Show Me Some Funny

More like Show Me Some Money! I received an email from a clearly brilliant production company staff member in Canada. They may want to use K and I’s Baby Monkey video in a TV show.


If they do use the video, we will get paid! I sought Legal counsel on the waiver to ensure I was not signing our rights away to the mass fortune that awaits us. It got the green light, so I signed off. In case you haven’t seen this awesomeness or need a refresher…

Do I Need A Pet?

Had a dog. Had fish. I took care of a chipmunk once. Surely I’d do fine with this guy from yesterday’s Classifieds. She could ride around in my purse.


I should call, right?! Seems someone made a State Fairgrounds purchase they can’t handle anymore. “Untamed”.

Lions, Cubbies, and Bears!

Headed to Chi-town with K this weekend to catch up with family, friends, and the Reds.  On the way, I saw one of the coolest technological advances I’ve seen in a while.  It’s been exactly a year since I traveled up 65 to the Windy City.  There used to be sporadic windmills along the highway.  This time the road was packed with hundreds of them on each side.


They made me feel like I was very small and that I need to figure out my part on being more green.


Here… now they aren’t that big!


We arrived Thursday to OGs and took a few hops, skips, and jumps through Boys Town.  We called it an early night since we had an early morning at Murphy’s ahead of us.  We arrived and sat with this guy solely because of his shirt.  


We had bleacher seats, so we went a wee bit early but were rewarded with free Cubs bags… for 2 non-Cubs fans.  Our friends back home got some great gifts!


Did you know… At Wrigley, they have several “honorary” pitches and only one first pitch… and it’s from the real mound.  I still enjoyed mine but this is how the big leagues do it!


Afterward, we hit up Wrigleyville like true tourists then crashed for our final event of the weekend.  The Lincoln Park Zoo.  I had never been and it was free!  We decided it was a much better cultural event than a $50 museum ticket indoors.  They had all the usual animals but I still get excited to see each of them.  The female lion…


Chimps, who I think were deep in communication about their plans for the day…


Baby Monkey (Yes, those that just sung that instead of reading it, you can thank me later.)


Gorilla, who I think was just chillin’ saying, “Why are all the people staring at me?  I’m not doing anything!”


A brown bear whose tongue hangs out, but according to the zoo sign, she’s able to eat and survive just fine after her jaw surgery.


These types of signs were next to any cages that had animals that seemed to have some ailment.  I assume it is a result of the zoo getting tired of overly concerned zoo-goers questions.

Every polar bear I have ever seen has had a pattern in the cage.  This one did a square in the pool by pushing off the sides.  Poor thing.


And finally, some of the cutest of the day… Meerkats!  I couldn’t get enough of how they sit.


Even in a log!


Wawasee Wildlife

My last adventure at Wawasee brought about a menagerie of animals.  First came this guy…


PS and I had just got done floating and the turtle popped up to take a breath right by the jet ski rack. So I just reached in with my hand and snagged him! I was so excited! I didn’t care if I caught another turtle all weekend! I went inside to get dinner going, and 10 minutes later PS show up at the window with this guy!


She went back out to play in the water and her turtle popped up right by the paddleboat.  I was shocked and so proud of her for picking up the “go for it” hand-turtle catching technique!  We didn’t stop to get bait for CS to fish with, so we all improvised and spent the evening catching minnows and small perch.  BS and PS caught about 20 different ones by the end of the night.


While net fishing, CS spies this guy floating on the surface.  It really looked like a piece of grass until you got really close to it.  We definitely wanted to see what this was, so snagged him in a net and got him his own place to stay since he was so small.  This isn’t the best picture but he’s about 2 inches long and a toothpick-thick.  We think he is a baby gar.


The animal parade continued on Saturday with the swan family!


These guys showed up Friday night too but only with 1 baby.  Saturday, the 2nd baby was along with the family but it seems he has a mangled foot.  The lil’ one seemed to be able to float and swim just fine, so hopefully  he’ll have a long life.  If you ever need to feed swans, they will eat any bread and Cheerios.  Just proves, everyone loves Cheerios.

