Lemurs, Tigers, and Bears. Oh My!

Last week amidst a rainstorm, I headed towards Greensburg Indiana to play with Tigers.  Not joking.  A friend told me about a ranch that was raising 2 tiger cubs for a few weeks and their visitors were able to interact with them.  Giddy up!  After a minor rain delay, I was off to live out a dream of mine!


Stapp’s Circle Ranch is a non-profit organization dedicated to education on wildlife.  I’m not sure why they were raising Jasmine and Rocky this summer.  I didn’t get a chance to ask.  I was so awe struck by the little guys I could have pee’d my pants with excitement!



Scott, our trained animal handler, was allowed to put the tigers on you but you could rough house with them all you wanted. We were able to bottle feed them a bit of water when you could hold their attention. They were real active then all of a sudden just pass out for a few minutes, then start the cycle over again. It was very cute.



After the tigers were all worn out, Scott asked us if we wanted to feed the bears… Holy shit, Yes!  Yogi and Boo-Boo were very happy to get their favorite cheesy poofs treats.  Boo-Boo, however, was in heat so we didn’t get to feed her directly.  Yogi came over and patiently waited for some treats.


Adults were allowed to feed the bear through the big door and pet Yogi on the nose.


Then, as the last adult, Scott told me to trust him.  He told me to put a cheesy poof in my mouth and let Yogi get it.  Only an hour before the 2 bears looked like this, but when in Rome!  I’ll try to get the video posted this weekend.


They had a ton of other animals to observe too.





There were plenty more I didn’t show you here.  I recommend going if you can get there while the tigers are still around.  Once in a lifetime experience for a mere $13.  After we saw all the animals we could see, I wanted to head over to Greensburg for the final event of the day. A tree growing out of a building.



There is a long history of a tree growing here.  Over the years several have come and gone, so it was pretty cool to see this rare phenomenon.  Great memories!

Paradise On The Water

A few friends and I made an extra long weekend at the lake a few days ago.  I’m still getting caught up from being gone 5 days and getting over the depression of being back.  K and I headed up Thurdsday and went straight to the Frog to avoid cooking.  We spent the night starting a puzzle and playing some games.

Friday brought most of the rest of our guests including B&Y, CS and kids.  Bruce and Y got there in plenty of time to enjoy some time on the water.  We did our usual floating then decided it was time for a boat ride.  When I tried to start the boat, it was dead.  D-E-A-D.  It didn’t budge.  Called Herbie for some tips.  We knew it was NOT truly a battery issue since he just bought a new one over Memorial Day.  A check of the switches and gauges, the court light button was activiated and must have drained the battery.  So, out came the charger, but quickly after, so did the rain!  Lots and lots of it.  You couldn’t really even see the lake it was storming so bad.  And then, the power went out.  Keep in mind, I am not up here very frequently, and neither is anyone else, so trying to find candles or flashlights proved to be quite difficult.  Add in, we were in the middle of making a casserole dinner that requires a stove.  Move to plan B, we’ll have tomorrows grill dinner tonight since that didn’t require electricity.  During the middle of all of this, CS and his offspring shows up.  We made a little party in the garage with sparklers and a citronella candle.  Once dinner was over… what to do, what to do.  Ah… let’s go visit the witch’s house!  This was a trick my parents and cousins played on me for years.  It’s a creepy doorway in a forest like mud hill.  I couldn’t get anyone to go in, but as we left, we heard a woman scream.  Perfect timing in the pitch black!  Once back at the house, we played games by bug-candlelite and a pen flashlight.  Finally the lights came on around 2 am when we were all ready for bed anyway!

Saturday was gorgeous and our final visitors for the weekend arrived, my parents.  We all took turns playing cornhole, bocce, tubbing, tanning, jet ski, turtle hunting, fishing, sky diving.  Ok, maybe not that last one, but we did it all!  Here’s proof…




The weather was so cooperative with us this weekend and we had another day of sunshine on Sunday.  We loaded up the boat and headed to the sandbar to check out the scene.  We spent time standing in a small circle talking, then a larger circle when business needed to be taken care of because that’s what you do at the sandbar.  Most of  the visitors left while K and I squeezed one more night and day on the water.

Monday brought a little rain but just enough for me to finish our puzzle then close up shop to head back to Indy.  Til next time Wawasee…


Needs A Good Home

I’ve been around an aquarium my whole life.  Growing up, my parents always had a 55 gallon tank that provided lots of interesting stories.  My mom swears as a kid, I would pull the hermit crabs out and walk into their room at night with them hanging out of my mouth.  My Dad always had such a nice way of burying the dead fish by throwing them over our fence into the dirt path between the neighbor’s fence.  Only a few times, he under shot it and smacked the fish into the fence.

