Am I gonna die?

I have a very limited diet.  Food has never excited me.  So when a food has to come off my list, I am very unhappy.  I used to love Sloppy Joes.  I would eat them every week growing up.  That was until one day, as an adult, Sloppy Joe came out my nose.  I don’t know what it was, but I was eating one and something didn’t agree with me and it made me sick.  I rarely, rarely throw up.  My body decided at this moment, it was time to throw up.  Once you have Sloppy Joe come out your nose because you are throwing up,  you’ll NEVER eat them again.  It was a very sad day for me.

I had heard some rumblings about a Salmonella outbreak.  I didn’t think much of it until I heard it was connected to peanut butter crackers… a staple of my diet.  If you don’t believe me, here is my snack basket at work.


Turns out the company that provides the bulk peanut butter to Keebler had an outbreak.  I was thinking “Great, I don’t buy Keebler”.  Well, they also sell crackers under the brand Austin.  Shit.  I’ve been eating Austin crackers for 6 months.  I’m not a miser about money but I hate to throw good food away.  I’m struggling with getting rid of these damn crackers.  My only motivation is 430+ illnesses and 5 deaths due to this Salmonella outbreak.  I can’t have my obituary read… Natalee J Fuller.  Death by crackers.

Bye Bye 26 packs of crackers.  We had a good run, but now it’s over for good.


Boiler Basketball Good, Boiler Volleyball Bad

I didn’t get to catch much of the game last night due to my volleyball game, but from what I little I saw, WOW.  I got to catch the first 5 minutes when we were down 14-6.  I was happy to stop watching to go play volleyball.  But, in volleyball, we probably looked as bad as the basketball team did.  We were sloppy.  We got killed by a team of 5.  We couldn’t shut their biggest guy down.  They dominated us in the front row.  We were a full team of 6 for the first time playing together, so I’m betting that we will get better as the season goes on.  So, unlike the Boiler basketball team, we didn’t make a comeback.  We had a team building event at Lucky’s after the game where we discussed our strategy, game play, blocking attacks… nah, we just drank and make fun of the “strippers”. 

Here’s a picture of part of last year’s team at our beloved Lucky’s.  Kristin is the one that ditched us this year…  I think she’ll miss porno bingo the most.


Fuller for President ’09

For the past 2 years, I served on my homeowners association board.  If you own a home or condo, I highly recommend you at least attend your Board’s meetings.  They can be quite entertaining but also very informative to know where your dues are going.  You listen to your neighbor bitch about someone not picking up their dog shit in the community yard or someone complain that the mulch on the tree beds are too high.  It’s amazing the things people notice!  Some days I drive out of here and there could be a elephant in the road and I might not notice because I always have a gazillion things going on in my head.  

I first served as a board member, then we shuffled positions because our President left, so I became the Secretary.  I did monthly meeting minutes and kept up our community’s website.  Tonight was our annual meeting and my term was up.  Our President and Treasurer terms were also up.  You can serve for 2 terms for 2 years each.  After that you must take a break.  Who would want to do this for more than the maximum?!  Tonight, I was appointed as the President.  I was really unsure at first when I was presented with the idea.  Did I really want to assume the head position for a community that is quite old and has lots of people that like to give their opinion?  I answered the question by remembering something my brother told me once.  He had jury duty.  No one wants jury duty.  But once he got there and saw some of the other individuals that were asked to be part of the jury, he wanted to sit on that jury.  
Therefore, I want to be President.  I will do my best to represent the needs of Canterbury Condominiums in a financially responsible manner while maintaining all the physical maintenance needs our community has.
And since this is a free gig, I’ll be hosting a fund raising dinner to offset any costs, mental or physical, that I might endure during my tenure.  Cash, checks, or bottles of Jack Daniels will be accepted.

