Got a text from Mom Friday… “What are you doing this weekend…” That usually means she is fishing for something to do. A quick phone call later, carving pumpkins would be on my Sunday agenda. I was not sure how serious she was about this. Then she shows up with 2 massive pumpkins, a carving set, and a book of cut outs! This was happening!


She wanted me to put the seeds in my mouth. Hell no. That’s gross. I had gloves to handle that stuff. She just dove in with her bare hand!


For the first pumpkin, we picked a bat scene. Taped our stencil to the surface and started jabbing knives in this melon. It was quite therapeutic! Our finished product:


The 2nd one we did was a “Til death” scene that doubled as a skull. Very intricate and this pumpkin had some girth to it. It was not easy. Especially when it came to the eye holes. We were joking on how much faster we could have been with a Dremel, which led me to get the drill. Here comes our eye holes!


After some fine tuning, we were done. Great day of 2 grown women playing with pumpkins, knives and power tools! The boys supervised, a.k.a. CS watched football & Herb took a nap.


There was a great debate on who got to keep which one. Mom decided, CS & I represented the couple in the skull, she went home with the bat. Ours with light!


Maybe this can be my side gig for 2016! Great memories with those I love!

Make A Difference Part 2

Previously. Then,
Repaying the favor. Mom signed up for my fundraiser which happened the week after hers!


Even though it was a pink event for Pink Ribbon Connection, the orange coat was a hit! It was actually in a fashion show in Ft. Wayne that Mom attended.

My 2015 gorgeous table!


Every year, our volunteers transform a standard hotel ballroom into an amazing visual masterpiece!


My favorite part of the meal each year is the soup. I love the flaky encrusted bowl. This years treat was tomato basil with baby tortellini. To think, I never liked soup until a few years ago. Now I eat it 3 times a week.


The part I never eat but always looks amazing, the dessert. I think PS ate this first!


After PS and I slammed down our lunch, we were off to put on the show! Last year I didn’t have an assistant to help with the runway transitions. It was nerve racking. PS offered her services this weekend. We got the professional headsets again and were connected with our backstage crew.

PS was on the spot.
Me: “Is group 6 at the stage?”
PS: “No”
Me: “I need you to run out the doors and check on them. We have 30 seconds.”
PS: “I’m on it!” “Got them here.”

The finale is always my trickiest part. The first year it was a simple walk out, walk back. Last year we stayed on stage a bit to celebrate the 20th anniversary. I was told we had to recreate it! Luckily Icona Pop had another great song out, so they’ve closed our show for 3 years running!


After the fashion show, we have a raffle drawing based on people pledging funds to our cause. You simply put whatever amount you want in an envelope and turn it in. We have fabulous prizes like weekend stays at downtown hotels, jewelry, and furs. This year, our top and final prize was an Italian leather coat from Elan Furs. The emcee says, “The winner is….. Carole Fuller!” What?! My mom hustled to that stage like she was finishing the mini marathon!

Mom graciously gifted the coat to moi.


Strangely, the October weather is in the 70s right now. Soon I’ll wear it with the jewels AM gave me a few years back!

One of the fun questions we get each year after the event, is what do you do with 1,000 pink helium balloons?! Take amazing photo ops like this!


Must Find Them

Hick-daddy knows my love of mascots. Sends me this picture today.


Holy shit! Where are they? Are they still there? As I look at the text, I was 25 minutes late in responding. Crap. I was just heading out for lunch anyway, so I turned on my minion radar and used my Sherlock Holmes skills to figure out where the picture was taken. I knew that corner of downtown Indy. They MUST be headed to Monument Circle. I high tailed it that way and BOOM!



I’ve been waiting for this day for 30 years. I was confident they were secretly going to unveil the hover board I always wanted. Mattel, stop making flat front Ken and give me my hover board!

If you are a nerd like me, last night you watched one of the classic movies of all time that wanted to predict the future. A future that I would be a part of…


K scored us front row seats at SMG. Best way ever to watch a flick. I was stuffed, happy and ready for bed at the end. But during, I was completely captivated by the outfits: Double ties, tutus, and strange head wear.


It was so fun. The radio station putting on the event had a few give-a-ways. Like this license plate from the future! Had to stop the winner for the photo op.


For me, it was a fun, analytical process to see what has become a reality 30 years in the making. Personal vision devices (google glasses, smart phones), Cubs actually being in a run towards the World Series, 3-D Jaws, video games sans remote controls, the list goes on. Just like I said last night, excited for the future! Bring me MY HOVER BOARD!


My gorgeous grandma turns 96 years young today. Ninety six.


At my father’s 70th birthday dinner, we were doing the math. She’d been alive 26 more years than my dad had. 26. It was powerful. Then my cousin says “I’m only 25! I haven’t even been alive that long!” I can’t even imagine the world events she’s witnessed. Makes me think what the future holds for my generation, drones, cars that drive themselves, pizza rat…

Make A Difference

Mom invited me to attend The Rotary Club of Fort Wayne’s Centennial Gala celebration. I was in the mindset that this was just another fundraiser. I didn’t understand the immense significance the event stood for until it was over. It was an incredible experience.

First the decor was outstanding. I loved the centerpieces. Had to capture it for my future event planning activities! Very elegant with a soft light at the top.


With it being the 100 year anniversary, the Rotary President wanted to leave his mark. Of course, Mom was in on the planning, so I had some insight into the evenings surprise events, but was curious to see how it got executed. After dinner, they cranked up Kool and the Gang’s Celebration and out came our firework desserts!


Every waiter had a dessert platter on fire with these monster s’mores for everyone.


For more pomp and circumstance, they had the Rotaract kids (high school students in the Rotary) do a grand country flags performance with Sri Lanka’s flag being the centerpiece.


Why Sri Lanka?! This whole event centered around Rotary’s International President visiting the United States. The Fort Wayne group worked hard to get on his docket and showcase all the wonderful community work they are doing in Fort Wayne. From little libraries to permanent fixtures, they are making a difference. Meet the current Rotary International President, Ravi Ravindran.


But I actually did get to meet him!


After hearing his story about his journey through life, I was reminded of how much more people can give back to a community that has supported you. I’ve been looking for a new community group to participate in. This might just be perfectly aligned with my personal mission and value system.

Suck It

I drove up to Mikes Crew Car Wash to vacuum my truck. I took a bunch of change expecting old school payment. Nope, credit card. I was pissy. Instantly I was fretting not buying a handheld Dyson last year. To my wonderment, one went on sale the same day online. SOLD!


Shows my age that I am excited to get a vacuum. #TMLB