Universal – Day 3

Taking a break from the happiest place on Earth, we went to the next theme park close by. A first time visit for me!


This park wanted you to pay for a fast pass based on park-peak times. It was ridiculous. We decided we’d just wait in line. First stop was the Transformer ride. I noticed the size of the building we were entering. I was intrigued how this was going to be a “ride”.


Imagine two movie theaters side by side and each 10 stories tall. You get in a car for a little ride to the theater room, then the magic happens. It’s up and down with tilting, spinning, shaking. Not scary but 4D and very real. Speaking of real, at certain times of the day, the ride characters would appear for photo ops. Tried to get CS to join my mascot craze with this one. He declined.


Funniest part of the rides were the signs. Very creative visuals. Check out the first one from the Revenge of the Mummy ride.


This park had a few coasters we had to hit! You had to rent lockers on most of them. The park didn’t want anything falling out of your pockets and hitting someone. You literally had to go through metal detectors. Rip Ride Rocket! Who doesn’t want to sit facing the sky?!


My nieces main draw was the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. We broke off from them so they could immerse themselves in the city. I didn’t read the books but this place was legit. Even had a fire breathing dragon. We went there to ride the train to the other side of the park where the rest of the coasters were!


Dragon Challenge was awesome. It’s an under the rail coaster and a must-sit-front type of ride. We rode it once then decided we’d hit it again before leaving to go back to the other side of the park. Like Cedar Points Demon drop, we had Doctor Doom’s Fear Fall…


So awesome at night. We followed that up with the Amazing Adventures of Spiderman ride. We got back to Dragon Alley and the wait was 10 minutes. So we rode 2 more times to catch the last train.

Then I had to hit the Despicable Me adventure. Bring me my Minions! 



We were in line at 9:15 and it said the ride closed at 9:30. I had no clue what was going to happen. I frantically text B and he says “If you are in line, you will ride.” Phew. Thanks Universal! It was fun, but don’t think I need to go back.