OneAmerica 500 Festival 5K


Lately, I have alarm fails when Mom visits. Our race starts at 7:30 am. She wanted to get up at 5:15 for our 6:15 exit time. My right brain had it’s own agenda. It got up at 6:15. She does this now. Well, shit. Sorry Mom, let’s go!

We get parked and then the bathroom pit stop had to occur. Hey 5K Race, go ahead and start. We’ll catch up! As we are walking to and past the start, we get on the route. Mom says, “Where’s the crowd?” Me, “We’ll catch them, we are are late but it still counts.” We start right behind the EMS cart and this guy getting the job done in his own way. Humble reminder we are all on our journey and to be proud for others on their personal journey.


Mom was raring to go! She was ready to pass people like a race car driver. We had pedicures and shopping to do afterward! Traditions.


After mile 1, we caught up to the “Back of Pack” sign. This helps you know to get your ass moving or get your ass on the bus. We don’t do buses.


Usually you see Mom and I arm-in-arm making our way to the finish. This time, we saw a new approach. Awwww… (what’s happened to me?!)


We finished in under an hour and happy as could be!


Once we finished, we went to the team tent, hydrated, got some food and made our way to the grandstands to wait for the Mini finishers. This was a new experience for us! We were giddy and add to that, these “clappers” to cheer in the elite runners this race draws!


While waiting for the elites, our buddy from mile 1, GOT IT DONE!


The annoucer calls his name and he acknowledges the remark. Cue my tears. I didn’t even know this guy, and damn, mad respect for his journey that brought him to this race. Thanks to Karma for letting me witness someone else’s fortitude. Being bold with my message here… life is a classroom… We learn every day from ordinary experiences. Or did Tay-tay Swift teach me that?!

The top finishers started arriving! Never seen it from this side before.



I think Mom and I found our new race. I couldn’t have asked for a better day and wonderful experience with my beautiful Mother. Here’s to 10 more!!