Fall Day @ the IMA

I had a request from my favorite peeps to accompany them on their inaugural visit to the The Virginia B. Fairbanks Art & Nature 100 Acre Park at the IMA. Purrrrrrfect holiday time. Let me introduce you to Mr. Funky Bones!


Of course, I walked on it just like the other kids were. A CS sport favorite in art!

A new exhibit is “NOTICE: A flock of signs”. This “pretty” sign us pointed at us!

And, CS found this one pointing at him.


Purdue 5k

CS was signed up for the 13.1 miles around the Boilermaker Campus. I did that once, This time, 5k was enough. After a filling pasta dinner at Puccini’s, we relived some of my collegiate memories by visiting the Cactus. God. I. Am. Old.


The place was still rocking even though the crowd had not arrived yet. It was 9pm.


We stayed for about an hour then got settled to rest our heads at the Union. After driving up 2 years ago for the start of the half, I learned I didn’t want that experience again. We walked to the start line in 10 minutes, hit the portos and were ready to DFW!


The half started 10 minutes ahead of the 5k runners. I was so excited to see my guidence counselor wheeling the line again this year. We hooked up with JL and the boys were off. 

I didn’t know how I’d do and really didn’t care. I, of course, was on the FTP. Fuller Training Program. Don’t train, just run. It’s a mental race most of the time at the distances I run anyway. My face always tells the story I am feeling!

Starting faces:


Mid way:






Me pretty. I crossed the line and the clock said 33 minutes. Mmeph. I wanted to do better but didn’t care. Then I remembered… the first race started 10 minutes ago. Whaaaat?! Didn’t matter. I had a job to get back on the course and cheer CS to his amazing finish! Then I had to watch JL cross the line with his PR before I could figure out my own finish!


It ended up being a stellar day for our whole crew. CS = sub 2 hour. JL = PR. Me = 2nd place age group award!


Refueled at Jakes with the game and some food!




I may have signed up for a 5k but ended up running close to 6 miles to cheer my team on! GPS data…


Go Boilers!

Royal Treatment

Why not?

With the already epic Bronco game last month, it just seemed like a “why not” moment to travel west again, but not as far, to witness another CS sports dream. It was Sunday. Game 4 was Tuesday. Yeah, that should work! Then came the rain and the re-shuffling of the work schedules we had just done. It all worked out better and we got to spend more time in KC with the family.

Before the game, I promised to indulge in a Starr family past time, eating at In-a-tub.


What is that in my hand?! A deep fried taco topped with powdered cheese. I just threw up in my mouth a little bit. I promised to eat 1 taco and then decide my next move. I ate my 1 taco and moved right on over to Jimmy John’s for a #11 on wheat. With full bellies, we were off to the game!


My first time at Kauffman stadium!


CS was so in his element!



Stealth fly over was kick ass!

The team took the field and all the “sweep” brooms were out ready for the game.


I’m not a baseball sports fan but I watch ESPN 🙂 I understand the rules and concepts of the game. I can get behind the drive and athleticism it takes to compete at this level, so I was invested in the experience. Most of the action happened right away with a 2-1 start, then lots of nothing. No insurance runs. No padding. Just pure raw out after out. Those last 3 outs were tense. It was such a different experience for me. No clock was counting down. No time outs to delay. The 40,000+ fans were just waiting for those 3 outs to collect on the scoreboard. As each one did, the energy exploded. After the fans waited 29 years for this, it happened. Royals are in the World Series!


Unbelievable experience!




We stayed around for all the media and trophy hoopla. Who knows when this will happen again?!


After the game, we high tailed it over to Dick’s Sporting Goods to pick up some World Series gear, thanks to a friendly tip from the cashier earlier in the day. We wanted to make sure we got take home memories. And long live Rusty Kuntz. Yep. Rusty Kuntz.

20 for them, 6 for me

2013. 2012. 2011. 2010. 2009.

Donned the headset for the 2nd time to lead the lighting and music for the 20th anniversary Stars of Pink fashion show from Pink Ribbon Connection!


This year we had 20 returning models, one for each of our previous years. And 17 new models. Everyone was fabulous and helped us put on a spectacular show!


I get so nervous picking the music but love the final product. I like to pick some non-mainstream like American Authors, Fitz & the Tantrums, and Ella Henderson. I even had a few new comers at my table that I was so happy to share this experience with!





Corporate Challenge Captain time again! Still can’t find the elusive female cyclist at my company, so I borrowed another bike and lined up at 7:50 for an 8 am start. I always have to ask for an early start because I have to hightail it over to volleyball right after several miles away. As I rode up, I was the first one in line! Ok by me. ISC Event chair walks up and says “First in line Natalee?”! We have known each other for almost a dozen years and he knows my dilemma each year.

Off to volleyball!


Had a pregger sub on stand by just in case I couldn’t get to the courts by the first game. Luckily the other team was late, so I made it in time!


Made it to the tournament but lost in the semi’s again. We are going to get this next year! 

Weekend 2 brought some gorgeous weather. Looking east over the IMS infield.


With the new venue, teams lost their bleacher spots. We opted for a team tent space as home base.


I manage to place other runners in the 30 age group but that left me the 10K. Urg. With my lack of exercise recently, this was not going to be fun. 8:27 pace like a turtle. But man, did my hair look nice after that race!

photo 1 (1)

How many times did I get to golf this summer? Zero. So I was the perfect candidate to do the chipping challenge for us. I nailed the bulls eye on my second shot. Except it was the bulls eye for the teams in the line to my right. I asked for half points? Nope.


I was prepared for Tug Of War, but game was on while I was out doing other events. My trusty side kick got people organized and over to represent our team. So I became the cheering/yelling section. “PUUUUUUUUUULLLLLLLLLLL!” I really enjoyed just yelling at people!


TOW tough with mascots!


Last event of the day was the newest. Pit crew challenge. Team of 4 had to change a tire on each front side of a real Indy car. NS manned the air gun while I handled the tire exchange! So fun!


Also new this year, a free cold one at the end!


Team OneAmerica turned out 4th in our division! Very pleased with the results. Crossing my fingers for some swag with the Golden Hanger award!


Latitude 39 had a big fail. Making a crowd wait over an hour to get into a 9:30 pm comedy show. Heads’ about rolled among strangers!


But nothing was bothering this guy. I need one tenth of the joy this guy is having! Best part about 55 seconds in, he needs a quick breather.

Lunch for Arts

I was invited to sit at the Company table at the annual Start with Art celebration hosted by the Arts Council of Indianapolis! I love going to these things to see how the hotel that hosts my charity’s big event, does it up for other groups. Cake pops!


Food was basic but very good. I did clean my plate. Except the corn. Had enough of that this summer!


They talked about all of the upcoming urban art projects coming in 2015, along with more murals like we did for the Super Bowl. Makes me feel great to live in a city that cares about these types of things. Fantastic keynote speech from David Rubin, Principal of Land Collective. It was very motivational. He said “vulnerability makes you creative and innovative”. Totally makes sense! When you are outside your comfort zone you have to think differently. Another great point was how “conversations create ideas and dialogue”. Duh again, but something I feel we forget in this digital world. Stop hiding behind emails and blogs 🙂 and talk to each other face to face. As you grow up, adults always say communication is key. That fact slaps me in the face every day as a reminder on how to be a good leader.