Return to KC

If I had to go to KC, it needed to include 2 things. Shopping.


And Royals!


CS was excited because it was KU night at the field. I got more excited because there were extra mascots!!


I’m always stumped on what to eat at these places. Plain Jane over here doesn’t have a good menu at ball parks. CS, he’s fine. Let’s eat this magnificent… umm. What is that?


I had heartburn just sitting next to the thing! Gross. Let’s get this party started!


The Royals take the field!



So the game was originally in the afternoon, then thanks to TV, it became the evening game. Urg. Long drive home listening to the end of the game. We had to leave in the 7th evening. Jobs, babies, etc. Life gets in the way. Yet Royals pulled a winner, so totally worth it!