Preview Day

When a potential Boilermaker says, “Can we go visit Purdue for one of my college days this year?” The answer is a resounding BOILER UP!


Purdue has created a brillant program called Preview Day. After a morning introduction, they schedule 2 break out sessions in the morning by each college at the University. An admissions director spoke and told you more details about their program, classes, credits… it was information overload in a good way. The best thing I learned at these sessions was University President, Mitch Daniels, wants 30% of Purdue students to study abroad. He has created separate funding for study abroad programs and every student we met this day, had studied aboard. Brilliant program for these Boilers.

After those sessions, they provided a free lunch at one of the cafeterias. I was not looking forward to this remembering the one year I was forced to eat at these while living in the dorms. My, how they have changed! CS was excited for the all-you-can-eat experience.


College did not look like that when I was there. I was very jealous. NOT that I want to go back. It’s just so much cooler (yep, I’m old) on campus now. They even had an Amazon store with free 1 day shipping. I had to wait a week for my Mom’s care packages.

We were left with an open afternoon to visit different spots on campus that were ready to give potential students tours. We headed to the health lab and the beautiful new PMO building. Followed that up with a dorm tour, shopping at Discount Den, dinner at Jake’s then Karma was on our side and the men’s basketball team had their opening pre-season game at home. Let’s go to Keady Court!



Funniest thing I witnessed, was this…


Really kids?! You want to steal 1 ply toilet paper. College kids are desperate to save money.