In all the research I did prior to this trip, nothing mentioned that one of the greatest shows on Earth was around the corner from our resort: Cirque Du Soleil @ Vindanta Riviera Maya.


We were in the shuttle headed to the resort on day 1 when we passed a Cirque billboard. I questioned the driver to see what the deal was. The show opened in November of last year in this venue that was built just for the show.


There was no question. We were going. I’ve seen 2 of these in Vegas, so when you know the place was built for it, it was going to be magnificent. Since Mom didn’t go on the excursions with us, I made sure she was included to get out and see something new!


You walked through a lounge and bar to get to the main stage. Every corner was decorated to the nines.


When I ordered the tickets, I learned they offered a dinner experience before the show. I was going with 2 foodies in Mom and CS. I knew we had to go for that! We were serenaded by a wonderful reggae troupe while we devoured the food.


They claimed it would be a culinary experience like no other. I was ready for the adventure. Figured there wouldn’t be any chicken and pasta in store for us. Let’s try some stuff!


Mom loved the bread shaped like trees. She wouldn’t eat hers she loved it so much.


Our fixed menu was waiting at the table made of rice paper. Feed this woman already!


Our appetizer plate came with mango caviar, smoked fish, blue crab salad, goat cheese and cured ham. The flavors were incredible! Then they poured some “magic” in the pot at the center of the plate and smoke came out.


My little friend!


I didn’t eat all of it, but I did try each thing. I was pretty proud of myself! Before the main course, they brought out this spoon with “Dragon breath”. The server said you just take the whole spoonful at once. Ok, bottoms up!


It was freeze-dried fruit with a dollop of frozen whip cream that just melted in our mouth. It was sweet and delightful. The main course presentation…


I choose the salmon over the short rib.  It came with a fresh pineapple and fruit salad, mixed veggies, and an adorable butterfly crisp.


Are we done eating yet? Nope. Dessert time. In a book.


And 4 of them!


Each person got a book of tarts and cakes and creams. It was over the top! With our bellies full, we sat back and watched the magnificent show. No cameras are allowed so you can check out some videos online. It lived up to all my expectations. The set became alive with different pieces moving around to tell the story.

A grandpa had a magic story book that would come to life when his granddaughter Joya was around. So the acts revolved around stories from the book. A pirate ship came out of one part of the set! We were treated to hand balancers, trapeze artists, hoop dancing, partner acrobatics, and more. The finale was 4 guys doing a trampoline jumping act off of this 2 story platform. It was straight from AGT, which I love!


An experience worth every penny. Remember how I said Mom loved the bread? Mom made me save it so she could show the nieces back at the resort. The things we do for our loved ones.


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