Meet Myrtie

Thanks to a few fundraisers, my parents have bought us some interesting gifts. A first pitch. A wheelbarrow full of beer. So, it was our time to return the favor with a gift from our Big Fun event. Meet Myrtie!


Myrtie is a 1920s Model A roadster! On a crisp October Saturday, we were treated to a ride down to Brown County to have lunch at the Artist Colony with DS, JL, and Gordo! As I planned this event for my parents, DS says that they would bring a 2nd touring car so CS and I could tag along. Our motley crew!


He even fit in the rumble seat!


It instantly felt like we were in a parade because all the cars passing by were waving and honking at us! It was hilarious!



Mom & Dad opted to ride in Tater, another 1920’s touring car. It had a roof and air conditioning. And matched Mom’s outfit perfectly!



We enjoyed the winding countryside of Brown County.


We made it to Nashville Indiana, where everyone was outside enjoying the fall afternoon. People were lining the streets. Again, parade time waving like we were part of something bigger. Had a great lunch at the Artist Colony where I learned Mom had never been to Nashville before. WTF?! With all the shopping she could do, I promised to bring her back when we could be on our own timeline. For today, we let her go in 2 stores. Ok, time to go!


Thanks Nashville, we’ll be back!