Butter Me Cookies

What else to do on a Monday?  Hang out with Bruce, make some cookies, have some sodas, play some games.  Oh, and give him his Christmas present, but we’ll get to that later.  I headed over to learn that we needed to run to the store because he didn’t have enough butter for the chocolate chip cookies.  I cook.  I don’t bake so the ingredients were foreign to me.  We get back and start mixing.  Bruce had already added the first 3 ingredients including the butter, so I started reading the rest of the measurements to him.  The dough was quite air-y and light.  We tested a few trays and couldn’t get the cookies to be thick.  They just flattened out.  We tried large tall dollups.  Tried tiny baby ones.  Nothing worked.  And this was the second batch of dough he had tried.  I went back to the ingredients list.  We needed 1 cup of butter.  Bruce had misread the 1 stick = 1/2 cup and used 4 sticks of butter!  No wonder these things were delicious and slid right off the pan! 

We put the dough away and got on to the real event of the evening Galaga and Joust.  Bruce kicked my arse but I was able to wrangle a victory here or there.  But my real victory was giving Bruce the greatest Christmas present he could ever wish for.  I think his faces proves how awesome it was.

One note to catch up on.  Purdue played a game called basketball over the weekend.  Not exciting.  Not a #4 seed performance in my opinion, but a win none the less.  And some stellar headgear.  My group walked over from the Hyatt in the snowy weather.  Erica didn’t want to get her hair wet, and my hard hat didn’t need to get soaked, so we improvised with what the hotel had to offer.


I hope we trounce on SIU Edwardsville tonight. Sister Sue came all this way to see them, let’s not let her down!

The Man, The Legend

Tonight was the Big 10 vs. ACC challenge.  And the Boilers were victorious over the Demon Deacons of Wake Forest!  The arm socks came out for the first half, but weren’t helping, so I put them away, and BAM, second half rocked.  The after party was even better.  Headed to Bruno’s to hang out with the top notch Boiler crew of my friends Carlos, Marcus, Chris, Sara, Jessi.  A few other notables were there like, the excellent coaching and playing crew of Mr. Gene Keady, Steve Lavin, Mr. Green, amongst others.  Boiler Up!  See you in a few days to take on Buffalo!!


Sports Jam

It’s been a sports filled couple of days.  Starting with Thursday and 3 losses for Testespikes.  We played like crap.  All of us really.  We had to pick up a sub since we still can’t figure out our other girl player.  We’re going to have to lock this down for next session.  I can’t handle it anymore.

Friday came and went with the Boiler victory in basketball, but not so lucky on Saturday with the Boiler football against the Spartans.  K and I headed to OPT to catch the action since IU was playing too.  MSU scored on Purdue almost instantly, so we had a huge hurdle to overcome right off the bat.  I thought we had the game in control until the 4th quarter.  It was ugly.  So we lost, and I have to pay up on my wager with Mrs. Fleury since she’s an MSU alum.  Sara, let me know what time your spawn goes to sleep and I’ll bring the booze. 

As K and I were walking to my car, I noticed some major bird poo on my windshield.  I had parked right under some powerlines where a massive flock of birds was resting.  They did a real nice job of unloading on my car.  And the best part… I had left the sunroof open and some of the little shits hit my head rest.


My friend Nate, who I get to cheer on at the 2010 Boston Marathon, offered me a courtside Pacer ticket to Saturday nights game.  Count me in!  Here’s our crew. 


We arrived fashionably late and had to walk on the court to get to our seats.  NBA players are huge, but being on the same floor as them really showed their size.  Kevin Garnett is 6′ 11”!  I felt about 4 foot tall!  



But up against this guy, I felt 7 feet tall.  He was just a wee lil’ guy.


The half time show was lame. He had nice pants though. He kept falling off the wire. Bring back the dogs. During the game, I was able to meet up with another friend that was attending the game and see my company’s CEO enjoying himself in our suite. I didn’t know we had a suite here too! New goal set for me!

