Here in the midwest, we are experiencing a winter storm.  I think we got over a foot of snow last night.  The cold temperatures are reeking havoc on my WFD.  What is WFD?  WFD is White Finger Disease.  Sometimes when it gets really cold outside, certain finger tips of mine turn white.  Like all the blood is just drained from them.  I like to self diagnose my aches and pains, so I chose words that best described what was happening with me.  I looked up WFD on wikipedia and got “No article title matches”.  Go figure 🙂  Anyone out there ever get this?

My friend Andy is the first person that has heard of this.  He dated someone who had the same thing happen to her.  I can remember it happening to me as far back as high school, but not nearly as often as it does now.  My bare hand is exposed for just a few minutes and boom, WFD.  Is it because I’m getting older?!  Funny part is, it’s always the same freakin’ finger tips.  Left hand, it’s the ring finger.  Right hand, it’s the pinkie, ring finger and index finger.  I end up rubbing my finger tips like I’m trying to start a fire and the circulation returns.  
Looking forward to Colorado in a week… can’t wait to see how many times it happens out there!  Guess I better get to the health food store and pick up something to help.  Oh wait, I’m stuck in my condo today.  I’ll use the Wii to keep my circulation pumping today!

Paoli Peaks

Announcement… Announcement… Kyle survived.  He did more than survive, he did awesome!

I feel sorry for guys that date me.  I put them through the ringer.  I’m a very active person.  Very.  Volleyball, running, kickball, mountain climbing, wake boarding, golf, frisbee golf…  You name it, I’ll try it.  And if you show an ounce of interest, I’ll make you try it too.  Today’s excursion:  Snow skiing.  Kyle and I have been gearing up for a trip to Colorado.  I’ve been going out to visit my brother and his family each winter for the past few years.  He and I have it down to a science.  Arrive on a Wednesday, ski a resort Thursday, do something random Friday, ski locally Saturday, fly home Sunday.  I asked Kyle if he’d like to join me.  He agreed to!

Kyle is a ski virgin.  I’ve been trying to get him to go skiing around the midwest for the past 2 months so he’d get the initial nerves out here rather than at 10,000 feet.  On top of him being a ski virgin, he doesn’t like heights.  Are you starting to see why I feel sorry for my boyfriends?  Ask him about our trip to Cedar Pointe and my requirement to sit in the front seat of every roller coaster.  Back to skiing… We were going to head to Caberfae in Michigan, but with our schedules, we just couldn’t get a weekend together up there.  So today was our last last last chance to go.  We settled for Paoli Peaks in southern Indiana.  I had never been there, so it was a good first for both of us.  

I’ve been skiing since 1997, but only hit my second attempt in 2002.  It took me some time to move from the beginner snow plow to the “S” of fancy skiing.  Kyle wanted the “S” today.  He didn’t get the “S”, but he did pick up skiing like a champ!  I was very proud!  We spent some time on the bunny hill, then when he got comfortable, he sent me off on my own to check on him later.  So I did some runs and came back and gave him some more pointers.  After that, he was ready to hit the trails!  I scoped out where the green runs were, so we headed that way.  He mastered the balance of skis, now on to the chair lift.  Remember when I said he didn’t like heights… yea… didn’t tell him about the distance between you and the ground.  Granted, it is still Indiana and these are hills, not mountains, but to someone that isn’t used to this sort of thing, it was high!  He did remarkably well.  



We did a few runs, no chair lift wipeouts, no falls.  Things were going great!  We took a break, grabbed some much needed calories in the cafeteria, drank a cocktail in the bar, and he was ready to go again.  Then the chair lift falls started.  I think he just got nervous.  Skiing is all about weight distribution.  The chair lift is the hardest part for most people because it kind of pushes you along without being gentle about it.  Once, he mistakenly stayed on the chair, then fell the next time.  After that, he was good to go again.  We did a few more runs, finished with a blue run, and we were ready for the drive home.

I’m very glad we were able to make this day happen.  It’s a great practice step to what Kyle will experience in Colorado in 10 days.  Good work today Kyle, you did fantastic!  Here are some short videos of our trip.  (1) was one of Kyle’s first attempts on the beginner slopes, (2) was after 30 minutes on the beginner slopes and (3) was on the green slope… a real run.

This is my first attempt at posting video, so I’ll get better at shooting and I’ll learn how to edit.  Until then, you get what get.

Bop to the Top ’09

I started a tradition for myself in 2007.  As a New Year’s resolution, I vowed to participate in one community event per month.  I ran into some medical issues during the spring of 2007, but was still able to hit 8 of 12 months.  In 2008, I was 100%.  It’s something I see myself continuing as long as I can.  I have found a good set of races in Indy that I enjoy.  Some are on roads, trails, or both.  Most range from 5K – 13.1M.  Today was the first race of the 2009 season… Bop to the Top.

