Scooby Surprise

My friends invited us to 7th row Pacer tickets. Yes please!

I couldn’t get Boomer to come over for a picture.

But I got a pic with this guy! Shake!

Fwd: Shake

And this ‘stache.

CS and his ‘stache are taking donations to raise awareness for Movember and men’s health. Even a dollar helps if you can spare some change. Click here: to donate.

Group photo!

I love a half time performer I actually know. Turned out to be Christian Stoinev & Scooby!

From one of my favorite shows AGT! He made it to the top 12 this year! Take a look…

During half time, J decided he need to see how he measured up to the big guys on the floor.


After the half, we noticed a man. In Uggs. Blue Uggs. With sparkles. We knew he had to be “somebody”. After some quick interweb searches, it was none other than Colts player Daniel Adongo. Ah-dong-oh. Ah-maze-ing. Thanks to social media, Adongo was mildly harassed until we left the game. His lady friend wasn’t pleased, but we had fun!