I’m happy to report the Pacers were victorious! Thanks boys for letting this HUGE Pacer fan get in on the game!  Off to watch the Colts now!

Let’s Get It Started!

I can’t express how happy I am.  Purdue basketball has officially started.  I had missed the first 2 exhibition games due to other commitments, but tonight I returned to Mackey to watch my Boilermakers take on Cal State Northridge.  Here’s our fabulous 4 that will cheer Purdue on to the Final Four on my home turf!  Come on Boilers!


We were victorious tonight, 89 to 64.  AND Calf Tat was in attendance and got a shout out on the big screen.  I had some issues with our line up at points, but it is early and time to experiment with the veterans and newbies.  Looking forward to getting into the real Big 10 season.   And yes, I do have the 2009-2010 Big 10 spreadsheet available.  If you have trouble downloading it, just email me. 

On our way back to the car, we ran into some pledges needing some help with their bid to the Frat house.  They needed so many random signatures to reach their goal.  Of course we said, “can’t you just forge it?” to which they said “where’s the fun in that?”.  Tomato… Tamato, it’s about efficiency when you are our age.  Here’s our pledges.


Over Already?

Can someone please invent a day-stretcher?  I really don’t want it to be Monday already.  Rewind to Friday.  K, Brian and I hit up Necropolis for some scare time.



I don’t get scared easy.  I’m more the type that will try to figure out when and how something is going to scare me, not wait for it to scare me.  As we were in line waiting our turn, I met my next boyfriend(s).




This was worth the $26. They certainly put a lot of effort into this.  There were 3 different sections, including one with a flash light that only worked when they wanted it to. One of the creepers let me get in on the action.



The best room was completely black with Jason-esque hockey masks on the wall.  All of a sudden, one or a few of the masks would start coming at you but your depth perception was way off to really figure out what was going on.  It was awesome!  Here is my best scary face.


We rounded off the night by seeing Mike and Joe play at the Vogue.  The crowd seemed to be every IU alumni that now lived in Indy. 

Saturday morning came too quick and before I knew it, I was whisked away to West Lafayette with friends.  I didn’t have a ticket for the game, but my desire to satisfy the nagging Harry’s urge over powered me.  Greatest bar eva. Especially with my boy K9 behind the counter.




Matching Pete’s were in the house.


Mitch was money on nailing people in the eye with popcorn. He got me, Tim and Rick. My cat like reflexes allowed me to shut my eye but not turn my head when he nailed a piece at me. Tim was not so lucky.


Breakfast club was in full effect. I don’t care who you are, but seeing adults dressed up in costumes at 10 am is disturbing. Just drink like the rest of us. Here is one of the college kids. Gumby was drinking beer through the mesh, sans straw. I think you can see here that he probably really needed the straw.


I took it easy Saturday night with some Saki and Penguins. Great combo. It’s what winners do. Sunday was ushered in with flag football playoffs. I made a few catches, knocked down some defensive balls. It was a good victory for team Touchdown My Pants. I feel a championship belt looming.  Cheers to another fun filled weekend!

Inaugural Big 10 5K

The Big 10 threw together a 5K race to kick off the final game of the tournament at Conseco.  Being the Purdue fan and avid runner that I am, I again, tried to rope my friends into doing this race with me.  I got 8 takers this time.  Luckily, I had a very fun and creative crew, so we dressed like idiots and headed to Conseco to show our Big 10 Boiler support! 


I think our hats were a hit!  Media people were taking pictures and filming us, so I have no idea where these shots might end up. Tons of people on the street yelled for us.  Lots of “Boiler Up” as we ran by.  And it was easy to spot each other on the course and cheer each other on.  Unfortunately, the designated Purdue bar (Alcatraz) did not have beer at the water station, only water.  What’s up with that?!  We needed some carbs!