Strangely enough, this is my third time doing this race, but my first time participating as an employee of the building that hosts the event.  If you don’t know what Bop is, here are some stats for you:  805 steps, 515 feet tall, 37 flights of stairs.


That’s right, straight up!  I love it when I hear people that work out say “I did 340 stairs at the gym.”  I don’t care if you did do 1340 stairs, it’s not even close to actually doing it on stationary stairwells.  I tried to rope some Bop Virgins into it this year by offering homemade breakfast and Mimosas afterward.  I got 2 takers.  Kyle & Audrey Brames joined me.  They run ALOT.  More than I care too.  Hell, Kyle ran over 5 miles to the damn building this morning!  Audrey and I drove and met him there.  I think they enjoyed the idea and being at the event, but didn’t enjoy the coughing and lung pain that follows.  Here’s how we finished.  Kyle 6:42.  Natalee 7:17.  Audrey 8:04.  The winner was 3 minutes 52 seconds.  I have no desire to be that fast!  There are even people that sign up specifically to do this 3 times in 1 day.  No thank you!  I will say there a few extra seconds on my time, probably about 10, because my stupid chip didn’t register when I came across the mat. So I had to go back and cross the finish line again. Not sure if Kyle and Audrey will do it again next year, but I’m a sucker for it, so if there is anyone out there that needs talked into it, shoot me an email!  Thanks for joining me guys!


EDIT:  This is not an attractive race.  Pictures from the stairwell.


Boiler Victories

My volleyball game overlapped the Purdue basketball game again, dammit.  I listened to the first few minutes on my way to my game.  The only part of the game that made me sick was our foul problems.  We were already in the bonus 5-6 minutes into the first half!  Since I couldn’t see it, I couldn’t tell if they were sloppy fouls or the refs were calling any touch on a player.  I was able to catch the last few minutes and we looked pretty solid as a team.  I’m happy to report a Boiler basketball victory!

On the topic of refs, I do wish we would have had refs at our game last night.  Oh man the team we played was annoying!  They were the type of team that read the rule book fourteen times, quizzed each other before the season started to make sure they knew every rule of the league, then played Dungeons and Dragons until midnight in someone’s basement.  I’m sorry but they were dorks.  I know the rules.  I’ve been playing volleyball since before the Berlin Wall came down.  I call my own “fouls” when I’m in the net or carry a ball.  I don’t need the other team to do it for me.  When there isn’t a ref, etiquette says to call your own faults.  This team wanted to challenge everything.  Jumping ahead of the 10 foot line.  Ball hitting the atennea.  The score.  It seemed like every 5th play we had to stop to discuss what happened.  Totally takes the fun out of it, but makes us want to pound the ball into your face.  Which is what we did.  I’m happy to report a Boiler volleyball victory taking our team to 2-1! 

Big 10 Upside Down

What was up with Big 10 men’s basketball last night?  Iowa BEATS Wisconsin…. but even better Northwestern BEATS Michigan State at home?!  Oh… that fills my heart with so much hope for my Boilermakers, but at the same time, a little bit of fear.  I’m glad we eeked out that win at the Wildcats home turf, so now we only have to play them at Mackey.  If you watched the last 5-6 minutes of the MSU v NU game, it was wild.  Turnovers, far off shot but made 3’s, missed free throws… I’m glad it wasn’t my team because I probably would have a few holes in my living rooms walls.

Tonight my team is at Minnesota, the only Big 10 game on.  How do I know it’s the only one on?  I made a spreadsheet.  Yes, I’m a dork.  I remember a football one being sent around last year and went searching for one on BIg 10 basketball.  One didn’t exist.  Since I had some idle time on my hands, I tasked myself with creating one that would provide some overall statistics as well. (You’re welcome Head 🙂 Here’s what it looks like.  Let’s hope the Boilers get a road victory tonight!!


U think I txt alot?

I think it started last summer when I had no job.  (Ahhhh those were the days….)  Since I wasn’t in front of a computer or by my work phone, my communication with friends and family during the day ended up on my cell phone.  I have a contract with very few daytime minutes since I’ve never needed many.  When my bill jumped from $60 to $200+, the time had come to upgrade.  I picked up unlimited texting because it was the cheapest option on a upgrade for my plan instead of increasing my minutes. 