Most of us spent the day playing cornhole or floating.  CS wanted to get some more fishing in.  He had been catching some average sized fish but was still looking for the big one.  My dad went over to check on him and comes back and makes a beeline to my Mom.  Tells her he has something for her and to open her hand.  Mom’s not stupid so she grabs his arm so he can’t fling anything on her.  Turns out, he just caught this guy with his hand…


Dude’s not even the size of a quarter!  He was just floating along the seawall probably just hatched a couple of hours earlier.  But you can never have enough turtles so the Starr kids and I headed out to see what we could snag!  I must say, they are much better turtle assistants than BruceBruce.  The were quiet and listened for instructions on when to paddle.  Here is our bounty…


Our channel neighbor caught a baby soft shell (leatherback to us lake folk), so our turtle count was up to 8.  But we didn’t stop with the animals there.  BS caught a crawdad.


Then since it was Father’s day, PS and I took CS to fish in the channels.  He was sure this is where the big one was hiding from  him.  We did see a pretty big guy, about a foot or more long, hugging the shore line but he wasn’t interested in us.  Still not sure what it was but I’m going with some kind of river-monster-esque beast.  We headed off into another channel after dropping PS at the shore.  Once CS caught a few to toss back in, we took one last pass for turtles.  We were creeping over in the corner (behind me in the picture below) when I spotted a big ass gar sunning up near the shore line just below the water line.  I whispered to CS to look.  He whispered to me to move my net back a few inches.  Right below me was another one.  I quickly just scooped him up and got awarded the big fish prize for the weekend!


My mom and PS were on the shore, so I yelled to go get the camera.  This needed to be documented.  He was probably 2 foot long with razor sharp teeth.  See for yourself.


Gar fish aren’t popular among the Wawasee residents.  Not sure why.  Mom didn’t want us to let him go, but she also wanted to show Dad, so she takes the net.  I tell her I’ll meet her back around the bay to let him go.  As she turns to listen, she “unknowingly” is knocking the fish upside the head with every trailer, flower pot, house siding, she could find.  My mother.  We met her back on the bay and they couldn’t figure out how to get the guy out of the net.  After a few more blows at the seawall, the gar was released back to the wild to reek havoc in the deep waters.  You just kind of have to forget these things are in the waters I float in.  Or at least hope they don’t want to take a bite out of a human butt in an inner tube.

Pardon The Interruption

With Mom and Dad out of town, a few friends and I headed up to the lake to do our part opening up the cottage for the season.  After the windows were open and the beds were made, we took to the first outdoor task… Cornhole.



Even Betty joined us but wasn’t interested in the game.  Little did she know how much she was in store for.


During the day, I managed to slice my thumb.  Because of the water, games, and chores, the band-aid would not stay on.  No problem duct tape can’t solve, right?!


I saved the water chores for Saturday hoping one more day might warm up the water.  Nope.  Jumped into the lake to retrieve the bench from the end of the pier that must have gotten blow in the week before.  So while in there, I got the remaining pier posts in and the paddle boat too.  After all of our hard work and my first completed jigsaw puzzle of the season, we headed over to the Frog to relax and dance the night away.

Sunday brought the excitement.  K and BruceBruce stayed inside to watch the Indy500 while the rest of us enjoyed the weather.  Until, this happened. 


Since a major storm cell was coming our way, the news channel decided to interrupt the race with 14 laps to go.  No ticker.  No picture-in-picture.  A complete interruption.  K and BruceBruce were not happy.  They didn’t get to find out how the race ended until the warning was fully over and then saw the driver pulling into the winner’s circle.  Shortly after that, instead of getting to see highlights and recaps, the storm hit hard.  A window was blown out.  The electricity went out.  Betty and the paddle boat were holding on for dear life.  BruceBruce just settled in to wait it out.  


We ended up losing power for 20 hours, but made the most of grilling out and good conversation.  The point in being up there isn’t to be doing things that require electricity.  Except when it comes to flushing toilets when you are on a water pump.  So, get out the bucket and take turns.  Funny scene of Monday was my neighbor and CS going to get water from the lake with their own buckets.  CS wanted it to be clearly noted that his bucket was bigger than the neighbors.

