Man Down

Fighting off a sinus infection this weekend. So the only thing I want to do is lay on the couch and watch TV. As I catch up on my Ellen marathon, the TV makes sounds like it was eating a giant bowl of Snap Crackle Pop cereal then goes black. Son of a beech.

I jiggled the cord, very technical solution. I unplugged for a while to “reset” it, very Help Desk like. Time for Google. Google says its bad electrolytic capacitors. Ok, Google image please!

Good ones:


Bad ones:


All articles say the ends are raised up, split, or look puffy. Give me my drill! Let’s get the back off and check this out.


The electrolytic capacitors pictures above are from my TV. I think I found the culprits but it’s too late in the day to get replacement parts. Good thing I have spare TVs all over my home to sustain my laziness for the weekend. Day semi-saved. Stay tuned. <-- Get it? See what I did there!