I remember bowling a 141 one New Year’s Eve back in college. I had gone home during break to spend time with the parents. I beat Dad by 1 pin! It was a big moment. Until yesterday, a new personal bowling record! 144.


CS went from the worst game of his life to one of his best! Wii bowling practice really screws up your mojo.

Holliday Critter


Laced up today for my 9th Holliday Park Trail run. In all my times here, I’ve never been fast enough to find the hidden critters on the course. They place a dozen beanie animals on the course for special prizes. The front runners always get them first. This year, I nabbed one!


When I saw it, I quickly tucked it in my pants and finished the race. Well… and started the race. Confession, I found the critter in the women’s bathroom before the race. While waiting in line to for my usual pre-race bathroom break, I saw what appeared to be a pair of hot pink gloves in the corner by the paper towel machine. When my turn came, I got the last stall next to the pink gloves. As I shut the door and notice a #5 sharpee-d on, I reached under the door and grabbed the critter. I was thrilled! There was only 10 minutes to go before the race and everyone all morning just passed on by it. 

So I did, tuck it in my pants, and began racing! I knew it wouldn’t be a stellar race since my sore throat/laryngitis was still lingering after a week. I was just glad to be out there in the elements with some great weather. And not get too muddy!

JS cleaned up her age group top award again! No Red Bull this time. Just a gift certificate and a poster. Still awesome for her! 

My critter got me $10 to a local coffee shop. I’ll have to pay that one forward. Always fun with my trail crew!

Say Yes To The Dress


This year’s Fort Wayne Museum of Art fundraiser snuck up on me. I usually have a dress months in advance. I turned around and it was just 2 weeks away. Shit. Dress shopping became a top priority. Plenty of selfies were taken and sent to the girlfriends to get votes on which dress it should be. There was a red long, red short, white, sparkly nude, yellow… I tried on anything that looked mildly gala-esque since I was starting at ground zero. They all voted for the sparkly nude. But with our experience, CS & I had a different one in mind. This one!!!!


When I first saw this dress, I took a picture to send to my Mom to say how hideous it was. Then as I walked the mall and tried on 6 more dresses, my brain said “Go try on that yellow dress!” I did, and I instantly fell in love with it. This gala is ART-rageous. It requires something outstanding to wear and I knew this dress would fit in. Bonus: shoes didn’t matter because you can’t see them, and low key jewelry as to leave the dress be the focal piece. For a girl who grew up in sweats and flannels, my parents were quite surprised!


But loved it! A couple of my favorite compliments, “Thank you for wearing a floor length gown!” from another woman wearing a floor length dress. And “So nice to see someone else not wear black!” from a lady in red. Hardest part was figuring out how to walk in it. You don’t step or you’ll step on the dress. You do a tiny showgirl kick and you are off.


Who’s ready to see Adam Maroon5?!



They had extended the stage into the crowd. I was pumped to see how much this would get used.


Magic opened the show.


Then came Adam. So pretty. I’ll let the pictures tell the story.














Pretty from the back too!




Close up!


They came out for the encore with Sugar. We knew they wouldn’t end the show without playing that one.


Looking forward to my next Maroon 5 show!

It Gave Me Wings

Who signs up for a race when it’s 2 degrees outside?! Wasn’t so sure about getting out of the car.

An hour later…

Now for the middle part: JS and CS agreed to sign up for the 2015 Red Bull Trail Daze race. Third time in Indy and I’ve done all 3!

I have been ready to start running again and this race was the perfect thing to get me started. I wasn’t paying attention to the weather when I signed up. I just really wanted to get back out there. Same race structure as before. 2011. 2012. But this year, I scored the top spot in my age group. I’m such a dork.


Our prize, a case of Red Bull. JS scored one too! We’re either that good or that stupid and all the stronger runners stayed in the warmth of their homes.

I drank 2 Red Bulls while waiting around for the awards. For someone who doesn’t ingest any caffeine on a regular basis, 2x 80mg was not the best idea. I was super giddy. Everything was funny. Then I crashed hard and passed out. Note to self: Only 1 Red Bull at a time from now on.

What’s A Terabyte?

Attended a fabulous fundraiser over the weekend performed on the OneAmerica stage. One like I have never experienced!


Fundraisers can be very formal and black tie affairs. This was not. As their annual event, The Indianapolis Repertory Theatre puts on an old time radio show where the actors are community leaders. They have a sign girl using “applause” and “quiet” signs to encourage/discourage audience participation. 2 IRT crew members were choosing sound bits to add live into the script. The “actors” threw script papers around the stage like no one could see them. Everything was just relaxed and fun. It’s kinda hard to describe!

After some great appetizers and a silent auction, we headed in for the show. It was a very elite cast. Former Mayor Bart Peterson played Walter Wright, an English teacher. All the names were play-on famous characters.

The leading actors were none other than Pat McAfee and Coby Fleener from the Colts as Sherlock Holmes and Watson. It was clear they had practiced the script but were allowed to ad lib as needed. Pat is known as a ham. He lived up to that reputation and Coby kept up nicely.

Another added element to the show was the commercial jingles! Using popular melodies from music, they took their title sponsors and turned their business model into a song. Best was the Lilly love balloon jingle about Cialis. All about erections and at the end in the tub that you see on TV, was Tom Brady and Coach Belicheat holding hands across the logo. I mean Belichick holding hands. It got the loudest roar of the night.

At the end of the show, the actor playing Heisenberg threw his hat to the audience. Yep, check out that first pic. Landed right on my lap! Got some swat! They raised over $16,000 that will help support bringing students to the theatre so they can witness the beauty in the arts. I highly recommend attending this event at least once to feel the spirit that was in the room.