Meet My Minions

Swans were soooo 2014. Maybe ours aren’t this magnificent.


But they are still very awesome. Maybe 2016 will bring bigger action in the swan arena. But what could 2015 bring? While on a trip around the lake this year, I spied 2 places that “borrowed” my swan inflatables. At first I was appalled. Then I remembered, imitation is the best form of flattery. Yes, let’s be a trend setter! So when I spied a buoy that was decorated like a Minion, I must have a Minion. 2 weeks ago, Qbert was dying. Qbert was our solar powered buoy at the lake. He had faded and barely glowed. The stars aligned and now was the time to turn Qbert into a Minion. Meet Bob.


Meet Stuart.


I had so much fun making these guys. They turned out SO MUCH CUTER than I ever imagined. PS and I launched them to the waves!




Bob… BA-NA-NA!


Lots of boat traffic, pointing, and even kayak selfies were taken with the Minions. We rocked it.

Summer Tunes

Ready for some live music!


Our headlining act was….


He has been around for quite some time, yet strangely his song from 2007 is the one we all could recite, Come On Get Higher.  Next act was The Fray! Another new score for me. Bonus they are from Colorado!


Love their blend of styles. So soothing at times. I have used them as my wake up alarm. But on to the main act, Train!!


All 3 acts went into the crowd. Pat was especially connected with us as he probably took 50+ selfies with the front line. It is amazing how much social media comes into play. (Says the old lady)


To bring the crowd even more into the show, giant beach balls!


One landed in our area. Photo op!


All 3 acts came out at the end to harmonize. I really do enjoy this type of thing. Stuff you never would hear otherwise.


Who’s up next?

8 Ain’t Going To Happen

My physique has trailed off a bit this year. Shifted priorities to other things, need to get that back in alignment! So when I walked into the gym to see that Work Out of the Day Challenge week was back, I was torn. I knew 8 minutes was not remotely possible. What to do? Fine. Let’s do this.


Stretched for about 10 minutes before. Not sure it did any physical good. It was more to help get my mind ready. Started my watch, got on my toes and forearms, and zoned in on my goal. 6 minutes. At minute 3, I notice a guy 6 feet away watching. Most likely to observe the tremendous shaking and mumbling that was occurring. It was getting rough.


I was satisfied with the result.