The weather was great on Monday.  I made a float so that only my feet would get wet and spent some time in the lake.  Apparently with this guy…


While I had to fish out the bench from the end of the pier again, CS caught this sucker right in the same spot.  Biggest fish I’ve seen in the lake in a long time.  Games of Bananagrams and lots of eating leftovers rounded out our day.  A few of us stayed an extra day because we just can’t get enough!

Born To Be Wild

3D glasses are so sexy!


I love IMAX movies.  I love 3D IMAX movies.  I love 3D IMAX movies about animals I want!  Here’s the official website description of the movie…

“Born to be Wild 3D” is an inspired story of love, dedication and the remarkable bond between humans and animals. This film documents orphaned orangutans and elephants and the extraordinary people who rescue and raise them — saving endangered species one life at a time. Stunningly captured in IMAX 3D, “Born to be Wild 3D” is a heartwarming adventure transporting moviegoers into the lush rainforests of Borneo with world-renowned primatologist Dr. Birute Galdikas, and across the rugged Kenyan savannah with celebrated elephant authority Dame Daphne Sheldrick, as they and their team rescue, rehabilitate and return these incredible animals back to the wild.

…For years I have said I want a tiny baby elephant, and after seeing this movie, you will want one too.  Basically the elephants and orangutans have lost their mothers due to poaching or habitat destruction, so when they are rescued, each one gets a handler.  The baby elephant handler gets to sleep with them in a small wood structure because according to the movie “A baby elephant would never sleep alone”.  I think you could pay me 10 cents a day and I would still take that job!  One scene shows the handler sleeping and the baby wants to play so he keeps pushing him with his foot trying to get him to wake up.  This movie is phenominal.  I highly recommend seeing it while its playing. 

You can watch the trailers here.

Happy Birthday Herbie

Made a visit to Ft. Wayne last weekend to ring in my Dad’s 65th birthday!  Before the festivities began, we had to get some girl time in.  Me and my BFF had lunch with my Mom and her BFF from high school.


Of course, shopping and an art festival were on the agenda at Jefferson Point.  We didn’t buy any art, but got some deals on clothes and headed over to see my soon to be 91 year old grandma Mimi.  We worked on the world’s dumbest puzzle for a little bit before having to head home to pick up the guest of honor.

We took him to Black Pine Animal Sanctuary for a fundraiser.  Just how every guy wants to spend his birthday, outdoors in the cold at an animal farm!  Black Pine is a non-profit organization that focuses on exotic animal rescues.  One of the guides said they get 300-400 calls a year from people looking for a home for an animal!  They have to turn so many down because of funding and space.  A few examples they have are: 

Nala the female lion – She was purchased as a gift from a father to a daughter after the daughter loved the movie Lion King.  What is wrong with these people?!  So once the cat got big and figured out what claws were, the family took it to a vet that didn’t know what they were doing and the vet ended up paralyzing the front joints on each of Nala’s paws so she can’t walk right.  Asshole.

Gus the Alligator – Gus was originally found in a closet at a college Fraternity.  Geniuses.

The park had just delivered fresh meat to all the cats cages, so we can got to watch them dine on deer parts.  The local department of transportation drops off all the roadkill to the park.  Certainly helps cut down their costs!  One of the tigers grabbed a deer head and took off.



Probably the coolest animal to see was the male lion Kovu.  Quite a stately animal even though this one was badly in need of a brush.  He was abandoned in Mexico after being used for photo ops, then lived in a horse stall until his medical needs were too much to handle.  Sickening.


And we got to see the only Chimpanzee in the state. You can see him in this picture if you look beyond the treeline reflection in the glass.


We made our way to the food line and I wasn’t expecting much and that was a good thing because there wasn’t much.  I made up a plate with some Herbie fixins’ and we sat and listened to band play for a bit.


Happy Birthday Dad!  Enjoy Medicare!