Pay It Forward


It works. Try it.

A friend, who is also a co-worker, got sneaky on me a while back. While I’m in the lunch line behind her talking to another friend/co-worker, she secretly bought my lunch. I go to hand the cashier my card and she kept saying “You’re good.” Me, “What?” It was like a who’s on first moment. I just wasn’t getting it. She finally spilled the beans and said my friend had bought my lunch. Awww shucks. I text her later that day and all she asked was that I pay it forward. Today, I found a great moment to do just that.

I was up early and hungry. That formula is always solved with a Starbucks Gouda and bacon egg sandwich. On my way to work, the only drive-thru Starbucks I pass is downtown. It’s always a nightmare drive-thru line. It usually moves nicely, but there are 2 entrances and you know how people get before they’ve had their caffeine. I was at the side entrance, and a nice lady in a white SUV let me go in line in front of her. I asked the cashier to put her bill on mine. Felt really nice and fitting for Valentine’s Day. Spread the love and #payitforward. @HaleyJoelOsment.