Take Me Away

The time finally arrived. I bought myself a passport for my 30th birthday. Figured if some rich hot thing came my way to swoop me off to some foreign land, I should be prepared. Fast forward 7 years, and I have my first stamp! Hola Mexico! You know they take their cerveza seriously when it’s painted on the airport observation tower.


They have employed a game show-esque event to enter the country. Press a button. If it’s green, you get to go through. If it’s red, you have to have your bag checked. Seemed very very random. CS was lucky to win the red game.


I hired a shuttle service to take us to the resort. I wasn’t risking being the next story on Criminal Minds. Eduardo was ready for us. This was the last time my hair would be straight for 9 days.


The Indiana clan met up with the Colorado clan on the beach a few hours later! Let Spring Break begin!


The resort we stayed at had a nightly performance for kids and adults. Not quite a mascot, but he’ll do for our first night. El Diablo. Each night they would have staff dress up as the characters that would be preforming and walk the lobby.


This little cookie started falling asleep during the show the first night. Not on Spring Break! Let’s dance!


We woke to find packs of these guys wandering the grounds. They were gangs of 20 or more. Meet the Coati, pronounced quaw-tee.



Then you’d find these guys just chilling in the middle of the walkways. I finally got used to seeing them by the end of the week. For some odd reason they would startle me just being out in nature. Must have been because I was used to seeing them run my brother’s childhood bedroom like their own.


I did a quick lap around the main part of our resort. Less than 2 miles but it was hot at 9am.


I promptly went back to bed using my favorite sign of the trip.


I was refreshed for some pool time!

Mexico 2015

You could find Nana like this most days!

Mexico 2015

Besides tanning at the pool, the resort offered a shopping plaza. They even had “trolleys”, a.k.a. golf carts, that would pick you up and take you wherever you wanted on the resort. We were ready to shop!


The breeze at the beach was so refreshing!  We had plenty of things to occupy our time. Tanning.




Reading. Well I tried to read and it rained on us for 10 minutes (while the sun was still shining). I took that as a sign I was to do nothing work related on this trip and promptly put the book away.


What else can you do at the beach? Bury your niece.


Play in the water and wave jump.


Shop. Shop?! Yep, shop at the beach. Vendors up and down with hats, blankets, jewelry, etc. Anything you wanted. I think Mom stopped 5 different silver dealers over our trip.


My nieces always took a front row seat to the nightly show. This usually got them involved. Reagan got to go on stage during the magic show night.


A few nights they had games/questions reminiscent of the Newlywed game. This poor guy had a fallic cone on his head and his wife had to get him to cross the stage using verbal clues. Once he got close to her there was a circle he had to put the cone through. All the while, he is blind folded.  At the end of the show, they replayed the women’s instructions as if they were used their first night “together”.  Use your imagination. It was funny.


Another game was about balloon popping using only your bodies. That’s not what kept my attention. It was the balloons on the guy below.


He was no cupid, but he would do!


Except for 1 meal, which I will tell about later, the food was really fresh. We ate mostly at the buffets which offered Champagne. Why not?! If I have to deal with this monster for another week, I better!


Up next, Part 2: Adventures off the resort