Bronco Birthday – Day 3 of 3

Before heading to the Mile High city, we took in one last view of the mountains.


I like uniqueness in places I visit, so Hotel Monaco in the heart of downtown Denver, would be our resting place for the night. It had a Bronco cowboy theme in each room which was fitting for our last and best adventure of the trip. 


We were getting ready for the ride of CS’s life! It was bucket list time. CS was finally going to get to experience his birthday present. What better way to arrive at our destination then by pedicab! Even in the color CS loves to see!


Welcome to Mile High Stadium! Opening night of Sunday NFL!


When planning this trip, I wavered back and forth on what level of tickets to get. When it came time, I said we’re going big. Level 1 Row 32 behind the Bronco bench, 30 yard line. View from our seats…





The view was so worth the cost! And if you didn’t like that view, you could watch on the largest screen I have ever seen.



Or a smaller one on the side.


One happy guy watching his long time favorite Bronco’s in action against our own home city, Indianapolis Colts.


CS was decked out in Bronco gear. I stayed neutral in gray. And rooted for Offense! There were some Colts fans spread out around us. It was fun chatting with them at half time. Our half time show was some lame frisbee dogs who didn’t manage to get off the field while the players were returning for the 2nd half.


We hung around after the game to soak up the environment and let CS relish in the moment. Clever way to clean up all those Gatorade cups!


Happy b-day CS! Not sure how we’ll top this for 43!?