Mom signed herself up for a new fundraiser to support the Fort Wayne Philharmonics. Which signs us up for work duty. Our first task 6 months ago was to come up with the event name. During our brainstorming lunch at The Merdian, CS took the prize and named the event PhilHarmonious. We all agreed it was a great name! Now it was time to celebrate.

Cold pea mint soup? Come on.


Half a spoon was enough for me and the Herbs.

This evening’s special guest was a prior White House Chef, Mr. John Moeller.


I believe he delivered a wonderful menu, I may just have one of the most bland palates on the planet who will never enjoy something like this. The steak came out looking amazing yet not to my bland palate. Now Mimi, would have loved the temperature of this dish. Hair dryer style. Dad and I, we want less pink.


Our wonderful server was able to bring us some more well done steak and our table started trading like a swap meet so that everyone really enjoyed their meal. Dessert was a replica of our Chef’s cook book cover.


I did try a bite and it was delicious! Throughout the evening, I was privileged to meet the people that keep this organization running like Andrew Constantine, their Music Director.


Supporting my Mom and all the Foundations she supports, I tried my luck at the jewelry surprise…



Waaah-whhhah. 21 was picked! Whatever. Nothing can ruin the fun I always have with these good looking people!