For the past 10 years I’ve kept a fish tank as a hobby.  First it was a 125 gallon that I could lay down in.  For the last 5, I inherited my parents tank as they focused their attention on their koi pond.  The time has come for this hobby to run it’s course.  Here’s a look at my tank.


If anyone out there in my vicinity is looking to purchase a tank, I’ll make you a helluva deal.  Everything is operational and you can see it work for yourself.  Lots of accessories, filters, stones, plants, stand, fish… it’s all yours.  It’s very easy to maintain and I can teach you all about it.  Good for a home, school or office.  Pass the word to anyone you think may be interested.  I can send them all the fishy details they desire!


Return of the Pig

We celebrated K’s birthday last week with a few (16) friends.  We stopped by Northside Social to check out the swanky new digs.  This place was previously a biker bar that wasn’t the cleanest.  They basically gutted the place and started over and I have to say, it’s pretty nice.  There are a lot more tables for dinner than I had expected.  The menu looked a bit foo-foo, but I’m sure we’ll try it at least once before giving it our Zagat guide rating. We made our way to Binkley’s to meet up with the majority of our group and celebrate K’s birthday in style.

Fowl Ball

Confession.  I watch Penguins of Madagascar.  Rephrase… I love and proudly watch Penguins of Madagascar.  This happened last year while visiting South Carolina.  I made my way downstairs one morning to find friends watching a Saturday cartoon.  I grabbed a spot on a couch and settled in to see what the draw was.  I hadn’t really watched cartoons in years.  Now, I have never turned back.  I’m hooked.  I never saw the movie, but these characters command my attention.  I remember enjoying watching Bugs Bunny and the Warner Brother cartoons as a kid with my Dad on Saturday mornings.  Maybe it brings me back to those fun times, but whatever it is, I watch this show like I’m still a kid. 

I recently, not sure sadly or awesomely yet, have reached the point where my DVR has Penguins of Madagascar reruns.  I’m going to go with awesomeness.  I read the info and get slightly saddened that I’ve seen it before, but at times, I’ve turned it on just as background noise.  One night, I wasn’t really paying attention and as I turned around I saw this on my TV.


Yes I took a picture.  (This should not shock you.)  K was a witness. We were mesmerized by what we thought was a children’s cartoon that ended up with a duck sitting on a penguins face, but we just went about our evening. Tonight, I got the full story. Rico got a fortune cookie that said, “You will meet a foul end”.  The most intriguing part of the story… Rico is a boy penguin and the duck’s voice was what I would say sounded like Barry White saying “Oh dude, sorry.  Oh this is uncomfortable.”  Ummm, the song “Let’s Get It On” will never be the same.

Boo Zoo

I woke up to blue skies on Labor Day, so I called my wingman K to see what was on our agenda for the day.  We decided an outdoor activity was needed, so we headed over to the zoo to see some animals.  The real attraction was WHO was at the zoo.  Holy shit we are an ugly city.  And we saw some canidates for indydouchebags.com. 

Anyway, we made our way through the zoo to find lots of animals sleeping.  Guess they are done for the season too and aren’t interested in entertaining us anymore.  There was one walrus that was hamming it up with the crowd.  He/She kept smashing it’s face and rubbing it’s body up against the glass as people would walk by.  Some kid yells “I see it’s hole.”  And on that note, the parents took the kid and left.  K touched a shark.  Probably the coolest part of the trip.


We went over to the Plains section to see the Dragons of Komodo.  Well, they didn’t lie with their pluralization of dragons.  It was dragons, but only 2.  They marketed this as a big fancy exhibit and only had 2?!  Disappointing.  I was hoping the dolphin show would make the trip worth it.  Wrong.  It sucked too!  I think it was a total of 15 minutes with 2 cool high flying jumps.  The rest was boring.  Here’s some random animal shots.





Our zoo entry allowed us into the gardens and butterfly exhibit.  Let’s go see what they have.  We saw about 10 butterflies total, checked out the gardens, grabbed a photo op and we were on our way home.  It wasn’t the most exciting or memorable time but at least I had good company to share it with.



Here’s some video of an elephant taking a dump putting on a show, a monkey peeing and the awful dolphin show.

