Red Storm

Met up with some friends for a Butler basketball game. Lots of new upgrades in the stadium including padded seats. Not bad for $20!

But the real reason I wanted to go to this game was to see the Legend himself, Mr. Gene Keady, consultant to Coach Lavin at St. Johns.


The Red Storm couldn’t get it together. They would pull within 6 or 8 points, then just get pummeled with a scoring run. They got some work to do. I kept my clapping to a minimum in the Bulldog house.

Bus Trip

It’s so nice when my friends organize group events! I just get to ride along! JW did a smashing job getting the Colts bus to take us to Boiler country for another basketball game.

The owners upgraded to this new bus this football season. Plenty of seating room.

Before the game, we were on a mission to visit our favorite chocolate shop…

A recent alum was even in town to see the action at Keady Court. Mr. DJ Byrd. No one would go up and approach him. What are they scared of?! You know who’s not afraid of that type of thing…


It was shaky in the first half, then we came out on fire!

Scooby Surprise

My friends invited us to 7th row Pacer tickets. Yes please!

I couldn’t get Boomer to come over for a picture.

But I got a pic with this guy! Shake!

Fwd: Shake

And this ‘stache.

CS and his ‘stache are taking donations to raise awareness for Movember and men’s health. Even a dollar helps if you can spare some change. Click here: to donate.

Group photo!

I love a half time performer I actually know. Turned out to be Christian Stoinev & Scooby!

From one of my favorite shows AGT! He made it to the top 12 this year! Take a look…

During half time, J decided he need to see how he measured up to the big guys on the floor.


After the half, we noticed a man. In Uggs. Blue Uggs. With sparkles. We knew he had to be “somebody”. After some quick interweb searches, it was none other than Colts player Daniel Adongo. Ah-dong-oh. Ah-maze-ing. Thanks to social media, Adongo was mildly harassed until we left the game. His lady friend wasn’t pleased, but we had fun!

Pull. It. Out.


Another no rest for the weary day. After the Mini and an amazing pedicure, I went home to stretch and realize there was no nap time to be had. I had a date to game 7 for the Pacers first round series.


Game 7 meant better seats.


We went to the half ahead. Breath of relief. Then I learned who the half time show was. Nothing greater than an AGT alum!! Chicago Boys!!!



Turned out to be a great night for the Pacers. Let’s hope they don’t take the rest of the series to 7. This city doesn’t need that… And not starting good in series 2.

Pacer Folly

Hosted Easter in Indy again. But instead of coloring eggs, we were going to paint the town!


Checked 2 items off of Mom’s bucket list. Dinner at St.Elmo’s and a Pacers game. Dinner was spectacular! Never disappointed with a meal at the historic steakhouse. Even Dad almost licked his plate clean. Said he didn’t need to eat again until Tuesday!


Not only did we go to a Pacer game, we went to a Pacer playoff game and scored a free shirt! XL will fit great in the next t-shirt quilt.


Too bad we couldn’t cap off the night with a victory.

Elite 8 Midwest Style

I was selected as bullied her into it K’s lucky escort to this year’s Midwest Elite 8 game pitting Michigan against Kentucky. Our logic said we needed to root for the Big 10 school, but we really just wanted to see a good game! I hadn’t witnessed basketball in Lucas Oil before. Really showed off the massive size of that place.


When we arrived at our seats, 2 Louisville fans were in our seats, but the 2 next ones were open. Fine we can just sit there. Until, I sat down. 


I was not going to stare at the railing the whole time. So at half time, when they left, we took our seats over.


Much better! The game was a spectacular offensive battle at the end. Loved the experience even though I didn’t get any mascot pics.

Decision Dilemma

My bestie won tickets to a Pacer suite the same night we had a wedding to attend. Then, she got invited to another party. Then, I got invited to a dinner party out of town. And THEN her and I both were offered Colts play-off tickets against the Chiefs. Holy hell. All same day. Urg. How do we work this out?!

After juggling a few ideas, we denied the Colts tickets. Timing was not right, couldn’t miss the nuptials.


Then with more juggling, it was decided that CS and I should hit the Pacer suite to take in the game.



Seemed like this guy also had a similar dilemma. Root for all the teams!


No matter where we sit, this guy has the best seat in the house!