Mt. Bierstadt – Day 2 of 3

Alarm went off at 6 am so we could get out the door by 7, to see this beautiful landscape…


Our mission was to get to the top of the peak on the right, Mt. Bierstadt. CS was game to get to the top of his 1st 14’er. Let’s do this!


B and his best friends were our chaperones. These dogs were amazing on this adventure!


We started out in the willows but luckily they had built a bridge a few years back so we didn’t have to wade through a swamp.


On the trail!


As we gained elevation, the dogs turned into mountain goats stalking little gopher prey. I was impressed at how agile and quick they were all the way to the top.


After the willows, the switchbacks arrived. Gahd I hate these.


Nature called at one point, so I kept spying the right place to exit the trail to have a moment with nature and a flat rock. Had to wait for some more coverage. CS felt it was appropriate to capture the return moment.


At mile 3, the heart rate really shot up. CS and I were breaking every couple of minutes to gather our breath and find a new spot to focus on achieveing. For being at sea level 17 hours prior, we were doing well with only 1/2 mile to go. All day the trails were full of people going up and down. It was quite crowded at the top! 


Did you know that the top of a mountain is really a shit ton of rocks piled up? It’s crazy.


Kiss for the official peak spot!


Officially 14,060 ft.


Felt the need to do a Yoga tree pose since I didn’t do anything cool at the top last time. Channeled my inner Yoga mouse.


My original 14er partner helping me hit my #8 14er!


My new 14er partner!


We spent some time enjoying the view while the weather was cooperating. It hailed on us as we drove off the trail head.


On the way down, a very bright yellow hat was heading up towards us. With my company’s connection to the Indianapolis Mini Marathon and my participation for over a decade, I knew exactly what the hat was! I had to stop the guy. His name was Ryan. Prior resident of Carmel, now a resident of Denver. Had to grab a pic!


As we headed down, the clouds were rolling in. Yep we were up there. Way up there!


Data geek time. For the whole trip, we rested over an hour. Hello sea level living! I did some jogging on the way down to make myself feel awesome, hence the 4:40 min/mile pace as the best!


After fueling ourselves up with a tasty burger, we cleaned up and headed over to my nieces school fundraiser carnival. Where would they ever get their silly-ness from? Not these genes.


Best part of the event was Kayla in the petting zoo. Very timid at first. Then the girl in the hat and full body coverage was owning the blonde chicken. Carried it around with her all over the cage. What else should observers do but try to get their “kid” to hold a chicken too! “Kayla, go pick up the chicken.” She followed hat girl around until she put it down. Then swoop in, Kayla got her shot!


The chicken whisperer!


1 great day done, 1 more serious adventure to be had!