B-day V-day


We usually head North or West for my birthday. Time for a change up. Let’s go a little south and visit somewhere new. On our way, we passed through Louisville.

Our destination, Herrington Lake in Lancaster, Kentucky!


My only requirements for our rental house was it needed to be on a lake and have a pool table. Viola.

CS was even down for some exploring.

I was very excited to be on a relaxing vacation without an agenda to follow.

I should have put another requirement in my list. Have the owners go to the house the day before and turn on the heat! It was damn cold. We put the men to work on building a nice fire for us.

The master bedroom wall was actually floor to ceiling French doors leading out to a patio. If it were warmer, maybe we would use it. It was still nice to wake up to this scene.

The only organized event I planned was on the way home. Must stop at the Bluegrass outlets. Kate was waiting for me. CS got me some kick ass shades! I bought myself a birthday gift because who doesn’t need a passport holder. Mom and Dad made me a custom card that delighted CS to no end.

Great time with great people!

2 Degrees Lower

Here’s why…

My condo had the original windows from the day the building was erected. Over the past 10 years, they have really broken down. You could see moisture forming between the glass and the screen. I had full plastic covering on all the windows upstairs that would seriously blow out like a giant bubble when the winds were strong. Air was just coming in and out as it pleased. It was time. Since my community has standards, I had to have casement windows. Which of course, are more expensive. My old ones had gold handles that stuck out and locks that weren’t sexy.


My new ones were going to be slick! The team of 3 arrived at 9 am and quickly got to work. This window was our problem child. The guy is standing right in front of the spot that had rotted out. This was also a major factor for getting these windows done now. We didn’t want the rot to spread and require all new framing.

They were able to save the frame and replace the boards. You can see the hard line towards the bottom of the picture that shows what all they dug out.

Once they got all the insulation packed in, they went around to finish the trim work. Almost there!

Damn they look good!

On the inside, the white handles fold down and look like a seamless part of the window. It was kind of a shame that I had to just hang my curtains back up and cover them up. Already, they are saving me money. I turned the thermostat down to 70 degrees and my furnace isn’t working overtime any more. Looking forward to using them in the warmer weather! And the 2015 tax write off!

Red Storm

Met up with some friends for a Butler basketball game. Lots of new upgrades in the stadium including padded seats. Not bad for $20!

But the real reason I wanted to go to this game was to see the Legend himself, Mr. Gene Keady, consultant to Coach Lavin at St. Johns.


The Red Storm couldn’t get it together. They would pull within 6 or 8 points, then just get pummeled with a scoring run. They got some work to do. I kept my clapping to a minimum in the Bulldog house.