Snow Bunny Bday

Decided to head north to turn another year older. Rounded up a bunch of friends and headed to Michigan for fun and skiing. I rented a house from VBRO instead of us all staying in hotel rooms. I wanted togetherness….awwwwww. The owners were super sweet and welcomed us from the moment we got there. My own personal garage door sign.


From the pictures, the place reminded me of the our lake house. Open front, room to entertain, no cell phone service, no cable TV. Would we survive?! But the lake house doesn’t have a teddy bear skin rug on the wall!


There is also another majestic feature of the house that I will get to later. We arrived just before midnight, and awoke to a breath taking view of Pine River and its inhabitants, the deer.


They were everywhere!



Even came over to our side of the river, but quickly got scared off when we started looking at them. There was a dozen grazing at one time.


For our first day, half of the party hit the slopes at Caberfae while the rest chilled at the house.


First, I had to finish my game of Candy Crush! Kidding, not sure what I’m doing here with my phone out.


We did the afternoon ski trip so we got to see the sun set from atop the peak.


When we got back, there was a bunny themed birthday dinner awaiting me. Even Tiny Peter made it to wish me a happy 36th!


Our house Mom had planned all our meals for us so we sat down to eat together like a family. It was a really great touch!

photo 5

After dinner we did some more nature watching.

photo 6

photo 8

And played carrot stick golf.

photo 11

But the best part of the night was the family photo against the majestic woods mural in the living room. Complete with deer, ducks and birds.


CS was kind enough to print off the wonderful faces I make when he takes a pic of me. I challenged everyone to add captions about what’s going on in my head in each one. 


The next day, we opted not to ski. I wanted to hang out together and play games. Nature’s icebox lends a hand.


All day we stared at this expanse of pristine snow that was taunting us to mess it up. A few of us put on the gear and headed out for some play time.


Snow angel time!


Then, wrestling seemed like a good idea!


Then I made my disappearing act.

Oh my god. We laughed so hard all weekend. So many fun memories and a priceless quote list was made. We all got along swimmingly. I love my friends!