Signed up to escort these 2 hooligans to Colorado over the Thanksgiving holiday.


Moms has an airport apprehension and always wants to arrive super early. And the “busiest travel day of the year” didn’t help my timeline. She did really well and was only a few minutes early picking me up. When we got to the airport, damn the crowds.

Not even a single person in line at TSA before us. I’d never experienced that before. 

This monster surprised us while we were waiting for our ride into Longmont. She “learned” how to cross her eyes and was constantly showing us during night 1. Ok. Um. No. She really thinks she’s doing it.

A lot of this happened, too. She likes to be close, real close. I was the sick one this time so I was comfortable feeling like I wouldn’t catch the bird flu from her this trip.

I awoke to a fresh Thanksgiving morning!

And after a great meal, a crisp warm night.

Got a chance to hit some trails to make a trek up Mount Sanitas in Boulder, CO. View from the top!

Hello Boulder!

Passed a huge rock formation on the way down.

A man and his dogs…

Now that I have had a few experiences with dogs who run with you, IF I ever get another dog, he/she must be able to run with me. So much fun watching these guys and having them keep you company while you are out doing this miserable sport. 

In addition to the USA holiday, we had another celebration during our trip. Team Shart’s leader turned 4-0. His neighbors knew that the black color normally associated with 40 would excite our birthday boy. So they went with pink. And luckily his truck was parked outside that night so it got dressed up for the day!

We were able to take in a soccer game for Reagan. Look how excited she looks!


She was a little nervous about all of us watching her play. There aren’t many girl teams in the area, so this group chooses to play against the boy teams just so they can get practice in the off season. Way to go ladies! 

The whole trip was a wonderful family event. We did start a Noah’s ark for each niece this trip as part of their Christmas from Nana and Papa. During the supplies trip, I got B to jump at the sight of a random live snake outside of his cage at the pet store. It was amazing! However, I did enjoy returning to my kid-free, allergy-free, pet-free condo in the Midwest. Clean air is about your own definition. Much Love to the Fuller excursion crew!