Bad Sherpa

How fitting that at the 2014 OneAmerica Mini Marathon packet pickup, while wearing one of my Drumstick Dash shirts, the Drumstick Dash mascot is there!

Fwd: Gobble

Previously. This year’s belt only required a banana and lip stick for Mama. A water bottle for me.


We had a beautiful crisp clear morning for the start.


Shortly after the 1 mile mark, I think we made it on the local news. If so, I was that girl on camera pointing mine back at them.


During the race, Mom and I chat it up like we haven’t seen each other in months. Funny thing about this time, we actually have seen each other 3 weekends in a row. Guess we can’t get enough of each other!


During our chats, Mom and I lock arms. Apparently our other-halves say we tend to meander when walking. Maybe subconsciously, we do this to stay close. We’ve done this each year. For some reason this year, people noticed. A LOT of people noticed. So much so that after the 6th different person patted my Mom on the back and said something to the effect of “Are you ok?” or “She’s got you, you are doing great!”, Mom starts checking her back for a sign that says “Help me!” Even at the track we got noticed, but for a different reason. One lady passed us and said, “Didn’t you guys do this last year?!” Yes we did! We felt semi-famous. Also while at the track, I saw my first inspiring runner. Notice the guy in the yellow. He was not having the easiest time, but damn, he was grunting it out!


At the track, we started snacking on the grapes Mom was carrying with the goal of eating the banana once we left the track. Right before we got to the bricks, I pulled out the water bottle and noticed the banana was gone. WTF?! I know we had it just a few yards back and then vanished. I contemplated running back but didn’t want to leave Mom in the rare chance I couldn’t find her again in the sea of people. Then I got mad at whoever was behind us that didn’t say, “Hey, you dropped your banana!” Were people not paying attention at all?! I managed to find 2 people’s drivers licenses on the course and turn them in. (Hope those made it back to them… I turned them into the Police and asked they radio it into the lost and found tent. If nothing else, I tried.) So, that’s when I became the bad sherpa and Mom’s spirits got a bit deflated.

We tried not to focus on the lack of ‘naner and eat some grapes. For the last few miles of the course, I tried to inspire her by using those that came out to entertain us on our journey. We were about to pass a group of kids that wanted high-fives. I said, “Mom, go do some low-fives with the kids.” Response, “Those are booger eaters. Full of germs.”

Then, the best memory of the day happened. Best.  (2nd was a few F-bombs to the finish line) Mom and I have locked arms again. Just chatting the last 1.5 miles away. Mom says, “Why is this guy hovering? He’s hovering!” I look to my right and a bike medic is slowly rolling beside us. I look up and make eye contact. I said, “She’s fine. She’s old and hungry.” He asks her, “Are you ok?” She says “No I’m not ok. I’m hungry. She lost my banana. Do you have any food in that bike pack?” OMG. Only my mother would request food. At this stage of the race. Amazingly, the guy while trying to maintain a steady bike, reaches into his pack and gives her a granola bar. I stopped in the street, bent over, hands on knees crying and laughing. Then she runs after him.


I just belly laughed writing that. That memory will last beyond a lifetime. So we made our way down the last long mile, walking and jogging to break up the muscle memory. Crossed the line in a similar mark to years 2010-2012. 3h 34m.


Spawn’s Mom celebrated her first race with us. CS had a stellar 2nd effort. Mom…. her 7th! And she’s kickin the ass of her first time 7 years ago by 19 minutes! No stopping us now… until that bus picks us up for the first time. Then, it might be time to retire. Until then… we are already signed up for next year!