Xcursion Time

Being the newbies on this trip, when B&K said they had a few excursions in mind, we were on board! Gave Nana some much needed rest time too. Welcome to the beautiful Xcaret, (zha-kaa-rhet).


We traveled 30 minutes south of the resort to visit an adventure-park-meets-a-zoo. This girl got right to the action. She was ready to hold a parrot! Cool thing was you scan your wrist band at a bunch of picture stops, then you can view them all at the end of your trip.


Our first adventure together was the cave passage. You would float and flipper your way through an open air and underground cave system. The water was a bit chilly but felt so good on my sunburned Midwest skin. First time in the sun for the season, should probably not have been so close to the equator. The nieces took some coaxing getting in. “IT’S COLD”. Only because our skin was on fire!


At your own pace, you made your way through beautiful open air parts, waterfalls and enclosed caves.






We started at the south west end of the park and floated our way to the north east. Perfect spot for us to start our foot travel to see the sites. But then they had these amazing hammock camps beckoning you to lay in them.


Ok. I’ll rest. Notice my towel. You could have fried an egg on my skin.


Photo opt @ the big hammock!

Mexico 2015

One of the really cool attractions was the sea turtle exhibits. Of course I would love that! They had separate pools with increasing sizes of turtles. From babies…


… to the size of a dinner table. It did take me back *cough* 22 years ago when I got to swim with a wild sea turtle in the Caribbean. If I could have only smuggled him back in!


One of the interactive exhibits at the aquarium is to hold sea urchins. Of course! Syd took some persuading.


Then it was really cool to do!


After lunch, we all relaxed near the lagoon and you could swim up to the dolphin enclosures.


It was at this point that my skin was boiling. The girls had all got UV reflecting shirts that morning. It was time for me to follow suit. Instantly I felt 20 degrees cooler with the thing on. I believe it saved me from sun poisoning but it couldn’t save me from these natives.


Devils and dolls were in every gift shop too. This place also had ruins to climb.


Burial grounds to traverse.


And an amazing aviary full of parrots that you could reach out and touch, but we didn’t try.



Even a turkey vulture just hanging out.


At the end of the day, we took the aerial tour to see all the ground we covered. 5+ miles around this place.


2 days later, we traveled 60 minutes south to Xel-Ha, (Zell-ha). Holy goodness sea of turquoise!


This excursion started with another lazy river type event. This time we got innertubes, then you could dismount and partake in all kinds of activities along the way. Snorkel, cliff jump, rope course, zip line. It was awesome! Let’s get started!


Grab a toe Syd! Awesome floating through mangroves.


We did some cliff jumping. Video forthcoming. Then stopped at the ropes and zip line. Life in the water!


I tested the zip line adventure. Short and fun with a water landing.


We made our way to the back bay to start our real snorkel adventure.

Mexico 2015

Enough people were there to join us but it never felt crowded.

Mexico 2015

So clear from above the water,

Mexico 2015

and below. Fish as big as dinner plates.


Our first snorkel together!

Mexico 2015

All the Fuller’s were in on the action. Never seen a 5 year old mermaid before. Her name is Kayla.

Mexico 2015

Highlight of my trip was seeing a sting ray while snorkeling. We’d seen a trainer working with it in the open bay earlier in the day. I was hoping we’d be able to see him in action. Can you spot him below?


I hovered for a few minutes just in awe. He clearly wasn’t in the mood to be seen in public. Another memory from my first adventure in Stingray City. Thanks Xel-ha for the memories! We will certainly be back!

Mexico 2015

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