Lunch for Arts

I was invited to sit at the Company table at the annual Start with Art celebration hosted by the Arts Council of Indianapolis! I love going to these things to see how the hotel that hosts my charity’s big event, does it up for other groups. Cake pops!


Food was basic but very good. I did clean my plate. Except the corn. Had enough of that this summer!


They talked about all of the upcoming urban art projects coming in 2015, along with more murals like we did for the Super Bowl. Makes me feel great to live in a city that cares about these types of things. Fantastic keynote speech from David Rubin, Principal of Land Collective. It was very motivational. He said “vulnerability makes you creative and innovative”. Totally makes sense! When you are outside your comfort zone you have to think differently. Another great point was how “conversations create ideas and dialogue”. Duh again, but something I feel we forget in this digital world. Stop hiding behind emails and blogs 🙂 and talk to each other face to face. As you grow up, adults always say communication is key. That fact slaps me in the face every day as a reminder on how to be a good leader.