George Goes Home

The day had finally come.  George had to go home.  It’s been a good 3 weeks of fun, but I do admit I was tired of catching moths and digging up worms for this little dude.  And I think he was tired of living in a glass house too.  I will say, from my previous turtle experiences, this guy had no fear.  He wasn’t shy.  He had gusto and didn’t care.  I figured he’d jump into the lake when I released him.  Yea… not so much…

Backpeddle?  A turtle that backpeddles from the water.  Good lord.  Well, we got on with our weekend of fun that included puzzles, cards, boche ball… you name it.  We had fun.  Except when Ephraim and I tried to finish a brand new puzzle that was missing 1 piece.  EXTREMELY frustrating.  But, I got a little cardio in too.  And yes, first try… I was up and running.  This is about 10 minutes long, but at least listen to it for Bruce’s stupid commentary and watch me face plant the lake a few times.  Note to self… don’t give Bruce the camera again.  (Wait… haven’t I said that before?)

Too Much Fun in Too Little Time

Why aren’t weekends longer?!  This was one of my few weekends where I was able to head up to Wawasee for some R&R.  Bruce and I were itching to get out, so we left early Friday to make the trek up there.  You would have thought we were providing food and drink for 20 people!  We had it all!  We set the radio on random and took off.  Very appropriate during a train crossing, a Kenny Rogers song came on.  For some reason, this just cracked us up which was a great precursor to how the whole weekend would be… hilarious!

We arrived about 5 pm and I was so excited, we had to do everything right then and there!  The sun was shining and the water was calling my name.  First order of business was to get our suits on and get the boat uncovered for a ride around the lake.  Bruce was expecting a nice smooth ride, we don’t do slow in the Fuller family.  It was a 35 mph cruise around the lake finished by about a 50 mph run down the bay.  One thing about this lake.  People like to race you.  A boat was doing the “do you wanna go?” cruise right next to me followed by eye contact, but I wanted no part in it.  I have childhood memories of my father yelling at me to hold on to the bottom post of the seat because he’s gotta show this guy who’s faster.  So I did put the throttle down a bit but turned away from the guy and headed to the sandbar.  The water was crystal clear this year.  I’ve never seen it this great in my 31 years up there.

We headed back to the house to take a paddleboat ride.  Bruce was very interested in my turtle hunting skills.  We saw maybe 3 turtles, but it was fairly late in the evening for turtles to be sunning themselves.  No chance of catching anything so we headed back to the house only to run into a sea otter (a.k.a Muskrat) that we thought was a stick.  Bruce wanted to catch that.  Ahhhh no, I don’t think so.  We did catch a new pool cup for Bruce.



Next order of business was to uncover the jet skis and take off.  By this time it was about 8 pm and the water was like glass.  We hit the throttle and cruised around a bit then headed in.  We needed to eat!  We spent the evening playing games and doing a puzzle.  If you’ve ever played Taboo, you know you have to get creative on the clues.  “What sound does a pig make?”  Bruce says “Oink”.  “What do you put in your mouth if you want fresh breath?”  Bruce says “a mint… Ointment!”  This word will provide us many laughs for years to come.


Saturday came and the party people showed up… Herb and Carole.  We played cornhole for hours, ate some lunch, played arts & crafts with a dead fish…. Huh?!  My mom saw this article about pressing fish with paint on rice paper and calling it art.  Well my mother felt she was an artist and we all must get in on the action.  Mind you, she found the construction paper, we all did the rest of the work and got bossed around by the artist.  On today’s turtle hunt, I picked up 2 turtles and a pretty good size dead fish.  Dad got the spray paint out and we made a few attempts at this so called “art” project.  After studying the article a bit, I figured out that artist used RUBBER fish to make theirs.  Geez.  We made do with our dead one.  Herb figured out “You don’t bring the fish to the paper, you bring the paper to the fish!”.  The funny part of this is we were all trying to apply some logic to figure out how to get the damn fish imprint on the paper.  Here’s Carole with her “art”.



And say hello to my little friend.


This is George.  He’s spending 3 weeks at my place before I take him back home to Wawasee.  He’s so cute you can’t stand it!  We finished up Saturday night at the Frog followed by Rummy and Clue at the house.  Bruce kicked my ass at Rummy, but I beat him at “silent” Clue.  Here are Bruce’s friends that he made this weekend.


We wrapped up Sunday with a float in the water and a few rounds of Would You Rather… Disgusting yet intriguing game.  Thanks to everyone for making it a great weekend.  Looking forward to doing it again ASAP!

I’m jealous!

My brother is in Costa Rica playing with monkeys…  Check out his stories. 

Monkeys are one of my favorite animals and I actually know a woman that had a monkey when she was a kid.  Her father was stationed over seas and shipped them home a monkey.  It ended up with an infection and died because of them giving it baths.  Guess the baths got rid of the monkey’s natural skin defenses against illness.  Anyway, her dad shipped a new one home!  Who gets TWO monkeys?!  Not fair!  I couldn’t get my dad to buy me a trampoline as a kid!