Bowl Mania 2009

After a stellar 4-8 season, my team didn’t make it to a bowl game this year.  And since I wasn’t too impressed with Big 10 football this year, I wasn’t all that excited for the bowl games.  But of course, you give me the chance to excel at any type of sports betting (outside of a bookie), I’m in.  So I joined 3 pools.  2 free, 1 paid.  I used the same outcomes in each league as I am lazy and didn’t want to track multiple sheets.  Turns out I didn’t do too shabby.  I didn’t give much love to the Big 10, only picking Iowa as a winner.  I did pick 18 of 34 games.  13 of my top 17 points came in for me, but missing Alabama and Texas Tech really screwed me.  My final rankings were: 

  • 1st out of 14 – Friends League
  • 5th out of 85 – My “Dad’s” (aka Mr. Dan Dakich) League thru
  • 11th out of 65 – Co-Worker League

To bad the only thing I won in the friends league is an imaginary championship belt, the first place prize for smack talk, and bragging rights to a bunch of dudes for the next 11 months.  Bring on March Madness now!

Boiler Volleyballers 1-0

The 2009 volleyball season has begun.  I started playing with this team last year after I met one of the guys, Tim, through a mutual friend.  We did a Sprint Triathalon together and have remained friends ever since.  I think everyone on the team would agree with this statement… we sucked last year.  We had 3 guys, 3 girls in a league that allows the 2F/4M format.  In those circumstances, I always prefer to have the extra guy.  Trust me, I’m all for female power, but when it comes to volleyball, a guy is usually better for hitting/blocking when it’s allowed.

The 6 of us had never played together before so a lot of our errors were just getting used to each others styles. We steadily got better towards the end of the season with the help of team building events at Lucky’s following the games.  I think we only won 2 regular season games, but made it to the semi-finals of the tournament.  For this season, we lost one player…. a very strong player for our team.  Luckily my old BDHS cronie Adam is stepping in for Kristin.  So now we will be playing with 4 guys and 2 girls which I think will suit us very well in this league.  Cheers to the team for starting out better than last year!  Abe, Jenny, Chris, and Tim played awesome tonight…. Except for the one shot where Abe forgot he was suppose to spike the ball and instead, it hit him in the head! 

Purdue 64 Penn State 67

In the words of Jessi Weaver…. “Seriously?”  This loss hurt.  It might hurt as much as the home loss to Illinois last week.  Having Hummel and Kramer out certainly did us in, but we are a better team than what we have been showing this Big 10 season.  I give PSU props for keeping us scoreless for the first 5 minutes of the game.  We are starting out 0-2… ouch!  Of course I want my mighty Boilers to win the Big 10, but most importantly we need to figure this out before March Madness.  I don’t take my ass up to Purdue every week to watch a team that’s gonna be out in the first round…. come on Boilers… make me proud.  (And learn to rebound please.)

The tube socks are coming back people!


St. Elmo’s Fire

Kyle’s birthday dinner took us all over the city but it started off at St. Elmo’s Steakhouse.  For those that know me, I don’t do seafood.  But I am trying to branch out and since we were at the place that’s famous for shrimp cocktail… I tried it.  Guess what? I didn’t like it.  You can officially check shrimp off my list of menu options.  At St. Elmo’s its basically all horseradish and a drop of ketchup for color. Here’s Kyle enjoying his.

Next we went to Nickey Blaines for cocktails, followed by Binkley’s for dessert. We were stuffed by the time the night was over. Good thing we had a chauffeur all night, so we were able to relax and just enjoy the evening.

Enjoy it while it lasts!

Today is Kyle’s last birthday in his 20’s…. a tear slowly rolls down his cheek… In honor of this monumental occassion, we are having 3 birthday parties.  One his friends planned, one his family planned, and one tonight for just us that I’ve planned.  I used to have week long birthday celebrations for myself, so I can’t complain about spreading this out over 3 days.  Hell I think last year I had a birthday month if not more!  (I miss you Steamboat!)  So, cheers to Kyle turning one year older and one year closer to the best age bracket in the world… 30+.  Happy Birthday Kyle!


No Facebook, No MySpace

So… this is my retaliation to all of my friends (and my brother) for hounding me to get on Facebook or MySpace.  I won’t do it!  Instead you’re getting this.  My very own webpage.  I feel like such a big girl!  I’m not sure how many people actually care to know my daily thoughts or what mindless activities I fill my time with, but now you all have a chance to learn.  I’ll do my best to be entertaining and intellectual but I can’t promise you won’t read some things that will make you think I belong in a looney bin.

Welcome to my world!