I think the most txts I racked up one month was 1800+.  Yes, a bit ridiculous, but it averaged out to about 50+ a day.  When you have NOTHING to do but sit at the pool with a cocktail or hit golf balls all day while all your friends are working, you do get a bit bored and want some type of communication with other humans.  Well, I’ve got nothing on this chick, Emily Jennings.  41,600 in one month?!  Take your daughter’s phone away!  Put a golf club or tennis racket in her hand.  I “ran some numbers” on this and it’s she was sending 1341 a day! 

I’m happy to report, I’m down to a modest 800 per month.

5 people to meet before you die

Lots of people like to contemplate the question, “Who are the 5 people I’d like to meet before I die?”.  I am one of them.  Mine change all the time.  I am not very philosophical or political, so my list tends to have people that would make me pee my pants or cry because I have laughed so hard at them.  I have laughing spells that no one in the same room as me will ever understand.  They can last for 10 minutes.  It is the most elated (outside of you-know-what) feeling one can have without expecting it.  Recently, The Ellen Show has provided some people that, at my worst of days, would still make me laugh, rewind, and laugh again.  Here’s some samples.  These people are now on my list, thanks to Ellen.  If the first 2 do not entertain you, you might want to look at what you do find amusing…

1.  Manny – (start at 2:30 in)
On the contrary, if this is true, I definitely don’t want to meet this chick….
EDIT:  Update YouTube video of Manny.  1st one got removed.

Try and find me

Here’s an article from a friend, Tim Seffert, who recently joined Facebook against my recommendation.  Please ask Tim to be your friend if you are on Facebook.  Load up his wall with your one liners about how great last week’s episode of the Ugly Betty was or how giant that last turd was you took.  I expect then, Facebook won’t be so cool.

I agree with most of the reasons quoted in this article about why people do not use Facebook.  Most of them are my same reasons.  I do take issue with the statement the author makes about connecting on Facebook, “By being on Facebook, you’re facilitating such ties; without it, you’re missing them and making life difficult for those who went looking for you there.”  I’m making life difficult for someone looking for me and not finding me on Facebook?  Horseshit.  People talking about Facebook is making life difficult for me.  I’m tired of hearing “I read on Facebook…” or “Did you see what Sally put on my wall?”  It gives me a headache.  If someone wants to find me, they’ll just have to look a little harder and be more creative than Facebook or MySpace.  I’m not sure anyone is looking for me anyway… why would they?  I expect most people from my past probably have had voodoo dolls created in my likeness.

Some of my friends argue that my blog is just the same as Facebook, so why don’t I just sign up there?  To me, it’s totally different.  This is my blog about my thoughts.  It’s for me to share some funny experiences or stories with the world.  If people want to read my rants, fine.  If people want to comment on my posts, fine.  I don’t need to approve who’s looking at my stuff and who’s not.  I don’t want to reject a “friend request” from seeing anything I write for fear that my name would show up on a list like Billy Madison’s did and I have to call that person in 10 years to ask for forgiveness or risk being shot.

To me, it’s different and I’m sticking to my story.

Down with the Hawkeyes!

OH MY GOD!  We found the 3 point line!  It only took us 17 1/2 games.  The first half was slow for the Boilers.  Our defense was great, but our offense still didn’t have it’s rhythm.  We were only up by 7 at the half.  Too close for my comfort against Iowa.  Whatever Painter said to them in the locker room worked.  They came out the second half firing!  We made 4 3’s in a 2 minute span and kept pushing.  The Paint Crew puts up 3 point signs after every made 3, so it was nice to see a long string of 10 of them at the end of the game instead of the 2 or 3 that we’ve been seeing this year.  Keep up the shooting Boilers!  Make us proud on the road the next 2 weeks!

P.s. Purdue Pete was missing from today’s game.  If you see him, please point him in the direction of Mackey Arena because he must be lost.  Not sure how Purdue has 4 Pete’s and not one could make it to a weekend home game…

Puck Off!

With the cold keeping most people in Indianapolis indoors, I was getting cabin fever and needed to get out.  A few friends and I attended an Indiana Ice game.  I missed the “puck off” as I like to call it, but I’m not a huge hockey fan so I didn’t care that I missed a few minutes of the game.  I know nothing about hockey, but am very intrigued by the man that sits in a glass box behind each goal.  Reminds me of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory… I would just watch him and wait for it to lift off and move across the arena… It didn’t.  Everyone else in the stands was watching for fights.  Anytime any player mildly checked another player, the crowd would go nuts and want a fight.  They would loudly boo at the refs when they would break up any altercation that could lead to a fight.  I knew hockey was prone to fights, but no other sport allows players to go after each other, so why should hockey be any different?  I say “Kudos” to the refs for keeping players apart.  It made my time at the game more enjoyable.