Reality Check DIY

My Dad forgets he’s 70. I needed to find a way to remind him of this fact that he could appreciate. Patent pending, I introduce Reality Check CardsTM.


The goal of this DIY was to remind my father, he didn’t have to save the world anymore. He’s worked hard, so take a break. 1/2 of the cards are uplifting and sweet. That half of the deck also has images of him with family over the past 10 years.


Every day, he pulls a card, reflects, then shares it with Mom. Of course I required proof. Started getting texts w/ images. These 2 are up to no good some days!


Then he found his favorite card.


Point made and point taken.

Next comes that friend who just picks the wrong girls. I asked “Is your red flag radar broken?” I made him one to replace it.


There are 8 categories to consider. It includes questions he needs to ask himself when continuing a relationship with females. Once he finds 4 red flags, she has to go.


It’s effectiveness is currently being tested. I’m pretty sure it’s going to be a slam dunk and the hottest Christmas present for 2016!