Holliday Critter


Laced up today for my 9th Holliday Park Trail run. In all my times here, I’ve never been fast enough to find the hidden critters on the course. They place a dozen beanie animals on the course for special prizes. The front runners always get them first. This year, I nabbed one!


When I saw it, I quickly tucked it in my pants and finished the race. Well… and started the race. Confession, I found the critter in the women’s bathroom before the race. While waiting in line to for my usual pre-race bathroom break, I saw what appeared to be a pair of hot pink gloves in the corner by the paper towel machine. When my turn came, I got the last stall next to the pink gloves. As I shut the door and notice a #5 sharpee-d on, I reached under the door and grabbed the critter. I was thrilled! There was only 10 minutes to go before the race and everyone all morning just passed on by it. 

So I did, tuck it in my pants, and began racing! I knew it wouldn’t be a stellar race since my sore throat/laryngitis was still lingering after a week. I was just glad to be out there in the elements with some great weather. And not get too muddy!

JS cleaned up her age group top award again! No Red Bull this time. Just a gift certificate and a poster. Still awesome for her! 

My critter got me $10 to a local coffee shop. I’ll have to pay that one forward. Always fun with my trail crew!