Lake Freeman

Captain Jack & his first mate have invited us to their lake house every year. This year, we finally made arrangements to spend some time on Lake Freeman. I was super excited until I got there to find this….


WTF. Not again. Is this really why you invited me there?! Of course I had to dig in when my puzzle gene took over. We didn’t get it finished, but I did get it to a place where the Labor Day crew would get it done. Hell, L started this in January! After they would drag me away from it, we got some Rummikub in! Had to teach the college kid this old school game.


We woke up to a beautiful blue sky and ready to take a boat ride! But not until my parents arrived! Always a blessing when they can join our festivities!


Great low and high bridge architecture to check out!



We had to make the tourist stop at the sand bar. Little different than I’m used to. People literally run their boats up into the sand bar. Anchors aren’t needed here!


But is a grill needed? Yes please! I don’t even like hot dogs, but the thought of a grilled dog from the boat? Count me in.


Come dinner time, we were ready for a hearty steak!


Great friends, great memories. And I’ll have this memory to laugh at forever!