country race.  Oops, forgot about that one.  She seemed pretty cool and I reassured her that wouldn’t happen again.  Here are some fellow Saints, Marcus and Chris.


Sunday was Father’s day, but my father wasn’t feeling the best.  He’s had a cough all week, so he stayed home while Mom and I attended mass at St. Anne’s with my Grandma, Mimi.  Talk about a sight to see.  A retirement home catholic mass.  There were more wheelchairs and walkers than prayer books.  Just FYI – I did take communion and no, my tongue did not burn off.  At the end of mass, my Mom looks at me and says “You can either take the prayer books or grab an old person.”  WTF?  I guess everyone that visits, helps out and wheels the fogies out so they can get back to their respective floors and rooms.  I chose prayer books. 

We got back to my parents to find my Dad already about done with 1 of the 2 books I bought him.  Maybe the second will last until Thursday. We had a nice lunch and then I headed back to Indy.  It was a long weekend, but great memories of it all!



Happy 10th Wedding Anniversary!

10 years ago today, I was sunning myself on the beautiful beaches of Kauai.  Thanks to my brother and Kim, I got a 7 day trip to Hawaii on my parents dime!  We spent time on Waikiki then headed over to Kauai for the ceremony.  The intensity of the sun is so different.  I was football brown without the football looking skin.  It was awesome!  But eventually my Dad won the tanning contest without even trying.

The point of this post… Happy 10th wedding anniversary Brandon and Kim! You guys have been together much longer than that though. I think in total, you’ve been together for approximately 19 years.  Holy shit. My wish for you… May your love together always be as great as it was when you first felt butterflies for each other!

In case you forgot, here’s what you looked like when your love first started blossoming…



Kleeman and the BoDeans

My buddy Scott Kleeman turned the big 4-0 this week.  His friends planned a surprise party for him in Broadripple.  In true Jessi fashion, she made Kleeman faces on a stick.  My 30th birthday face on a stick still haunts me to this day, so good luck with that Scott.  They had Scott sit on stage and give him a roast from all of his friends and a special message from his Mom.  It was hilarious and I did catch it on tape.  It’s about 30 minutes long, so be prepared.

I had found out earlier in the day that the BoDeans were playing at the Vogue.  I hadn’t seen the BoDeans for 10 years… WOW… 10 years.  I was in college, and my great friend Bruce Barker surprised me with a road trip to Indy to see them.  His friend and talented musician, Mike Kelsey, was opening up for them.  It was a great time, so I left the birthday bash and headed to the concert for some more memories.  I was a bit late, but I was able to catch their most famous song Closer to Free and my favorite, Naked.  As I observed the crowd, I noticed everyone seemed to be about 15-20 older than me.  Oh well, I danced like a fool and had a great time.  Here’s some video from the concert.  I think I was 3 seconds from getting busted when I put the camera away.  Phew.


The Weekend of Timmy

My buddy Tim’s birthday was this week.  Since his lady friend was planning a surprise party for him on Friday, I had to keep the secret and go along with the other plans he was making.   Our birthday celebration started Thursday night with drinks after volleyball since neither of us had to work on Good Friday.  Our fellow volleyball teammates and some other friends showed up too.  We all did a good job keeping Tim thinking he was going to Hairbangers ball on Friday.  Good thing none of us slipped up because Tim didn’t have a clue!  Here’s the birthday boy.


Tim invited us all to go to the Pacer game with them Saturday night.  We met at Coaches downtown for some pre-game pops then headed over to some awesome lower level seats.  Thanks for the tickets Tim! 


I think I’ve spent more time with Tim in these 3 days than I have in the whole 8 months I’ve known him!  Still luvya buddy but I really don’t need to see you until Thursday now 🙂  Happy Birthday Tim!  Welcome to the 31 Club!


How Busy Is Too Busy?

When I say I book up 2 weeks in advance, I really mean it.  It’s gotten a little better lately… it’s about a week now.  But this weekend was jam packed.  I’ll just give you my Saturday rundown.  My girlfriend Amanda is getting her fitness class certification at LifeStyle.  You have to “Team Teach” before they set you off on your own.  I’ve been attending BodyPump sporadically for a few months and luckily that’s the one Amanda is going to be teaching.  Her parents were in town this weekend, and wanted to share in her experience.  4 of us that used to attend classes at our old gym got together and went to class.  Here’s a look at what it is.

Video to be posted soon…

It’s an hour long, all body parts with whatever weight you choose.  Apparently my weight isn’t heavy enough as Amanda kept pointing out things I shouldn’t be able to do if my bar was at the right weight for me… guess twirling the bar like a baton in between sets, doesn’t cut it.  (Just kidding!)  Thanks coach.  I’ll try better next time! 

After class, I got home to get some breakfast down, change and head to Purdue.  Only 2 more home games, left… got to make them all.  We played Ohio State.  They beat us earlier in the year on their court.  They were shooting a whopping 60% that game!  That’s unheard of!  Hopefully they wouldn’t do that today.  We did our pre-game ritual at Harry’s and my friend Shawn had the audacity to bring a Buckeye to the game.  I sat them both in the Time-Out chairs.  


The Boilers only had a 6 point lead at the half but we came out strong in the 2nd and THE Retarded State couldn’t hold on.  Chalk up a victory for us!  I had to poke fun of course.


After the game it was time to race home to shower and change, AGAIN, for a birthday party out in Castleton.  Usually I’m selfish and sleep in the car on the way home from games to get some quick energy before my next event, but it was only me and Jessi and the car and I wanted to keep her company.  I got home, and shut my eyes for maybe 6 minutes and started the process all over again.   

My moving stats are 150 miles, 18 hours, 6 locations, 3 outfits, lots of cocktails.

St. Elmo’s Fire

Kyle’s birthday dinner took us all over the city but it started off at St. Elmo’s Steakhouse.  For those that know me, I don’t do seafood.  But I am trying to branch out and since we were at the place that’s famous for shrimp cocktail… I tried it.  Guess what? I didn’t like it.  You can officially check shrimp off my list of menu options.  At St. Elmo’s its basically all horseradish and a drop of ketchup for color. Here’s Kyle enjoying his.

Next we went to Nickey Blaines for cocktails, followed by Binkley’s for dessert. We were stuffed by the time the night was over. Good thing we had a chauffeur all night, so we were able to relax and just enjoy the evening.

Enjoy it while it lasts!

Today is Kyle’s last birthday in his 20’s…. a tear slowly rolls down his cheek… In honor of this monumental occassion, we are having 3 birthday parties.  One his friends planned, one his family planned, and one tonight for just us that I’ve planned.  I used to have week long birthday celebrations for myself, so I can’t complain about spreading this out over 3 days.  Hell I think last year I had a birthday month if not more!  (I miss you Steamboat!)  So, cheers to Kyle turning one year older and one year closer to the best age bracket in the world… 30+.  Happy Birthday Kyle!