Fedora Ready


To celebrate (now banned again at time of this post) the same sex marriage bill for Indiana, my HLP whisked me away for some classy drinks at the Embassy Suites happy hour! If I have to take time away from the lake, it better be a good time.


Treated to some sweet tunes from Aloe Blacc.


He opened for one of the greatest performers out there today. We opted for floor seats this time. We are ready for the show!!



For this year’s Bruno Mars concert, I put my phone away and focused on the experience. Sang at the top of my lungs! The stage looked about the same as last year, so just look at those pictures and pretend. We get along so well!


Woke up with concert confetti in my bra. It was worth it!

Saturday was time for some culture at the Cincinnati Zoo. But only after eating the most amazing made-to-order omelet. I thought K was joking when she mentioned it. I was soooo happy it was real. The Zoo has a cool app that helps you plan your trip around their animal experience events throughout the day. We got a later start than planned, so we just went with it. Turned out we ended up hitting quite a few of them anyway with the path we took around the park.


Cougar getting meatball snacks!


They had interactive spots in some exhibits for the kids. Mom was the lucky receipent of some e-postcards.


This dude was big. He appeared over 2 feet tall with piercing eyes!


We were lucky to walk up to the gorilla at snack time.


The animal trainer was throwing carrots to them. The gorilla in the middle (baby behind him) would bully the other gorillas to get all the carrots thrown into the section.


This guy would clap and make hooting noises until he’d get a carrot.


It was muggy and this tiger had the right idea.


Next lucky happen upon, the bird show. This was absolutely amazing. The birds were not tethered, only trained. They flew around the stage and the crowd pavilion landing on different posts in the audience. So cool to really see them in action. Here’s a horn billed bird flying around.



Found K a new boyfriend.


Had a great manatee exhibit with a baby and a 2000lb female. She was huge! Looked like a giant boulder at the bottom of a pool. And Mom got another e-postcard.


This zoo has over 500 species of animals. Got to see a black bear up close, but wasn’t allowed to feed him cheesy poofs.


During our visit to the zoo we took in a 4D movie about the salmon spawning lifecycle. I wasn’t sure what the 4th D even meant. Here is meant bubbles in the air, water misting in our face, shots of blowing air at the back of our necks! I could have done without that last one. Not cool at all.

Heard rumors of a nice outlet not too far away, so we had to visit! While shopping, a massive downpour occurred. We could not be stopped as we were running on a limited timeline.


Solid trip that I really needed. Kudos to K for the stellar planning!