Royal Treatment

Why not?

With the already epic Bronco game last month, it just seemed like a “why not” moment to travel west again, but not as far, to witness another CS sports dream. It was Sunday. Game 4 was Tuesday. Yeah, that should work! Then came the rain and the re-shuffling of the work schedules we had just done. It all worked out better and we got to spend more time in KC with the family.

Before the game, I promised to indulge in a Starr family past time, eating at In-a-tub.


What is that in my hand?! A deep fried taco topped with powdered cheese. I just threw up in my mouth a little bit. I promised to eat 1 taco and then decide my next move. I ate my 1 taco and moved right on over to Jimmy John’s for a #11 on wheat. With full bellies, we were off to the game!


My first time at Kauffman stadium!


CS was so in his element!



Stealth fly over was kick ass!

The team took the field and all the “sweep” brooms were out ready for the game.


I’m not a baseball sports fan but I watch ESPN 🙂 I understand the rules and concepts of the game. I can get behind the drive and athleticism it takes to compete at this level, so I was invested in the experience. Most of the action happened right away with a 2-1 start, then lots of nothing. No insurance runs. No padding. Just pure raw out after out. Those last 3 outs were tense. It was such a different experience for me. No clock was counting down. No time outs to delay. The 40,000+ fans were just waiting for those 3 outs to collect on the scoreboard. As each one did, the energy exploded. After the fans waited 29 years for this, it happened. Royals are in the World Series!


Unbelievable experience!




We stayed around for all the media and trophy hoopla. Who knows when this will happen again?!


After the game, we high tailed it over to Dick’s Sporting Goods to pick up some World Series gear, thanks to a friendly tip from the cashier earlier in the day. We wanted to make sure we got take home memories. And long live Rusty Kuntz. Yep. Rusty Kuntz.