NYC – Day 4

*Broadway show – Hamilton
*Steak dinner

Our hotel, Marriott Marquis is in the heart of Broadway. Big question for us was what shows would we see? We all agreed Hamilton was at the top of the list, but all websites were quoting $600+ per seat! Too rich for our blood. We’ll pick other shows.

Monday as we are walking in to call it a night, we pass by the Richard Rodgers Theatre and box office where Hamilton is playing. There were people in there. Ummmmm…. K and I say “Moms! Let’s give it a try.” We get to the front of the line and just ask what’s available. They had tickets for the Wednesday matinee 10 rows back center stage $229 each. That we CAN afford! We couldn’t believe it! We were fumbling to get our credit cards out so fast like the tickets would disappear!

We slept in Wednesday morning because our first event of the day was Hamilton at 2pm!


Mama, we made it happen!!!


Brilliantly written show. The rapping was phenomenal. I feel very privileged to say I saw this show on Broadway.

We capped off our evening with some shopping at my all time favorite TJ Maxx! I couldn’t help myself even in NYC! I was having shopping withdrawals. Then Mom requested a steak dinner. Simple Google searches were our best way of finding really good restaurants, and it nailed it with the Gallagher’s recommendation. Mom and I split a filet because they were so big! Great way to have a night cap!