What’s A Terabyte?

Attended a fabulous fundraiser over the weekend performed on the OneAmerica stage. One like I have never experienced!


Fundraisers can be very formal and black tie affairs. This was not. As their annual event, The Indianapolis Repertory Theatre puts on an old time radio show where the actors are community leaders. They have a sign girl using “applause” and “quiet” signs to encourage/discourage audience participation. 2 IRT crew members were choosing sound bits to add live into the script. The “actors” threw script papers around the stage like no one could see them. Everything was just relaxed and fun. It’s kinda hard to describe!

After some great appetizers and a silent auction, we headed in for the show. It was a very elite cast. Former Mayor Bart Peterson played Walter Wright, an English teacher. All the names were play-on famous characters.

The leading actors were none other than Pat McAfee and Coby Fleener from the Colts as Sherlock Holmes and Watson. It was clear they had practiced the script but were allowed to ad lib as needed. Pat is known as a ham. He lived up to that reputation and Coby kept up nicely.

Another added element to the show was the commercial jingles! Using popular melodies from music, they took their title sponsors and turned their business model into a song. Best was the Lilly love balloon jingle about Cialis. All about erections and at the end in the tub that you see on TV, was Tom Brady and Coach Belicheat holding hands across the logo. I mean Belichick holding hands. It got the loudest roar of the night.

At the end of the show, the actor playing Heisenberg threw his hat to the audience. Yep, check out that first pic. Landed right on my lap! Got some swat! They raised over $16,000 that will help support bringing students to the theatre so they can witness the beauty in the arts. I highly recommend attending this event at least once to feel the spirit that was in the room.