Lake Time Celebrations

She learned from the best and nabbed this guy!


Mom, me, and PS were out on the paddle boat. With a small nudge, PS is on the front of the boat stretching out and BAMM turtle in hand! As always, it’s a catch and release program. Some of these guys, just don’t have direction?!

Father’s Day brought out Big Jenga! We are always reinventing ourselves at the lake.




Once the bugs kicked in, we headed for the house. What do you guys want to play? Headbanz won. We look amazing.


Sweet 16 party came next! Who doesn’t want to celebrate on the water?!


Where are you taking them?! Good thing I trust these people.


Now comes the 4th of July jet boots. Man I want to try these so bad.


I randomly found a 5k race at Lake Syracuse over the holiday. Sure, let’s do this.

Fwd: Flotilla run

Holy hell it smelt like pig shit for 2 miles. No amount of t-shirt holding over the face was working. We finished and got the hell out. It was time to celebrate the holiday with nails and metallic press on tats. Never wanted a tat. Still don’t. These were fun!


And for the real fun! T-shirt cannon time. We needed something to do with the flotilla going by. Mom take aim!


JM, Chef de Jour, hooked us up. Even had a Sous chef at the ready to assist. Dinner was devine!


With the holiday schedule, we had a delightful time taking in the scenes at Shipshe.


Happy 4th of July beeches and babies!


Best people in the world!