Here’s Blaine and his Chariots-of-Fire finish…


Amy had a wardrobe malfunction early in the race, but kept on for a strong finish… 


After the race, we got our carbs at Scotty’s and had some post-race beverages to start our pre-game warm-up.  The Boilers took on the Bucks in the finals.  I didn’t go to the game because I was exhausted from the weekend, but did record it and am happy to report Purdue’s first Big 10 Tourney title!  Nice work Boilermakers!  Keep the stellar game play going this week… it’s tourney time!  We looked phenominal during the Big 10 tournament.  We were in sync and lighting up the basket!  The win gave us a #5 seed for the Big Dance in the West bracket.  Calf Tat’s so happy!


Here’s how we finished in our race.  Please note this race didn’t have any bag drop offs, so Chris, a.k.a. Backpack, volunteered to race with a 20 pound pack strapped to him.  Way to take one for the team Chris!

Overall Age Group Name Pace Finish
62 41 RICK RANDJELOVIC         07:06 22:05
98 64 TREVOR BACK              07:37 23:42
138 93 ADAM POST                07:59 24:50
160 14 NATALEE FULLER           08:12 25:29
162 109 EPHRAIM WILFONG          08:13 25:33
269 60 AMY BACK                 09:09 28:28
406 211 BLAINE FREDERICK         10:29 32:36
524 246 CHRIS COONS              14:36 45:21

My Good Deed For The Day

I try to volunteer when my schedule can afford it.  (Note to self:  Make more time to help others) Today, I collected donations for the Pink Ribbon Connection at the Women’s Big 10 basketball tournament.  In exchange for a donation, you got a pink ribbon pin or a pink rubber bracelet.  However, people were very interested in my pink polo shirt… I offered it to a few people for $500 bucks but no one was willing to pay that much.  Oh well, I tried.

They had been promoting the day for quite some time and even gave out pink t-shirts to the girls that attended a basketball clinic during the week.  As luck would have it, Purdue made it to today’s rounds, so on top of feeling good for volunteering, I got to watch my first Women’s game this year.  It was pretty cool to see all the pink shirts in the stands and on the benches.  Purdue even wore pink shoe laces.  And the referee’s had pink whistles.  Here’s a shot from the game.


We were able to raise about $700 which is pretty good for walk-up donations in 2 hours.  The foundation also got a portion of ticket sales so hopefully they were able to raise a few grand for breast cancer research.  Everyone at Pink Ribbon was very nice and thankful that they had volunteers to help.  They have already slated me for a position on their Fall Fashion Show committee!  Since leaving Golden Rule, I’ve had little opportunity to do these types of things, so I’m excited to see what new opportunities I can find!

Boiler Basketball Good, Boiler Volleyball Bad

I didn’t get to catch much of the game last night due to my volleyball game, but from what I little I saw, WOW.  I got to catch the first 5 minutes when we were down 14-6.  I was happy to stop watching to go play volleyball.  But, in volleyball, we probably looked as bad as the basketball team did.  We were sloppy.  We got killed by a team of 5.  We couldn’t shut their biggest guy down.  They dominated us in the front row.  We were a full team of 6 for the first time playing together, so I’m betting that we will get better as the season goes on.  So, unlike the Boiler basketball team, we didn’t make a comeback.  We had a team building event at Lucky’s after the game where we discussed our strategy, game play, blocking attacks… nah, we just drank and make fun of the “strippers”. 

Here’s a picture of part of last year’s team at our beloved Lucky’s.  Kristin is the one that ditched us this year…  I think she’ll miss porno bingo the most.


Purdue 64 Penn State 67

In the words of Jessi Weaver…. “Seriously?”  This loss hurt.  It might hurt as much as the home loss to Illinois last week.  Having Hummel and Kramer out certainly did us in, but we are a better team than what we have been showing this Big 10 season.  I give PSU props for keeping us scoreless for the first 5 minutes of the game.  We are starting out 0-2… ouch!  Of course I want my mighty Boilers to win the Big 10, but most importantly we need to figure this out before March Madness.  I don’t take my ass up to Purdue every week to watch a team that’s gonna be out in the first round…. come on Boilers… make me proud.  (And learn to rebound please.)

The tube socks are coming back people!