Taekwondo Master

There’s a shark in the water… in the Ohio River?!


We weren’t there for any river activities anyway. We were there to ring in the b-day of our good friend JGirl at her requested locale.


What a first night we were in for. After trying to co-locate our rooms, it wasn’t working. J’s were in the other tower. But with spiders. JGuy wasn’t having it. So before┬ádinner they changed rooms to our tower. But the room wasn’t guest ready. Ok, we decided to give the hotel crew time over dinner to make beds, etc. We all met up in the Galt House apartment.


How high up are we?


Where’d B go?


After our last attempt failed to introduce our friends to the Troll Pub, this had to happen.


We returned to the 2nd J-room and it still wasn’t guest ready. Enter Maxine. She took care of it. Got the bags loaded, but I had a funny feeling a quality control check was needed. Good thing I did! JGuy left a shirt and sport coat behind. I escorted those items to J-room #3.


After a long night of logistics, I was ready for some comfort food. Smashburger time, shake included!


As the rest of our massive crew arrived, Saturday brought out the theme of the b-day event. Taekwondo Master. JGirl would have to overcome several challenges of the evening to earn all her Taekwondo belts! Let the games begin!


To keep on the theme, we had to have hibachi for dinner with a limo ride for style points.


They didn’t have Hana Awaka, so this Saki would have to do. Mmmmmm.


We were delighted to the traditional volcano of fire!


And rice catching.


After the surprise Zombie Apocalypse traffic jam fiasco, we were ready to start earning belts!


We had ice bucket walks, yoga poses, BOAW, then came the last, elusive, unknown, most important, pink P belt. Such a good look!


We enjoyed the views from our final resting place.


While playing the most offensive and hilarious game, Cards Against Humanity, this was a definite winner for me.


Through out all JG’s room troubles, CS and I were safe because we had “The Blessing” in our room.


So I am not the only one that hides photos in rooms.